Red + Blue LED Light Therapies.

I had to search for a while to figure out what piece of machinery was used for the most euphoric facial I have ever had in my life.  Not only was it euphoric, it also completely cleared up my skin in 20 minutes.  I’m thinking about buying an affordable portable light for myself.  My sister has a cheap $30 light that works miracles, but they come in all prices and sizes.  I walked in the spa with dry peeling skin from my retinoin prescription.  My skin was very inflamed and red especially congested in the cheeks.  I looked horrible.  In a 90 minute facial, I couldn’t use anything abrasive or more then purely gentle on my face.  Everything burned I was so sensitive.  The final 20 minute of the facial, she followed with the red LED light.  It was so euphoric and while she massaged my hands and feet, I passed out.   My skin was shiny and full of moisture, decongested, and the inflammation and redness was completely gone.  My skin had never been better in YEARS.  Which is why I am buying a red LED light to use at home.

  • What you can expect to see and feel in 30 days or less: Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, normal skin verses dry skin.
  • Also, reduced number of blemishes, age spots diminishing, reduction in redness and uneven skin tones and beling refreshed and energetic.
  • Benefits: Portable and light, wide angle for face and neck, or any other part of the body including hands.
  • Generates no heat or harmful UV rays, safe – using your body’s natural process to heal, short 15 minute therapy sessions
    • Normalizes Cellular Metabolism
    • Increases Cellular Renewal
    • Promotes Increased Skin Moisture
    • Stimulates Fibroblasts Activity
    • Boosts Collagen & Elastin Production
    • Increases Oxygen Supply
    • Stimulates Blood Circulation
    • Lightens Hyperpigmentation
    • Calms Redness From Microcirculation Problems
    • Accelerates Tissue Repair & Healing
    • Energizes Skin

Renewable Light Therapy Unit LT-110

this is a very expensive professional system only used in medical spas.  Four Seasons in Maui is the only spa with this machine.  I’m so glad to have tried it.  It’s pretty intense.  My skin is instantly clearer.


Triple Panel LED Light Therapy System

A lighter portable light machine at a cheaper price.

LED Photorejuvenation System ULTRA


another portable machine and a little more affordable

Baby Quasar Blue and Red Power Pack


2 portable red and blue LED lights

Photon Skin Rejuvenation 412 LED Light Acne Therapy IPL


Red & Blue LED Light Therapy

I think this is better to do your entire face, whereas the wands you have to move a round on your face to get the entire face.

Acne Blue Red LED Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb 415nm 660nm

I might get this because it is inexpensive and you can screw it in the lamp.  It has very great reviews and everybody is very pleased with it.   I don’t think LED lights are very expensive, and it’s a simple technology that recently has been used in skin care and proven to be efficient.  An inexpensive machine can be just as efficient as a spa machine.




The healing powers of MORINGA “the Miracle Tree”

I first was introduced to Moringa during a stressful time when I was about 7 months pregnant.  I was extremely sick and throwing up and could barely keep any food down.  Not even a fruit popsicle.  Tired of staying at my boyfriend’s house, I went to my parents house.  My Mom said she had just gotten a new drink called Zija.

I had been sick for months.  At first it tasted kind of funny, like a slightly sweet light guava juice with wheat grass in it.  It had a small bite at the tip of the tongue, but that goes away after you get use to it. It tastes better chilled and comes in a tiny can made from a different type of material other than aluminum because that preserves it’s shelf life and doesn’t give off the harmful poisons most of us aren’t knowledgeable  about that aluminum cans do.

I immediately had energy, and ate a huge dinner.  I drank Zija for the rest of my pregnancy and felt great and energetic and had few problems.  Inspired by my personal experiences I decided to become a marketer for Zija.  As it is a MLM company, some people can shy away from that.  But MLM companies can be highly successful if you can set up your downline correctly.  My dad spent $10,000 on big shipments of Zija and brought them out to sell personally.  He bought it under someone under me, so I got commission as well, as the company has a 10 level pay out system.  I drank Zija for years, but unfortunately as the bad economy hit, so did my income, and a $100 a month for 30 cans was just too much. The thing that was interesting about Zija is that there was a formula (I believe it was called Z-atin) they had in it that made your body utilize all the nutrients and absorb more of all that healthy goodness than your body normal would.  This was an all natural drink.  No preservatives, no colors, no artificial flavors.

The main ingredient is a common tree called Moringa.  In Hawaii the Filipino’s all have it growing in their yard.  They call it Calamungi.  In Africa, it is called Malawi.  Madonna’s charitable organization, “Raising Malawi”  in the city of Lilongwe is about growing plants because of their great nutritional and healing values.  It started with Madonna planting a Moringa tree.

The benefits of Moringa are many.

  • 7 types of Vitamins
  • 6 types of Minerals
  • 18 types of Amino acids
  • 46 types Anti-oxidants
  • High concentration of natural Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Natural Anti-toxins, Anti- tumors, Anti-bacterial and Anti fungal.

Moringa Oleifera main medicinal uses:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Cleans the body from toxins and heavy metals
  • Extermination of parasites in the intestines
  • Supporting treatment during radiation and chemotherapy
  • Supporting treatment during lack of appetite in children and adults
  • Helping with Osteoporosis treatment
  • Supporting with Diabetes treatment
  • Intestine infections
  • Gum infections
  • Prostate infection
  • Various skin diseases
  • Breathing disease
  • Head aches and Migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Gout
  • Hair Loss

A bottle of Moringa capsules could cost as much as $40! But I might just buy them so I don’t have to deal with mess of powder.

An inexpensive alternative?  My mom now grows her own Moringa trees and dries the leaves and makes it into a powder.  It is easy to care for, is drought resistant, can be grown in poor conditions, and dirt with low ph levels and doesn’t require much care.  Moringa is a wild growing, hardy tree.  Although it is hard to mix with water, as all the pieces of leaves float and don’t mix well, it still is highly effective when I am sick.

Discovery Channel Documentary of Moringa

Giving birth to Kai was easy, even though she was almost 8 lbs.  She’s a big girl, and is the biggest child in her classroom.  Perhaps she is so healthy and big because of my use of Zija when I was pregnant.  When she was little I continued to give her Zija.   She was healthy and didn’t have her first flu until she was over 1 year old.  It’s also a great alternative to boost your work out.  All those nasty supplements on the market can be harmful for your body.  Who am I to talk?  I have been living on Lipo6 for months now.

Nature’s AIDs therapy

Out of all the Moringa forms I have tried, I believe the Zija drink is the most effective.  Maybe because of the Z-Atin formula created to boost the effects.  But possibly, it is a placebo in my head.


Kristie Manning

Bikram: Lesson 1

I went to one session of Bikram on Tuesday and I immediately feel lighter.  All the fat that has been growing on my  little love handles, due to bad diet, just melted.  It helps too that I played volleyball for 5 hours yesterday too.  And I’ve been eating light.  Mostly protein bars, yoghurt and fruit.  With 1 good meal a day.  Anyhow, every teacher has a different teaching style, and inform us of different facts throughout the class and each session you learn something new.  So I am starting a new section in my blog: the Bikram Lesson’s section.


I learned when certain areas of circulation are cut off in tight poses when you release, the blood flowing circulates problems away.  Scar tissue, and previous injuries and surgeries will heal better.  Bikram has great healing powers.


Kristie Manning