Redecorating in Teal

I want to move into my own house in the Spring, and making my home comfortable is very important to me.

I have this bedding already and want to design around it. I don’t have the floral print, instead I have fur, gold, suede and wooden decorative pillows.


Matson stole my comforter that was in my car when I shipped it, so maybe I need to opt for new bedding or find a similar comforter.

Michael Amini Madrid Cal King Comforter Set, Teal Gold Ruby Red $499


Howard Elliott Nancy Oversized Mirror $399




erin dresser teal & peacocks logo 015.jpg

Kevin Gordon Vase


Found on Pinterest


Art Deco Moser Vase


Josh Simpson Art-Glass Vessel


Lamp $275 on Polyvore


Bare Decor Hourglass Artisan Accent Solid Teak Wood Tree Stump End Table $200


Monet and Klimt Canvas (each under $100)

Cameron Brooks Photography on Metal

72″ Reclaimed Pine Dining Table (in Chestnut Finish)
$999 at West Elm

Curtains: Anthropologie, Interiors Addict and

Opus Deco Rug


Hemingway Blue Tufted Velvet Accent Chair
$449 on


Monroe Ivory and Teal Fabric Dining Chairs
$154 on


Jennifer Taylor Home Sofa
$1,330 on


Peacock Blue Suede Couch
Source Unknown


DIY Palette Coffee Table


DIY Palette Porch Swing


the Kiss by Dino Rosin


Teal Rose Bushes


This painting doesn’t have the cool color scheme but i feel it’s darkness and warmness would look great in my bedroom if I decided to go with warmer tones. Or in my bathroom.  My bathroom has a lot of warm red tones.  WIth the bedding set however, I can introduce some red and orange tones into accents.


Balinese Daubed


I Hate Narrow Minded People Who Can’t See Past Their Nose.

I’m a writer. Some days when I have nothing to do, or I find my mind drifting, I lay in bed, open a bottle of cabernet, and grab some cheese and crackers and spend my day releasing all that is in my head.  By sunset, often I have a headache, but I find these blog days very therapeutic.  I often work problems out in my head, make discoveries on my own.  I’m like my own free personal psychologist.

When I was younger, I was often frustrated with people not understanding me, especially my parents.  This caused me to be a troubled teenager, and I believe, engraved a strong rebellious attitude in my personality.  But I was afraid to express myself, because I felt oppressed by a dominating father who forced a Mormon household religion on me, which I did not agree with.

Sharing something a little personal with you…

I got locked up in Juvey hall when I was 13 and lived in different programs and group homes with other juvenile delinquent girls for several years of my teenage life in Provo, UT.  That’s another story, you can read all about it in my crazy ass book, “No Love in the Champagne Room.”  Anyhow… I found it very hard to get along with many of the girls.  I had not developed my own self identity, frustrated with fitting in, I became somebody else.  However, in these programs, we studied therapies and the art of communicating.  It took years of being in programs, but I have learned to efficiently express myself.  I’ve learned to be honest with myself, and express things in a cordial way.  I’ve even studied psychology and thinking patterns which is quite useful.

I think it’s okay to disagree, but to respect others opinions at the same time. I think so many adults in this world are communicating on the level of 13 year olds still.  They never fully understood how to properly form normal bonds with other human beings, or relate with people on a social norm.  I’m thankful for what I have learned, but also, there are battle scars within me that run deep.  I’m not perfect.  I don’t always see the big picture.  But if you explained it to me, and helped me to understand,  I think that I could apologize if I was wrong, come to accept the truth, and move along without holding grudges or feeling any less of a person for being wrong.  Sometimes people have so much pride that they are holding on to.  They can’t be wrong.  And often times… it’s never about who’s right or wrong, it’s about miscommunication.  If there is no communication, there is nothing.

I’m good at expressing myself.  I get frustrated when somebody can’t reciprocate their feelings, or help me understand their point of view.  That is what it boils down to, not disagreeing, but understanding.  The difficult part… finding the conclusion to the dilemma.  Solving the problem.  If you never take a step in the direction of diplomacy then there is no solution.

