Heut Ist Mein Tag

I use to love Blümchen when I was 15, back in my “raver days.”  I had the cool european trance and techno music that all my friends wanted a copy of.  My older brother had Keoki and Oakenfeld, and Future Sound of London, and I stumbled upon good old Jasmin Wagner, Blümchen, high energy German rave music.

Secret Nazi is a fad characterized by a picture depicting a swastika (or any Nazi reference) in an unexpected place, accompanied by a flashing black-and-white photo of Adolf Hitler and the song “Heut Ist Men Tag” by Blümchen.  I just stumbled across this today.

The forest swastika was a patch of larch trees covering 3,600 m2 (4,300 sq yd) area of pine forest near Zernikow, Uckermark district, Brandenberg, in northeastern Germany, carefully arranged to look like a swatsika. It was probably planted near the height of Hitler’s power, in the 1930s.  The design went largely unnoticed until the 1990s, and was finally obscured in 2000. A BBC news article about the elimination of the swastika inspired OMG, Secret Nazi Forest  in September 2005.

You can view the video on YouTube




Heut’ ist mein Tag
Heut’ ist mein Tag

Ich fühl’ mich gut
Und mach mein Herz auf
Lass die Sonne rein
Jeder Tag soll ein Geschenk
Und was besond’res sein

Ich steh auf
Schau aus dem Fenster
In ein Himmelblau
Vertrieben sind die Nachtgespenster
Und ich weiß genau

Heut’ ist mein Tag
Heut’ ist mein Tag
Heut’ ist mein Tag

Ich schau in den Spiegel
Zieh mir was besond’res an
Es ist nicht zu glauben
Dass man so gut ausseh’n kann

Ich tanz auf der Straße
Lach den Menschen ins Gesicht
Alles denkt, ich bin verrückt
Denn sie wissen nicht

Heut’ ist mein Tag
Heut’ ist mein Tag
Heut’ ist mein Tag


Today’s my day
Today’s my day

I feel so good
And I open up my heart
Let the sun come in
Each day is a gift
And something special

I get up
Look out of the window
Into a blue sky
Driven are the ghosts of the night
And I know exactly

Today’s my day
Today’s my day
Today’s my day

I look into the mirror
I dress up really cool
It is hard to be believe
That one can look so good

I dance in the street
Smile in people’s faces
Everyone thinks, I am crazy
Because they don’t know

Today’s my day
Today’s my day
Today’s my day


Kristie Manning

Why women should watch soccer… POLL: Soccers Sexiest Players…

Alessandro del Piero

Cristiano Ronaldo

Fabio Cannavaro


Nelson Valdez

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Cesc Fabregas

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Michael Ballack