I Started Spring Semester @ the Academy of Arts…

and my first two classes are Consumer Modivations in Fashion, and Fashion Illustration I.  I’m a little disappointed because I already had Fashion Sketching I and II at IADT and I have to retake those classes.  Nonetheless, I am more than happy to retake these classes because the curriculum at the Academy is so much more enriching.  At first I was skeptical to do my degree online.  But looking at the online curriculum, videos, and discussions, I am glad that I am doing it all online.  I’m a busy person with a crazy schedule, and this gives me the freedom to work when it’s most convenient for me.  No down town driving Kai to the baby sitter, and set class times.  

Not only is the Academy’s online classes convenient.  They are extremely enriching.  This being the first week of class, the curriculum focuses on picasso and matisse’s work: line drawings.  Our exercises were blind line drawing, which is basically drawing a nude figures outline, without looking at your paper.  I’m happy to share with you my best drawing.  I think understanding line and the form is more important than anything else in fashion sketching. 

At IADT the teacher showed us some basic techniques, demonstrated some croquis and flat’s and expected us all to just do the projects without any instruction or art education.   I was really disappointed.  I did so much art work in that class, but didn’t learn anything.  I feel like I paid $3,000 just to do a bunch of work, but didn’t progress in my drawings much.  I think that line is very important, as well as drapability and the way the fabric flows, and in more advanced projects, patterns, and texture.  I thought simple art projects and exercises like drawing a shaded ball, were simple art lessons that need to be taught in order to improve us as artists.  Contrast and highlights and lowlights are important too.  But to learn to be an artist, you need to start at the beginning lesson, and work your way up and evolve. 

Here’s a sample of my work.  This is a sexy little lingerie line I was working on.  As you can see, my art work is above average, but I see a lot of room for improvement.  I definitely haven’t peaked as an artist.  I keep my designs simple and minimal, but I think that they can be so much better! 

As for my Consumer class, IADT had nothing like these classes.  I never got any kind of informative curriculum at IADT that helped prepare us for the business side of the Fashion world, or marketing.  Some of their sewing and patternmaking teachers were wonderful, but as a whole, school shouldn’t only be about construction and production.  It should cover an adequate amount of art history and techniques, the business side and manufacturing aspect, and creative flow as well.

Academy is a University and you can choose some of your own electives and liberal classes.  I want to learn Italian.  IADT had no language classes.  And their classes are set.  You can’t choose what classes you want to take  to better suit your career choice.  Academy has a variety of classes including journalism, manufacturing, wardrobe for movies, textiles, knits, etc.  On top of that, IADT charges 28k a year, the max amount of money you can get out of Financial Aid Federal Loans, and from Grants.  Where as Academy is $16k a year, and you can disperse some of that extra money to help with other expenses, or equipment like a new MAC computer or software you may need.  Or say you had a rough term and are hurting financially and need a little extra money one month.  I hurt really bad one semester and couldn’t get any extra financial aid.  I’m glad there is extra funds available in case of emergencies.

I should have went to the Academy of Arts University in the first place!  I wasted a whole year at IADT.