I Started Spring Semester @ the Academy of Arts…

and my first two classes are Consumer Modivations in Fashion, and Fashion Illustration I.  I’m a little disappointed because I already had Fashion Sketching I and II at IADT and I have to retake those classes.  Nonetheless, I am more than happy to retake these classes because the curriculum at the Academy is so much more enriching.  At first I was skeptical to do my degree online.  But looking at the online curriculum, videos, and discussions, I am glad that I am doing it all online.  I’m a busy person with a crazy schedule, and this gives me the freedom to work when it’s most convenient for me.  No down town driving Kai to the baby sitter, and set class times.  

Not only is the Academy’s online classes convenient.  They are extremely enriching.  This being the first week of class, the curriculum focuses on picasso and matisse’s work: line drawings.  Our exercises were blind line drawing, which is basically drawing a nude figures outline, without looking at your paper.  I’m happy to share with you my best drawing.  I think understanding line and the form is more important than anything else in fashion sketching. 

At IADT the teacher showed us some basic techniques, demonstrated some croquis and flat’s and expected us all to just do the projects without any instruction or art education.   I was really disappointed.  I did so much art work in that class, but didn’t learn anything.  I feel like I paid $3,000 just to do a bunch of work, but didn’t progress in my drawings much.  I think that line is very important, as well as drapability and the way the fabric flows, and in more advanced projects, patterns, and texture.  I thought simple art projects and exercises like drawing a shaded ball, were simple art lessons that need to be taught in order to improve us as artists.  Contrast and highlights and lowlights are important too.  But to learn to be an artist, you need to start at the beginning lesson, and work your way up and evolve. 

Here’s a sample of my work.  This is a sexy little lingerie line I was working on.  As you can see, my art work is above average, but I see a lot of room for improvement.  I definitely haven’t peaked as an artist.  I keep my designs simple and minimal, but I think that they can be so much better! 

As for my Consumer class, IADT had nothing like these classes.  I never got any kind of informative curriculum at IADT that helped prepare us for the business side of the Fashion world, or marketing.  Some of their sewing and patternmaking teachers were wonderful, but as a whole, school shouldn’t only be about construction and production.  It should cover an adequate amount of art history and techniques, the business side and manufacturing aspect, and creative flow as well.

Academy is a University and you can choose some of your own electives and liberal classes.  I want to learn Italian.  IADT had no language classes.  And their classes are set.  You can’t choose what classes you want to take  to better suit your career choice.  Academy has a variety of classes including journalism, manufacturing, wardrobe for movies, textiles, knits, etc.  On top of that, IADT charges 28k a year, the max amount of money you can get out of Financial Aid Federal Loans, and from Grants.  Where as Academy is $16k a year, and you can disperse some of that extra money to help with other expenses, or equipment like a new MAC computer or software you may need.  Or say you had a rough term and are hurting financially and need a little extra money one month.  I hurt really bad one semester and couldn’t get any extra financial aid.  I’m glad there is extra funds available in case of emergencies.

I should have went to the Academy of Arts University in the first place!  I wasted a whole year at IADT.



Time Starts to Pass Before You Know it You’re Frozen…

“Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it.” George Jung. (Johnny Depp) Blow

I asked my daughter what she’s going to do when she grows up.  She said she’s going to do art.  She wants to do 10 things when she’s big.  She wants to paint nails, and play computer.  She wants to make funny faces.  She said she’ll work a lot like Mommy, and give her kids respect and lots of toys.  She says adults don’t play.  I guess she sees me working all the time.

I often think how nice it would be to be a kid again.  When I was young, I couldn’t wait to grow up.   My parent’s always told me, before you know it you’re going to be a grown up and you’re going to wish you were a kid again.  Yeah right, I thought.  I’m tired of my parents bossing me around.

