Gift Shopping on a Budget

Take my word for it.  I am the greatest gift shopper!

1. Bitch Wine Grenache

It’s a cheap wine, but the label is awesome!  The taste is a little dry and bitter for my palate, but I usually buy a box of them and pass them out for Xmas Presents.

2. Light Up Rubber Duckies

For nieces and nephews, the light up duckies are awesome!  My sister first bought them for me at Sharper Image for my little girl.  Kids love them!  You can find deals on Amazon for them as low as $2 or $3 .

3. Izakaya Hawaii: Tokkuri Tei Cooking (book)

Find it on Amazon for around $35.  Tukkuri Tei is an awesome Izakaya spot on Kapahulu!  If your Mom love’s cooking, like mine, this would be an excellent gift.

4.  Stemless Wine Glasses.

I have these glasses in my cabinet.  You can find a set of 4 for $10 on Amazon.  Or $20 for a bigger set at Macy’s.  If you want a more expensive set, you can get crystal glasses at Riedel in sets of 2 or 4, for usually about $10 per glass.  Classy and Contemporary.  These glasses are great!

5.  Oster 4207 Electronic Wine Opener

I hate opening wine bottles, so this is perfect!  On Amazon for under $20

6. 500 piece clay poker set

I’ve seen poker sets like this as much as over $100.  I found it on Amazon for as low as $12.50.

7. 2 piece ceramic knife set $39.99

My sister had this little white ceramic knife,  and it chopped so well.  She bought it at IKEA.

8. Ikea Hanging Lamp  $29.99

I always see these at Pink Berry and various ice cream stores.  They’re super cute, and inexpensive.

9. Issey Miyaki Perfume/Cologne

For him OR her.  I wear Miyaki, and I always buy a bottle for my boyfriend.  It smells sexy. ;D  A bottle at a department store can be as much as $90.  Check Amazon for specials, and I’m sure you can find it as low as $45.

10. Surf Blanks

I’m always super bad at finding a present for my Dad.   Dad’s are hard to shop for.  My Dad (or most Dad’s in Hawaii) wouldn’t want anything more than a custom surfboard (or 12 of them).  Surf Blanks run way over $100.  At You can find  short blanks as low as $50, and tanks for a little under $100!  They also sell “Bio Foam,”  still at an affordable range between 50 and 60$.