Yes Please! Bearded Men… #beardgang

I love me a manly beard.  I always date guys with beards… Or I make them grow one!   hahahahaha.  Did you make my top ten list of sexy bearded men?  Here are side by sides of them with beards, and without.  You tell me if you like them better with or without?

1. Gerard Butler

Gerard_Butler_younger_pic  868939-pictures-of-gerard-butler

2. British Model David Gandy… Umm yes please.

images article-2539995-1AB000CF00000578-875_306x423

3.Devran Taskesen


4. Javier Bardem makes the list. IDK something about him is alluring to me.  Maybe it’s that he in-pregnanted Penelope Cruz.   He def looks better w a beard!Javier Bardem

Spanish actor Javier Bardem poses with his Best Supporting Actor award.
Spanish actor Javier Bardem poses with his Best Supporting Actor award.

5. Facial hair for Kit Harrington is the difference between boy and man.  The curly long hair works for him too.  I LOVE long hair if you can pull it off.

fenbsy GQ122013

6. British model Jack Greystone… had a crush on him forever. ❤

jack-greystone 11262569_362208753984621_1365825027_n

7. George Clooney. No caption necessary.

pa-4685981 George-Clooney

8. Jason Momoa… If he wasn’t a taken man…

Jason-Momoa-no-beard Unknown

9.Chris Hemsworth… That’s a no brainer

images-1 images

10. Gustoso… Marlon Texeira. Brazilian model. My FAVORITE.  Brown sugar. (; Beard… no beard… idc I’ll run my hands through that curly hair. ❤

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Insert… Adult toy advertisement… LOL

My Favorite Bombshell Girls

Looking at the NPC schedule and I want to go pro by the end of the year.  I just joined Team Bombshell.  Can’t wait to get over this bug so I can start my training.

Vanessa Campbell


India Paulino


Anna Virmajoki


Pollianna Moss


Yeshaira Robles


Nina Silic


 Nicole Nagrani


Lacey DeLuca


Jamie Baird


Jennifer Andrews


I <3 Manolo

I bought an over $1000 pair of Louis Vuitton pumped up kicks this month.  The other day I saw a beautiful pair of gold rhinestoned Manolos at Nordstrom.  With tax, they came out to $1,380.00. Today I went to Neiman Marcus to try to try on something similar to see the correct size.  There were these scalloped suede TURQUOISE Manolo pumps.  WTF is wrong w me.  I’M  ADDICTED!  Someone intervene!  I’d do anything for shoes.  I have a problem!  But these shoes were hot and in my favorite color as well.  $775 at Neiman Marcus.

More Tattoo’d Beauties

Sharon TK ( NJ )

Suicide Girls model TWWYLY

Model, Melanie Gore

(More @ Model Mayhem)


Robert Alverado knows his tattoo’d girls.

Why women should watch soccer… POLL: Soccers Sexiest Players…

Alessandro del Piero

Cristiano Ronaldo

Fabio Cannavaro


Nelson Valdez

Lukas Poldoski

Cesc Fabregas

David Beckham

Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero

Michael Ballack

What I look for in a guy.

Things I look for in a guy…

. funny
. intelligent
. tattoos are sexy *but it’s not a prerequisite
. attractive
. takes care of himself
. this includes exercising and eating healthy
. has good style
. I ❤ metro guys not afraid to be pretty and have a good fashion sense ;D
. color is not an issue, but I’ve always been attracted to exotic men, not white guys
. confident and not the jealous type
. I ain’t sayin I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messin with no broke nigga
. financially secure and independent
. not needy, and accepting of my busy schedule
. gotta be good in bed ;D

. neat, I can’t stand messy people
. fun to be around
. intellectual
. good with children, family oriented,
. honest
. share similar interests
. someone who respects my space and privacy. Just because I don’t call doesn’t mean I’m not interested. Or
just because I go out with you one time, doesn’t mean I am interested. SO STOP BLOWING UP MY PHONE. I’ll call if I want to hang out.
. don’t make it too easy, take your time.
. I like being romanced. 😉
. someone who shares my lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s not for everybody
. I’ve always been attracted to the shy guy. Shy and quiet, but confident. I am loud enough for the 2 of us. 😉
. a faithful person.
. Someone who’s okay with me stealing the spotlight.
. Trusting
. ambitious, and goal oriented
. I want perfection. Why settle for less? “Raise the bar”, a friend once told me.
. Someone I can grow with, someone who doesn’t bring me down, or encourage me to be unproductive.
. Someone as passionate as me.
. Someone who will tell me when I am wrong.
. Someone who knows how to communicate and work through things.  Nobody is perfect.
. Someone who knows what making love is really about.



Sexy Halloween Costumes


If you’re bold enough to go nude with a g string and some pasties, get your body airbrushed.  I so want to do this for Halloween!

Marie Antoinette

You can go sexy, or traditional, but the key is finding a good wig.  I was marie antoinette a few years ago.  Super sexy, fun costume!

I bought this a few years ago, but never got to wear it.

Elizabeth Swan

I made an Elizabeth Swan dress last Halloween.

She rocks the Tia Dalma look!



This would make an awesome witch costume!

Transylvania 6-5000 Vampire LOL

Which dress would you wear to a wedding (or your date)?

a little black dress?

Sophisticated separates?

Sexy and hot?

Something with ruffles: Ingenue and Feminine?

or a gown to try outdo the bride?

a romper you wore to the beach yesterday?

Poll: Which brother is hotter? Enrique Iglesias or Julio Iglesias jr.

Ok I know some of you are getting sick of my posts of hot men.  I promise it will stop and my blogs will return to some subject of substance, but the Iglesias brothers are sooooo hot!  I feel like a teenager. LOL!