When I was 15 I ran away from home.  I didn’t see my parents for 3 years.  I hustled hard to pay for a hotel at the Prince in Waikiki.  I had enough money for food, but had to eat $1 menu @ Jack in the Crack often.  Once in a while I’d pick up a case of  Smirnoff Ice, or a beer. I didn’t have a lot of clothes, in fact, I could fit it all in a back pack, because sometimes when the hotel’s were full in busy season, I’d go sleep on the beach.  Yeah, I know, I’ve come a long way from my teenage years.  But that much independence taught me life.  I was free and I loved it.  I was living it up.  I wish I could go back to living in a shack by the beach, little responsibility, being happy, and feeling young again.

Now, I live in a luxury 2 bedroom condo, have 3 cars, a beautiful daughter, 5 credit cards, and an ample list of bills.  The quality of life is definitely improved, and the company is better than the last time, but I can’t help but sometimes feel like I’m not going the places I want to.  I am still pursuing my education as a fashion designer.  But I have so many passions and can’t focus it all.  I love art.  I’m a musician and composer.  I’m the creative type.  I love film and theatre, and composition.  I love food and wine, and travel.  I am in love with love itself.  Constantly looking for the perfect love (if I haven’t already passed it by).   I love writing.  Modeling.  Photography.  Expression.  This blog is my way to share my soul with the world, and feel like I am doing something worthwhile.  I’m stuck in Vegas until my lease is up in May, and I just feel like I am dying here.

I’m the ambitious type and sometimes I get caught up and lose it.  Sometimes you just have to pick up and go somewhere new and start all over.  I feel sorry for people who get caught up in something that is no good for them.  A drug addiction.  A bad relationship.  The wrong city.  A dead end career.  They are all so separate subjects, but can be equally deadly.

Know which way the wind blows. It’s sending me to LA.

Begin doing what you want to do now.  We are not living in eternity.  We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.


Kristie Manning

the Beat Coffee House & Records

I was walking around downtown Las Vegas after the book festival and wandered into the cafe where my friend Fabian works at, the Beat.  The special at the front displayed “pumpkin pie late.”  Although I am not a coffee drinker, it sounded wonderful and I had to try one.  It was delicious, and apparently they use fresh pumpkin, because I wasn’t expecting the pulp at the bottom of the cup.

At first I wasn’t hungry, but when I saw the appetizing homemade sandwiches come out, I had to try one.  I had a roast beef sandwich with jalapenos.  I don’t remember all the extras that was on it but it was wonderful!  The atmosphere is vintage, with 30’s records playing.  Pop art , posters and records are for sale at one end of the cafe.  And in a separate room, a display of burlesque art.

The girl working behind the bar is a sweetheart as well with a cheery personality.  We decided that she looks like Jill Scott. ;D Chepe, (I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it) one of the owners, brought us out some orzo with our sandwich.   We enjoyed their company sitting at the bar.

Check out their healthy small bites and late’s and coffee

520 Fremont Street inside Emergency Arts Building
6th and Fremont Street Las Vegas Nevada 89101
Monday-Friday 7a-Midnight
Saturday 9a-Midnight
Sunday 9a-3p


Kristie Manning

Here’s my Xmas wish list. I know it’s big. (and precise)

Tory Burch Eddie Scrunch Flats (I need work shoes) ;D Size 8 They are lined with memory foam and make from a shimmery metallic soft lambskin. ;D


*Japanese Hot Pot

*William Sonoma One Pot Cook Book

*Izakaya Cookbook

*Nobu Miami Party Cookbook

*Neiman Marcus Cookbook
$35.00 (normally $105)

8 piece Copper cookware

Kitchen Aid Mixer (in Onyx)

Bamboo Steamer Set (so I can make dim sum)

Bamboo Cooking Tool Tub

Bamboo Cutting Board


Bamboo Curtains (4)

Bamboo Rug


Jadore perfurme

World Atlas of Wine

Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking

Original Thai Cookbook

Emerils Potluck Cookbook

Molto Italiano Cookbook

the Complete Robuchon



Nobu West

Darphin Eye Serum

Aquarium Table

Silk Flat Sheet (King in Champagne)

