Yes Please! Bearded Men… #beardgang

I love me a manly beard.  I always date guys with beards… Or I make them grow one!   hahahahaha.  Did you make my top ten list of sexy bearded men?  Here are side by sides of them with beards, and without.  You tell me if you like them better with or without?

1. Gerard Butler

Gerard_Butler_younger_pic  868939-pictures-of-gerard-butler

2. British Model David Gandy… Umm yes please.

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3.Devran Taskesen


4. Javier Bardem makes the list. IDK something about him is alluring to me.  Maybe it’s that he in-pregnanted Penelope Cruz.   He def looks better w a beard!Javier Bardem

Spanish actor Javier Bardem poses with his Best Supporting Actor award.
Spanish actor Javier Bardem poses with his Best Supporting Actor award.

5. Facial hair for Kit Harrington is the difference between boy and man.  The curly long hair works for him too.  I LOVE long hair if you can pull it off.

fenbsy GQ122013

6. British model Jack Greystone… had a crush on him forever. ❤

jack-greystone 11262569_362208753984621_1365825027_n

7. George Clooney. No caption necessary.

pa-4685981 George-Clooney

8. Jason Momoa… If he wasn’t a taken man…

Jason-Momoa-no-beard Unknown

9.Chris Hemsworth… That’s a no brainer

images-1 images

10. Gustoso… Marlon Texeira. Brazilian model. My FAVORITE.  Brown sugar. (; Beard… no beard… idc I’ll run my hands through that curly hair. ❤

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Insert… Adult toy advertisement… LOL

Find a Man . . .

who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you don’t answer his call or hang up on him, who will lie under the stars to listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake to watch you sleep… wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are wearing no makeup and just came from the beach, who holds your hands in front of his friends.  One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have you.  The one who turns to his friends and says, “that’s her.”

Love Potions

A pheromone (from Greek  φέρω phero “to bear” + hormone from Greek ὁρμή – “impetus”) is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species. Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of the secreting individual to impact the behavior of the receiving individual.

Have you ever been out at the club, and you look at a guy and before even asking his name, or opening your mouth to say hello, you think, “I am going to sleep with him.”  I think most people make up their minds about somebody, if they are going to sleep with them or not, the first time they lay eyes on them.  That’s why that sly grin just appeared on his face, as your eyes linger on eachother through the club.  Yes, I think physical appearance plays a role, and personality as well.  But sometimes we find ourselves magnetically attracted to someone.  Something that we can’t control.  And that my friends, is phermones.   I hate going to the gym and smelling the guy next to me sweating.  But when you’re rolling around in bed smelling “his stink” it’s a different smell, and you are attracted to it.  

Have you ever stood next to a lady at the counter who wore rancid perfume that smelled like your dead grandma?  Immediate turn off!  Something as simple as the smell of vanilla can especially trigger sexual arousal.  They say baby powder is a stimulant, but I despise the smell.  So I guess that everybody is different in what is attractive to them.  If you wear an unconventional perfume, that might be the strange scent that attracts “him.”Don’t wear cheap perfume ladies.

One fragrance or sexual attractant made up of 17 different scents has the property of a phermone. To be consistent the agent must have high quality scents to be a consistent sexual attractant. The scents have to be chosen carefully
and kept in the correct ratios. The results over a period of time have been outstanding. The idea is that not one scent can be identified  In fact knock off perfumers have tried to duplicate this product without success because of its complicated makeup. In addition the multi scented fragrance has powerful pheromones added to it making it more powerful than just pure pheromones alone.
I use to wear “Jadore” and often found men sniffing me trying to figure out my perfume.  I wear different perfumes depending on the what I am doing.  When I have a hot date, I wear a stronger perfume like Versacce Crystal, or Ja Dore.  I actually call Ja Dore my “Whore perfume.”  When I work at the club, my interest is to attract men, and I wear sexy scents like  Cool Waters or Michael Kors.  During the day I like to keep casual and wear lighter scents like Issey Miyaki or Sugar by Fresh.
Many mainstream perfumes are designed to smell appealing to the wearer, but make poor attractants.  The key is to wear a fragrance that “he/she” is not use to.  An unknown scent will keep them coming back to try to identify it, however with each sniff, the scent changes, making it hard for them to pinpoint, a mystery they find attractive.  Here is one test to determine if a fragrance has sexual attractant properties. Place a small amount of the fragrance on your wrist and smell it. Then extend your hand completely away from your nose. Then bring it back to your nose and smell it again. Do this several times. If the aroma smells different but at the same time is pleasant you may have a powerful sexual attractant.

