the Beat Coffee House & Records

I was walking around downtown Las Vegas after the book festival and wandered into the cafe where my friend Fabian works at, the Beat.  The special at the front displayed “pumpkin pie late.”  Although I am not a coffee drinker, it sounded wonderful and I had to try one.  It was delicious, and apparently they use fresh pumpkin, because I wasn’t expecting the pulp at the bottom of the cup.

At first I wasn’t hungry, but when I saw the appetizing homemade sandwiches come out, I had to try one.  I had a roast beef sandwich with jalapenos.  I don’t remember all the extras that was on it but it was wonderful!  The atmosphere is vintage, with 30’s records playing.  Pop art , posters and records are for sale at one end of the cafe.  And in a separate room, a display of burlesque art.

The girl working behind the bar is a sweetheart as well with a cheery personality.  We decided that she looks like Jill Scott. ;D Chepe, (I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it) one of the owners, brought us out some orzo with our sandwich.   We enjoyed their company sitting at the bar.

Check out their healthy small bites and late’s and coffee

520 Fremont Street inside Emergency Arts Building
6th and Fremont Street Las Vegas Nevada 89101
Monday-Friday 7a-Midnight
Saturday 9a-Midnight
Sunday 9a-3p


Kristie Manning