Silk Fitted Sheet (Cal King in Champagne)

Wicker 5 Piece Furniture Sectional Set


Wicker Dining Set


Zuo Anguilla Wicker Bar Stool

Wicker Bar Stools (2)


Patio Living Concepts Bristol 70" Wicker Shade Floor Lamp

FLoor Lamp

Patio Living Concepts Bristol Wicker Shade 30" Table Lamp

Table Lamp


Product Image Outdoor Patio Radiance Imperial Matchstick Rollup Blind - Fruitwood (36x72")

Patio Bamboo Curtains (2)

Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Map to the Land of the Dead'' Limited Edition Giclee

the Land of the Dead Map!!!!

Wall Art

The Kiss By Gustav Klimt Canvas Giclee Art Print #304

Gustav Klimt “the Kiss” 3 piece 40×60 Canvas

Size 8 Height-adjustable Professional Dress Form

Dress Form


Janome 634D MyLock Serger



Bones TV Series DVD Box Set Season 1-5

Bones DVD/Soundtrack

Mac book pro 13″

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection - PC - DVD-ROM - Universal English

Adobe Creative Suite CS5


Canon EOS 30D 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera

A new cannon 30d. Mine got stolen ;(


Mac Makeup

College tuition 😉

Good Red wine – Cabernet (Hamacher Pinot Noir 03)

Bose SoundDock 10 Digital Music System - Silver
Bose Speakers for iPhone




Ps3 kids games


Cute Hello Kitty World Princess Girl game SKIN 8 for Sony PSP

Hello Kitty PSP Cover




Hello kitty stuff

Nail polish


Disney Learning Kindergarten

Disney Learning DVD For Disney Mac Kindergarden

Kingdom Hearts 1/2 ps2/3

sponge bob ps3

pc games

ps3 games

Tinkerbell great Fairy Rescue DVD

glow in the dark bendaroos at toysrus



Hello Kitty Fashion Plates rubbing set Sanrio 6 2-sided



hello kitty fashion plates



VERSO AZUR-Clothing Designer in Milan, Franziska Bauer

Photo by Dr Imago, Model Caroline

Young Franziska Bauer was born in a small Swiss village where she was always fascinated with nature and aesthetics.  She worked with different aspects of design and art, until she got into fashion design.  She is inspired from many things and knowledge.  After a year at art shool in St.Gallen (CH), she became a polydesigner 3D.   Following that, she continued to study at the „mode design schule zürich“. In 2008 she graduated in fashion design with her collection „vedova siciliana“.  Her label „verso azur“ was born in 2009, it stands for unique handmade dresses and styling. Franziska Bauer is working as a independent designer and stylist for film- and photoshoots.  Since june 2010 she lives and works in Milan.

Model: Tais Photo: Boris Pale

How did you get started in fashion?

– I started serious with fashion design after my education in polydesign 3D, I always was fascinated by clothes but until then, it was only to create a look. To have the knowledge of tailoring, and to realize my own ideas was a great  feeling. I found in it the right thing to put in my creativity and my passion.

Who are your favorite designers?

– There are and were a lot of great designers all over the world.  But I dont have a favorite one. I dont like  to reduce me of one thing – I like to keep a big spectrum from where I pick individual pieces from.

Who is your favorite photographer to work with? model? makeup? hair?

– It is the same here – I prefer to work with diffrent kind of „artists“, sometimes ist perfect if they are tuned to the same wavelength.  But sometimes they can becum some nice result by working with someone  who has a completle diffrent move or style like you. It can be  a risk and it can happen that it goes wrong, but for me its important to be open minded and also to experiment and try diffrent things.

Photographer: Fabian Henzmann,

What are your inspirations as a designer?

– My inspiration I find in life,  every day is full of inspiration –
meetings, emotions, discoveries – the fragments of this  is the beginning for creating a new story.
My designs are the final product  about a passionate process – every piece has his story , his own spirit. I think this is what  makes it authentic.