The men’s cologne which usually increases a woman’s vaginal blood flow is a natural fresh scent,  other scents actually decreased a woman’s sexual response. What women found most appealing were very light scents, such as ocean breeze, kiwi, or a combination of baby powder and chocolate. The smell of a mans clean skin with a little sweat, combined with fresh fruity scents, was the strongest stimulant for women. Hirsch’s research also found that men’s penile blood flow increased up to forty percent from the scent of cinnamon buns, roast meat, cheese pizza, chocolate, vanilla or peppermint.”   Scientific studies show that they do know that scents stimulate, however, I believe everyone is different as to what scents are attractive to us, and that is what makes certain people attractive to certain people.  If the scent of strawberry pie can stimulate me, why can’t his “stink” stimulate me either way?

There are 3 stages of a relationship that change by the chemicals your body gives out.

Stage 1lust – ruled by testosterone and estrogen (the sexual hormones)

Stage 2attraction – controlled by dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin (those feel-good compounds)

Stage 3 attachment – initiated by oxytocin (aka: the hormone thought to create the bond between mother and child; known to play a role in trust, empathy and generosity)

I would suggest a potential 4th stage – jealousy – which has recently been linked to oxytocin as well.  And a potential 5th stage – infidelity – which has been linked to a genetic allele in some studies, and has also been linked to high levels of the hormone estradiol in women.
It’s worth it to buy that one bottle of $100 perfume.
Some of the best phermone colognes and perfumes out there:
for men: Alpha 7, Chikara, Edge Men’s, Nexus
for women: Pheromax, Primal Instinct, Scent of Eros

Last Call For Booty Call

So, as you all know, I am moving back to Hawaii.  2 long years in Las Vegas, and I am finally over it.  Spending time in Hawaii in October and December put things into perspective.  Hawaii is the bomb!  And why the fuck would anyone move from Hawaii to Vegas?  Yeah, I guess Vegas is a good place to make money, and that’s about it.  I made a lot of acquaintences along the way, and made some fun international/travel friends, but it is definitely not the place for me.

I am a sexually experienced woman, not afraid to be promiscuous, but I am not easy, and do not sleep with anybody, unless I intended to in the first place.  I”m not a prude or a game player.  I do what I want, and if that includes sleeping with you, then I don’t want to be judged for it.  Did you know that a woman knows, the first time she makes eye contact with you, whether or not she is going to sleep with you?  Yes, that decision is made the first second she lays eyes on you.  But sometimes there are more factors than that.

Since I have been back for a week in Las Vegas, a handful of men have decided to confess their affections for me.  Why wait now?  I’m sure if they did a year ago, that I would have dated them.  I probably liked them (some of them) at one point or another too.  But after becoming friends, you get passed that “crush” state.  Supposedly, I am intimidating, and most guys are afraid to even try to make the move because they are afraid of rejection.  Well, my friends, 2010 was a dry year for me, and I think if more men had the courage to even ask me out, I probably would have dated them.  But that goes to show how many men are cowards. 

So why are they all suddenly confessing their affections for me, now that I am leaving, and they have no chance of sleeping with me?  Are men all typical?  They want that last call booty call.

Last Call Jalapeno Popper Dorito’s are the best!



The One That Got Away.

What would you do? Be the other woman? You’re an unconventional thinker. Secure with yourself and confident. This is not a desperate attempt of an insecure individual. The guy still loves you. He cheats on her with other girls, but it’s different  if he cheats on her with you. He feels guilty, because it’s not cheating unless you read poetry. And the 2 of you definitely read poetry together. Would you stare at a life on better legs and let it slide?

