Welcome to my neurotic mind! My name is Kristie Manning.  This blog is my sanity.  I put all thought, good and bad into it.  I’m not going to sugar coat it for you, or try to be politically correct. This is a raw reflection of what goes on in my crazy head!  I’m a 27 year old single mother and fashion student trying to make it big.  I was made in Germany.  I grew up in Hawaii and moved to Utah for 5 years when I was 10. I lived in Vegas for a few year. I see a lot of traveling in my future.

What do I do?  So many people ask me this question often.  I like to write.   I cover a variety of subjects from food and wine, nightlife, fashion, music, beauty, nutrition, health and fitness and even post events and pictures from my rendezvous’ about. I have been writing a book for the last few years called “No Sex in the Champagne Room” about 8 years in the stripping game in Honolulu and Las Vegas.  I’ve done a bunch of model, but let’s face it, I’m not going to be one of those 30 year old ladies fronting as a model. I recently for styling,  and media journalism, creative concepts and photoshoot coordination.  And I have done nightlife since 2001.  Bartending got old fast.  I’m social but get bored easily.  I’m a single mother, which is a FT job, a FT executive in Nu Skin Enterprises.  If you ever want to hear my story, just ask me.  I’m also a personal trainer and nutritionist, and own my own business, iHeart Fitness HI.

I studied Fashion Design at the International Absent of Design and Technology for a year, one of my worst mistakes.  I am now currently a fashion student at the Academy of Arts in the Bay.  I just recently decided to major in fashion merchandising, and minor in fashion media and journalism.  I would love to own a designer swimwear/beachwear and/or lingerie line one day, and also an organic label, but my strengths lay in business.  I’m especially pleased with how enriched the curriculum at the Academy is and challenging.  I also want to study audio and music composition, djing and learn the guitar.  I played piano since I was a little girl and was always the first chair flute player in band.

Growing up, I was the bright child, who rebelled and didn’t want to go to school.  I guess you could say I was bored, another one of my Gemini characteristics.  As I got older I realized information and education is attractive.  I like spending time bettering myself and learning.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want.  So I work late and play hard, wake up early, study, work, train, and do it again.  I love learning a variety of subjects.   I have aps in my iphone to learn Portuguese and Japanese.   I want to speak Latin as well as 8 other languages.  I find educated people attractive.  I love the creative arts including art, cooking, fashion, writing, designing, music, and digital design.  I’m super into outdoor activities, camping, hiking, shooting guns, beach volleyball, swimming and rock climbing. I’m a little emo.  I’m a mom so I can be serious.  But I’m a big kid at heart. I work hard, and play hard.  Sometime’s I’m irresponsible.  I’m the loyalest, most generous best friend you could ever ask for.  And if you get on my bad side, I can be pure evil.  I don’t go picking fights, but I feel bad for anybody who picks one with me.

I don’t regret anything or meeting people who end up being negative influences or passing moments in my life.  Everyday is a winding road and each acquaintance and mistake is a new path carved.  I’m life experience rich, and nobody can take that away from me.  The greatest gift anybody has ever given to me is my daughter, for teaching me the gift of life.  She is my teacher and constantly teaching me new things that nobody in the world could possibly do.  You can’t teach me, unless I want to learn.  Don’t try to control me, or try to make me feel little.  I accept constructive criticism, but it’s very hard for me to see things other ways, since I am so strongly set in my opinions.  You need to be an assertive communicator to get your point across with me.  You better back up your game if you’re going to convince me, because I’m a hard sell.

A few words to describe me: provocative, quixotic,  savvy, social, entrepreneur.   I’m a soul searcher, a dreamer, sexual deviant, an entrepreneur, a connoisseur for the finer things in life, the type of girl who knows exactly what she wants, an artist, a gym head, a writer, a stylist, a bartender, a model, a designer, a socialite, a lover, a Gemini, someone who just wants someone to listen.  My bluntness and critical assertion can be often taken as negativity.  But I’m just trying to do my best like everybody else stumbling through life.

This journey, we call life, requires a certain amount of self torturing, in order to discover yourself on a deeper level.  I think some people are living life, but never really living.  I think art should disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed.


6 thoughts on “BIOGRAPHY

  1. irie808 says:

    you said youre getting back into personal training…. how does a 5’7 lanky ass half japanese half white girl like me gain some meat on my bones. sucks being skinny isnt “the thing” anymore. people tell me different things, some say its genetics and i will never grow any. some say i will…. hmmm, so confused. youre fucking beautiful btw

    • Yes a lot of it is genetics. It depends your age. Clients who have a hard time putting on weight have to eat a lot and eat tons of protein. I’m not a nutritionist so I couldn’t give you advice though.

  2. Hi Kristie,
    I came across your site and enjoy your life-observations. When I looked at your social contact sites I noticed that you’re not a member at World Truth Org. As a staff member there I’d like to invite you to check it out. I believe your insights would be greatly appreciated there. Thank you for your writings.

  3. nikki says:

    Keep it up Kristie gurl! You have a talent for getting attention of people of all walks and forms and making life fun, happy to call u my friend. MUAH!!!

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