At time I am working on my next collection „blinded by the light“ inspired by a barn owl. It will become a simpy collection about falling dresses,
short jackets and wide coats.

What are your goals as a designer?

– I am still at the beginning – I hope i can make a lot of experiences and getting better. My dream is my label VERSO AZUR and to have my own store some time.
I currently work on it. And as long as there is passion – there must be a
way to  get it.

Have you studied or lived anywhere else besides Italy?

– I grow up and did my all my study in switzerland, after my degree as fashion designer i moved to italy, i have a fascination for  this country, so i went there first to learn the language, some month ago i moved to milan, the place where fashion is. By the way i like to travel a lot…its something that let me feel so lively.

Any upcoming gigs/events/promotions? Comming soon:

– As I already told I am working on my new collection „blinded by the light“, then are upcoming shoots with my small collection „accross the universe“ and some other projects.
And for sure I have to make some footprints about my work for creating a base in italy.

Coming soon:

Untill then you find me on:


myspace :

not just a label:

More Pictures

Eyeworks Photography, Brian DeMint. Joplin, Missouri


If you aren’t familiar with Model Mayhem, it’s a networking community for models, photographers, MUA’s, the people who make it all happen!  You can run around mayhem clicking favorites and adding photos to your “favorite folders.”  Eyeworks photography have been in my folders forever.  Some of the hair, makeup, and creative concepts really stood out to me.  His style is truly unique.  Just recently I did a blog on model Shaholly from Honolulu.  Apparently she had the opportunity to work with this talented photographer, and I had noticed his work in her portfolio.  I decided respect is due.  Brian is a talented photographer, and if he didn’t live so far, I’d love to shoot with him!

Model: Sindel Chaos

What camera do you use?
aI currently use a Nikon D90… however, mostly everything on my Website was shot with a Canon Digital Rebel… however, artists have been using everything from pinhole cameras to a plethora of various equipment to create beautiful images for over 170 years or so… so it really doesn’t matter what you use… however, if Nikon or Canon will stuff my pockets with money to say they are better, I’d be totally down for that…

Do you do your own photoshop?
I do. I think passing that off to someone else would be like having someone else finish your painting… I would never let anyone retouch one of my images… the result, for better or worse, would not represent me as an artist…

Who does your concepts?
99% of the concepts I have come up with… and most of those have been on the fly after the model arrives… I rarely preplan a theme or idea… I wait until I see the model in person because my shoots are influenced by model, their personality, posing style and emotion vs. having a pre-arranged idea and trying to stuff that model into those parameters…

Where did you learn photography?
In my Studio. I have no formal training in photography. I do have the background of being an oil painter, and thus I feel what is important and separates one photographer images from another is their understanding and ability to manipulate the principles and elements of design.

Where did you go to school? Degree?
I went to Missouri Southern State College in Joplin Missouri for an Art Degree and every minute sucked. I would have learned more by purchasing coloring books at the dollar store. I quit early without a degree… however, I did continue to study on my own and learned much by hitting the library and studying art and design.

Where did you learn photoshop?
Once again, no training… I learned the program by just playing with the program and doing a few tutorials online. Although I will say it is not a very intuitive program and for beginners I do recommend taking classes or buying some books… they have purposely made it difficult and have changed the interface like 3 times in the last few releases, so they can’t even decide between themselves which one is the most confusing and will sell more training materials… ha.

Favorite Gig?
I recently worked with the Midwest Regional Ballet and it was extremely artistically rewarding. From shooting their studio practice sessions to seeing the finished production was an amazing journey. Kaye Lewis, their director, is a genius and the male lead, Jacob Marshall Garrett, is phenomenal to watch. It is emotionally moving and breathtakingly gorgeous to watch these dancers in action.

