Summer Wonderland @ Wet n Wild Aug. 27, 2011

Pre Sale Tickets 40$, 50$, then $55 at the door. VIP packages being announced soon!
5 stages of music from every genre!
costumes are encouraged! glitter, sparkles, fairytale, wonderland themed ūüôā

*****************TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW******************
tickets available at:‚ÄčSummer-Wonderland-tickets/‚ÄčSummer-Wonderland-Kapolei-‚ÄčWet-N-Wild-Hawaii-August-2‚Äč7-2011.html

Prototype Ala Moana (808)-944-5500
Prototype Pearl Ridge (808)-484-8973
Butigroove Ala Moana (808)-944-5500
Hungry Ear Records Kailua (808)-262-2175
One Love Surf Shop Haleiwa (808)-637-6090



VIP includes VIP NO LINE ENTRY, 4 complimentary drink tickets, complimentary water, monster, ARTIST and VIP only XBOX LOUNGE and OXYGEN BAR, 1 HELL of a good time ūüôā

**********ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENTS**********
1)Sgt Slick (Melbourne, Australia)
2)Jason Blakemore (http://www.jasonblakemore.‚Äčcom/)
3)Dj Vice (‚Äčvice)
4)TV Rock (‚Äčrockonline)
5)Jermaine Dupri (
6)Joaquin Bamaca (‚ÄčaquinBamaca)
7)Dj Victoria (‚Äčctorialosangeles)
8)Dj Echo (
9) Crizzly (‚Äčmcrizzly)

+ 40 of todays hottest local Dj’s playing what you want to hear!

This is the wonderland, that started it all…

If you want to party, this is the party to do it at. Where going bigger, louder, and harder for this one! 7 headliners across 5 stages, for 7 hours of non stop dance! The Entire Waterpark will be open for this event!

Summer Wonderland, A celebration of Music, Friends, and Summer!

Costumes Encouraged! Get in the spirit and help us turn wet n wild into a true wonderland! Glitter and Sparkles prefered ūüėÄ (please also remember that your face needs to be able to match your ID so keep makeup and facepaint to a minimum, no masks are allowed.)


OK Small Purses or Clutches
OK Camera’s
OK Cell Phones
OK Sunglasses
OK Hats
OK Lighters
OK Closed Packs of Cigarettes
OK Sealed Chapstick and Lipgloss
OK Glowsticks
OK Glowing/Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry
OK Sealed Packs of Gum
OK good vibes
OK friends

NO Re-entry/Ins & Outs Per Day
NO Overnight Parking, your car will be towed
NO Overnight Camping
NO Sitting on Designated Dance Floor Areas
NO Unauthorized Vendors Allowed
NO Stickers, Flyers, Banners or Posters
NO Balloons, Balls, Inflatable Balls or Frisbees
NO Large Purses, Backpacks or Bags
NO Open Packs of Cigarettes
NO Outside Food or Beverages (Including Alcohol and Candy)
NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, etc.)
NO EXCESSIVE MAKE-UP (picture on ID must be recognizable)

*****Stay tuned for artist announcements and event details:*****‚Äčnderlandevents‚Äčges/Wonderland-Entertainme‚Äčnt-Group/110941475655272!/‚Äčwonderland_HI‚Äč

SUMMER WONDERLAND 2011 sponsored by:
Defiant Parties Unltd
Wonderland Entertainment Group
Monster Energy
The Pineapple Clan
The Good Times Campaign

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10 nice ways to get rid of a lingering ex…

10. Buy them a Puppy.

9. Hook them up “inadvertently” with one of your hot friends on a rebound date.

8. Buy them tickets to a male review show, or have a friend take them to the strip club and make sure they hook up after.

7. ¬†If they are a girl, buy them their first jack rabbit impulse (if they haven’t had one before) This will keep them busy in bed for a month, (and sexual satisfied). ;D

6. Eat beans and tell him that you have really bad gas.

5. Tell them that you contracted herpes from a toilet seat.

4. Find them a good job in another state.

3. Take them to a really expensive dinner, then make them pay. (wait that’s not nice.)

2.  Convince them they should travel the world and go see different places.  Buy them a one way ticket to another continent.

1. buy them Call of Duty, Black Ops, or in my case, Final Fantasy XIII. ¬†It’ll keep them busy for months.

Thunder Down Under

Monday night I went Las Vegas’s “Thunder Down Under” male review show, at the Excalibur Casino, with my girl Gloria. ¬†We were really late and only saw the last couple acts. ¬†The announcer, Marcus was super funny, and super flirty. ¬†(he told me I was a cute lil thing) ;D ¬†After the show, we went up and got pictures for $20. ¬†As I exited the stage, Marcus grabbed my ass, and Donovan squeezed my boob. ¬†;O ¬†I was wearing a corseted D&G dress with a high slit, and when I got my picture, I noticed my ass cleavage hanging out the bottom of my dress. oops! LOL! ¬†THe guy @ the end collecting the $ ( I don’t remember his name & he’s not on the website ) told us that he could get us comped tickets since we missed the show and introduced us to his supervisor, Justin, who happens to be a dancer for American Storm, another male review show. ¬†(Thanks Justin) ;D ¬†So I decided to go again Tuesday to see the entire show. ¬†We continued out into the casino area where all the guys sign your picture or merchandise that you purchase.

There’s a lot of mixed reviews out there on the internet. ¬†I agree, it’s definitely not the way a woman wants to be turned on or seduced. ¬†But ladies, that’s not what the show is about. ¬†It’s entertainment. ¬†It’s fun. ¬†It’s completely what I expected!

Gloria was mad at me because she has this weird thing about being glued to the person she goes to the club with, then after you’re drunk, springs it on you that you’re designated driver. ¬†After the show we went to XS and got drunk, and she wanted me to drive her home drunk. ¬†I had to refuse. ¬†So she was mad at me for supposedly “ditching her.” ¬†So I ended up taking Juan with me.

The show opened up with Jack Sparrow. ¬†I love Jack Sparrow. ¬†He’s got to be the sexiest character alive. ¬†And Donovan comes out as Jack Sparrow. ¬†I loved it! ¬†But my favorite part of the show happened to be the fake orgasm contest. ¬†If I went up, I would have guaranteed won that contest! ¬† Haha! ¬†The girl that won, was a bigger African American lady. ¬†She was going to town, and rocking and locking and screaming “oh lord!” ¬†It was hilarious.

The show was entertaining for both sexes, male and female, and all ages, young adult, to senior citizens.  It was high energy, choreographed dancing, mixed with entertaining moves, each unique by each dancer.  I loved the commentator Marcus the most.  He was the funniest and most entertaining.  And sexiest dancer goes to the one with the pretty hair, Donovan.  But I think the best entertainer was the fire fighter guy.  I think he was the best dancer, when it comes to movement and energy.   When he came out into the crowd and jumps on one of the tables, he spills water all over him, and it really got the crowd going.


Kristie Manning