Ka’ale & the Truth w/ Ekona from Ai Pohaku & MIXJAH

Ka’ale & The Truth w/Ekona from Ai Pohaku & MIXJAH
plus special guests
@ Life’s A Beach in Kihei
Saturday July 30
21+ no cover
Reggae/Hip Hop mix
Ka’ale & the Truth
 Listen to Ka’ale @

My Top Playlist for July

12. Yiruma: River Flows In You

I love piano! Yiruma is a genius!

11. To Zanarkand (Orchestra) From Final Fantasy X

Yes I’m a FF nerd.  I love the score from FFX.  Zanarkand is one of my favorite songs.  Here is an orchestral version of it, since I love acoustics, orchestral and band music.  Gives me chills when I hear the dynamics. ;D  The piano is a given, but the oboe solo is beautiful. My fav. I want to be in an orchestra again.  I want a gold flute.

10. Foster the People: Pumped up Kicks

I keep hearing this song on the radio over and over again.  Fun song!

9. Mumford and Sons: Little Lion Man

Great guitarist!

8. Example: Kickstars (Bar 9 Remix)

Better than the original!  Just reminds me of bad relationships you know is bad for you but you can’t kick.

7. Death Cab for Cuties: Someday You Will Be Loved

This video is simple, but reminds me that we get our hearts broken over and over again, but we’ll get over it.

6. Adele: Rolling in the Deep

Her voice is like an ANGEL!

5. Florence + the Machine: Cosmic Love

I love her deep voice.  And her hair is dope too!

4. Zero 7: In the Waiting Line

Listen to this on Pandora.

3. Blue Foundation: Eyes on Fire

One of my favorite songs ALL TIME!

2. Edward Maya + Vika Jigulina: This is My Life

I heard this at the club the other night and can’t stop listening to it. THis is my jam!

1. Enigma: I Love You, I’ll Kill You 

Yeah I know it’s an old song, but it’s one of my favorite songs to get sexy to and lately I’ve been listening to it.  I’m listening to it right now while I write this blog entry.

PETA- a revisit on my “I love fur” blog.

I previously wrote a blog about loving fur.  I got a lot of angry responses from PETA members.  As I don’t think you should go after the consumers, as it is the responsibility of the manufacturers and the way they are slaughtering them.  There are more humane alternatives.  Some companies use gas to kill their animals.  As we can’t control what they do in China.  After seeing these videos.  I want to apologize for my blog.  I still have a personal preference to like fur, but I admit, this is cruel and laws should be stopped to stop people doing this.  At least make laws in tact to make sure their living conditions are well, and they aren’t treated cruelly and put to sleep in a humane way.  These videos are way too sad.