Top 10 Break Up Songs

When you want to close the curtains and have a pity party in your bed all day and listen to depressing songs until you feel like slitting your wrists.

1. Enrique-Dimelo

2. Ocean Lab-Lonely Girl

3. Example-Kickstarts Bar 9 Remix

4. Mary J Blige- Be Without You

5. Timbaland feat. One Republic-Apologize

6. the Script-Break Even

7. Postal Service-Nothing Better

8. Evanescance-My Immortal

9. KT Tunstall- Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

10. Maroon 5- This Love


Enjoy (:

Poll: Which brother is hotter? Enrique Iglesias or Julio Iglesias jr.

Ok I know some of you are getting sick of my posts of hot men.  I promise it will stop and my blogs will return to some subject of substance, but the Iglesias brothers are sooooo hot!  I feel like a teenager. LOL!