She’s 10 years older than him. She’s 40! Sure she’s safe. But he doesn’t love her like he loves you. He’s himself around you. Around her, he is always putting on a front. Do guys want the bad girl who you can always be open with, or the good girl you have to always lie to.  He wants to live a lie?

He still sends you those naughty iPhone pics.  And your timing is often wrong, but whenever you are coincidentally in town at the same time, which is rare, u spend the weekend together. You sit there quietly while he talks to the other woman on the phone.  You really want to giggle, or bust him with his girlfriend, but you don’t.  You ARE the other woman.

In your eyes he was perfect.  But as time went by, you realized those special places he took you to like Halekulani and your stomping grounds, Nobu, aren’t really special.  He takes her there too.   Are you a victim of a womanizer?

A week goes by and you are devastated and you miss him.  A year goes by and you are over it. Then the next time u fling with him, the vicious cycle begins all over again. You miss him again and are reminded that they are your one true love. That you wont stop loving them till the planets stop turning.  You could attempt what would appear to be a desperate attempt to win him back.  Or you can play it off and pretend it doesn’t matter, but suffer inside because you’d only be lying to yourself.  But you’re the other woman.  What would you do?

She thinks you’re a monster.  But you are just a victim of love.



Why women should watch soccer… POLL: Soccers Sexiest Players…

Alessandro del Piero

Cristiano Ronaldo

Fabio Cannavaro


Nelson Valdez

Lukas Poldoski

Cesc Fabregas

David Beckham

Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero

Michael Ballack

Thunder Down Under

Monday night I went Las Vegas’s “Thunder Down Under” male review show, at the Excalibur Casino, with my girl Gloria.  We were really late and only saw the last couple acts.  The announcer, Marcus was super funny, and super flirty.  (he told me I was a cute lil thing) ;D  After the show, we went up and got pictures for $20.  As I exited the stage, Marcus grabbed my ass, and Donovan squeezed my boob.  ;O  I was wearing a corseted D&G dress with a high slit, and when I got my picture, I noticed my ass cleavage hanging out the bottom of my dress. oops! LOL!  THe guy @ the end collecting the $ ( I don’t remember his name & he’s not on the website ) told us that he could get us comped tickets since we missed the show and introduced us to his supervisor, Justin, who happens to be a dancer for American Storm, another male review show.  (Thanks Justin) ;D  So I decided to go again Tuesday to see the entire show.  We continued out into the casino area where all the guys sign your picture or merchandise that you purchase.

There’s a lot of mixed reviews out there on the internet.  I agree, it’s definitely not the way a woman wants to be turned on or seduced.  But ladies, that’s not what the show is about.  It’s entertainment.  It’s fun.  It’s completely what I expected!

Gloria was mad at me because she has this weird thing about being glued to the person she goes to the club with, then after you’re drunk, springs it on you that you’re designated driver.  After the show we went to XS and got drunk, and she wanted me to drive her home drunk.  I had to refuse.  So she was mad at me for supposedly “ditching her.”  So I ended up taking Juan with me.

The show opened up with Jack Sparrow.  I love Jack Sparrow.  He’s got to be the sexiest character alive.  And Donovan comes out as Jack Sparrow.  I loved it!  But my favorite part of the show happened to be the fake orgasm contest.  If I went up, I would have guaranteed won that contest!   Haha!  The girl that won, was a bigger African American lady.  She was going to town, and rocking and locking and screaming “oh lord!”  It was hilarious.

The show was entertaining for both sexes, male and female, and all ages, young adult, to senior citizens.  It was high energy, choreographed dancing, mixed with entertaining moves, each unique by each dancer.  I loved the commentator Marcus the most.  He was the funniest and most entertaining.  And sexiest dancer goes to the one with the pretty hair, Donovan.  But I think the best entertainer was the fire fighter guy.  I think he was the best dancer, when it comes to movement and energy.   When he came out into the crowd and jumps on one of the tables, he spills water all over him, and it really got the crowd going.


Kristie Manning