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Last Friday, I watched the new Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp movie.  Although the 2 are both Gemini’s, their chemistry on camera is surprisingly dull.  Gemini’s either attract eachother or repel eachother.  While making this movie, Depp’s girlfriend, afraid of Jolie’s “man snatching”  reputation, demanded that he quit the movie.  While Jolie thinks Depp is dirty and scruffy, he thinks Jolie is a diva.  The 2 spent time in their trailors away from eachother.  There was suppose to be a graphic, long love scene as well.  Depp talked them into dropping the scene. Without the Depp/Jolie love scene, it turned into a typical Jolie action/drama.  A typical Jolie movie, but a step down for the 5 star actor.  The purpose of that movie was to see the two together in bed.   I give it 3 stars.  Plus, I guessed the ending halfway through the movie.  Where is Alexander Pierce?

They’re still hot together


Kristie Manning

Time Starts to Pass Before You Know it You’re Frozen…

“Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it.” George Jung. (Johnny Depp) Blow

I asked my daughter what she’s going to do when she grows up.  She said she’s going to do art.  She wants to do 10 things when she’s big.  She wants to paint nails, and play computer.  She wants to make funny faces.  She said she’ll work a lot like Mommy, and give her kids respect and lots of toys.  She says adults don’t play.  I guess she sees me working all the time.

I often think how nice it would be to be a kid again.  When I was young, I couldn’t wait to grow up.   My parent’s always told me, before you know it you’re going to be a grown up and you’re going to wish you were a kid again.  Yeah right, I thought.  I’m tired of my parents bossing me around.

When I was 15 I ran away from home.  I didn’t see my parents for 3 years.  I hustled hard to pay for a hotel at the Prince in Waikiki.  I had enough money for food, but had to eat $1 menu @ Jack in the Crack often.  Once in a while I’d pick up a case of  Smirnoff Ice, or a beer. I didn’t have a lot of clothes, in fact, I could fit it all in a back pack, because sometimes when the hotel’s were full in busy season, I’d go sleep on the beach.  Yeah, I know, I’ve come a long way from my teenage years.  But that much independence taught me life.  I was free and I loved it.  I was living it up.  I wish I could go back to living in a shack by the beach, little responsibility, being happy, and feeling young again.

Now, I live in a luxury 2 bedroom condo, have 3 cars, a beautiful daughter, 5 credit cards, and an ample list of bills.  The quality of life is definitely improved, and the company is better than the last time, but I can’t help but sometimes feel like I’m not going the places I want to.  I am still pursuing my education as a fashion designer.  But I have so many passions and can’t focus it all.  I love art.  I’m a musician and composer.  I’m the creative type.  I love film and theatre, and composition.  I love food and wine, and travel.  I am in love with love itself.  Constantly looking for the perfect love (if I haven’t already passed it by).   I love writing.  Modeling.  Photography.  Expression.  This blog is my way to share my soul with the world, and feel like I am doing something worthwhile.  I’m stuck in Vegas until my lease is up in May, and I just feel like I am dying here.

I’m the ambitious type and sometimes I get caught up and lose it.  Sometimes you just have to pick up and go somewhere new and start all over.  I feel sorry for people who get caught up in something that is no good for them.  A drug addiction.  A bad relationship.  The wrong city.  A dead end career.  They are all so separate subjects, but can be equally deadly.

Know which way the wind blows. It’s sending me to LA.

Begin doing what you want to do now.  We are not living in eternity.  We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake.


Kristie Manning

VERSO AZUR-Clothing Designer in Milan, Franziska Bauer

Photo by Dr Imago, Model Caroline

Young Franziska Bauer was born in a small Swiss village where she was always fascinated with nature and aesthetics.  She worked with different aspects of design and art, until she got into fashion design.  She is inspired from many things and knowledge.  After a year at art shool in St.Gallen (CH), she became a polydesigner 3D.   Following that, she continued to study at the „mode design schule zürich“. In 2008 she graduated in fashion design with her collection „vedova siciliana“.  Her label „verso azur“ was born in 2009, it stands for unique handmade dresses and styling. Franziska Bauer is working as a independent designer and stylist for film- and photoshoots.  Since june 2010 she lives and works in Milan.

Model: Tais Photo: Boris Pale

How did you get started in fashion?

– I started serious with fashion design after my education in polydesign 3D, I always was fascinated by clothes but until then, it was only to create a look. To have the knowledge of tailoring, and to realize my own ideas was a great  feeling. I found in it the right thing to put in my creativity and my passion.

Who are your favorite designers?

– There are and were a lot of great designers all over the world.  But I dont have a favorite one. I dont like  to reduce me of one thing – I like to keep a big spectrum from where I pick individual pieces from.

Who is your favorite photographer to work with? model? makeup? hair?

– It is the same here – I prefer to work with diffrent kind of „artists“, sometimes ist perfect if they are tuned to the same wavelength.  But sometimes they can becum some nice result by working with someone  who has a completle diffrent move or style like you. It can be  a risk and it can happen that it goes wrong, but for me its important to be open minded and also to experiment and try diffrent things.

Photographer: Fabian Henzmann,

What are your inspirations as a designer?

– My inspiration I find in life,  every day is full of inspiration –
meetings, emotions, discoveries – the fragments of this  is the beginning for creating a new story.
My designs are the final product  about a passionate process – every piece has his story , his own spirit. I think this is what  makes it authentic.

At time I am working on my next collection „blinded by the light“ inspired by a barn owl. It will become a simpy collection about falling dresses,
short jackets and wide coats.

What are your goals as a designer?

– I am still at the beginning – I hope i can make a lot of experiences and getting better. My dream is my label VERSO AZUR and to have my own store some time.
I currently work on it. And as long as there is passion – there must be a
way to  get it.

Have you studied or lived anywhere else besides Italy?

– I grow up and did my all my study in switzerland, after my degree as fashion designer i moved to italy, i have a fascination for  this country, so i went there first to learn the language, some month ago i moved to milan, the place where fashion is. By the way i like to travel a lot…its something that let me feel so lively.

Any upcoming gigs/events/promotions? Comming soon:

– As I already told I am working on my new collection „blinded by the light“, then are upcoming shoots with my small collection „accross the universe“ and some other projects.
And for sure I have to make some footprints about my work for creating a base in italy.

Coming soon:

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