Favorite models to work with? Makeup artist? Hairstylist?
Without a doubt Sammi Sutton and (L.A. model) Sarah Hilker have been my all-time favorite models to work with… they are ridiculously gorgeous, amazingly talented and hilariously fun to work with. Much adoration, respect and admiration to them both if there are reading this… As far as models I currently work with, I wouldn’t wish to hurt any feelings by pointing out any favorites. However, I will say I feel that I am very blessed and fortunate to work with such a group of talented and beautiful young ladies.

My wife Dena is my favorite makeup artist… I mean, besides getting the crap beat outta me if I don’t say that… she is extremely talented and never fails to give me exactly what I ask for or an improvement on my original thought… and all within a few minutes…

I’m kinda digging doing the hair myself, although it usually looks totally Avant-Garde or stupid… (take your pick) …and I would like to give huge kudos to Marty Serroque of Kansas City. The dude is a workhorse and extremely talented… always produces amazing styling.

Cut and Dry Magzine

How did you get into photography?
About six years ago I was doing web design for a local modeling agency and started retouching their images… after wanting to do more creative work the owner set me up with my first shoot.. (Many thanks David!)… After that shoot I knew what I was here for…

What are your inspirations?
Hmm… will try to keep this short but the list is never-ending… I’m inspired by everything from the great fashion work of Irving Penn to a logo I saw on a gas pump yesterday… Most influences are art related such as the cinema of Krzysztof Kieślowski and Ingmar Bergman, the ethereal and haunting music of theCocteau Twins and Delerium, Art movements from Gothic to the new Pop Surrealism, Vogue photographers Paolo Roversi and Miles Aldridge and most recently by professional Ballet…  and of course by the models themselves…

What are your goals as a photographer?
My only goal is to continue to work in my studio for my own satisfaction. If people like the work, great, if they do not, great.  However, don’t tell me why you don’t like it because I don’t frankly care… when I start letting others guide my work by their critiques then I know it will be time to hang up my camera…
I sincerely with to thank you for taking an interest in the work and by giving me this chance to discuss it… with the limitless range of amazing artists, I do feel exceeding grateful for this opportunity and obviously without the hard work and dedication from all my amazing models, makeup artists, hair stylists it would not be possible…. Much love to you all.  Oh, last thing… if I don’t mention her I may hear about it… so I will. Skylear. Okay, all done, thank you!

The System: Avant Garden Show

Brian DeMint is a 3x Picture of the Day Winner on ModelMayhem.

Model: Marcie Whalen

Commercial Fashion Work

Brown Shoe Company Style Guide
Community X
Pink Label Corsets
Infidel Concepts
Stables Casino
Styles Boutique
Shae Belle Boutique
Staxx Boutique
So You Boutique
Harem & Company
Many others…

Model: Lauren Grace

Cd Covers/Insets

Shannon Thomas: “Brainstorming”
A Day Away: “Touch me, Tease Me”
Shadows Chasing Ghosts: “Never get a Wolves Attention by Pulling it’s Tail”
ASY9: “Forlorn”
Siva: “Demo”




Downtown Now Magazine (3 covers and 2 fashion editorials)
Downtown Beat magazine (3 covers and features)
417 Magazine
Go Magazine
Echo Immortalis Magazine
XM West Magazine
Teaze Magazine
Groupees Magazine
Supermodels Unlimited

Model: Alli Michelle

More Pictures

Brown Shoe Lookbook 2007

Brown Shoe Lookbook 2008

Brian DeMint is a regular shooter for Fiori Fashion Magazine… will be a featured photographer in the next issue of AfterCapture magazine.  He is also on the DVD series Photovision and does lectures around the country. He currently has 2 ads that will be running in Elle magazine for a jewelry designer.
“I am just fortunate to work with outstanding models who make me look much better then I am… but I did want you to know that there is much more then what I post here on MM…”
Refreshing to meet a humble photographer with talent.  Sometimes talent can go to your head and you forget that it takes a whole team to make a professional production.

Italian “A” magazine & Anti-Dull Fine Art Magazine

Kristie Manning