REPOST: Spitting Some Thoughts…

You told me to just come over and lay down with you.
I was blinded by your speech
and I played along for the joy ride too.
It was an entertaining preach,
but listen to your own words,
if you were only 2/3rds of the man I heard,
you wouldn’t have to teach these birds how to fly
I’m the pilot on command,
on this trek,
and we’re bout to wreck,
the captain of the crew,
I’m a manned satellite, orbiting around you
and . . .

Welcome to “Candy Land.”
Do you wanna be my man?
You wanna Play?  Be my flavor of the week?
Weigh the pros and cons if you decide to stay.
pique my interest, get my attention.
Release all this energy, and sexual tension,
on your wasted pretension.
I’ve got vocabulary and technique,
too strong for the weak,
I’m a rare breed, someone unique.
if you wanna stay the high way,
No room for drama,  just time for play.
Up in the clouds you wanna stay asleep,
But I’m wide awake and my mind wants to go deep.

Kristie Manning inc…
You’re only as good as your weakest link.
Check out all my ink.
I’m particular in the company  I keep.
5 star crew.
So I’m kickin’ it with you.
Learn some Wing Chun Kung Fu,
We’re chillin’ like a Buddhist monk,
But we get down so you better rethink punk,
Next time we roll out to the club drunk,
Don’t come at me with your bunk speech,
Hate speech.
I’ll let you know when it’s your turn to speak. 

I’ll teach you lessons in grammar,
I’m about to drop the hammer,
There is a difference between “their and “there.”
What happened to all your hair?
You wouldn’t know you anal cavity,
from a blunt terrestrial erosion,
gravity has me repelling you,
No need to show emotion,
Oh! Is that too big words for you?
Your tattoo’s tell your age,
those flames and skulls on your sleeve,
You look like you work for minimum wage.
OH you quit being a pastor for 20 years,
to be a drug dealer, Cheers… to that!

You’re coming up in the world my friend!
When’s the last time you went to the gym?
the last time I couldn’t see my feet I was 9 months preg.
I’m fine and looking slim,
n guys just can’t wait to get in.
Stop humping my leg.
Wait your turn in line, get on the list.
You won’t go away, you’re like a cancer, or a cyst.
Keep on creeping, ’cause to me… YOU DON’T EVEN FUCKIN’ EXIST!

by me


What Do I Want?

I am a free spirit. A wild woman, a maneater.  I require a strong alpha male, because I will suck all his power up if he is not strong enough to take me on.  I need someone who puts 100% trust in me, and knows no matter what I do, or how things may seem, or how flirtatious I may even be, my end game is him and at the end of the night I’m coming home to him. I’m not the cheating type.  I have been taken for a ride before, I have had my heart broken, and by no  means am I perfect.  I’ve even broke a few hearts.  But everyday is a winding road, and every heart broken is a new lesson learned, and new path carved.

If we become insecure, jealous people, it will never work out!  Jealousy is one of the most unattractive qualities to me.  From time to time, I have been known to be a jealous person.  But that was because the relationships foundations were tainted with trust issues and infidelity.  I will always try to conceal my jealousy.  As for insecurities, we must take it upon ourselves to make that special someone feel like they are the only one for you.   If they’re not, then why are you in it in the first place? Trust and communication is the foundation of a stable relationship. Take away that and it all crumbles from beneath you.  Remember when loyalty and being in love was enough?

If my husband, for example, came home from a trip and told me that he had slept with a hooker, but out of respect for me, was ridden with guilt, and had to tell me the truth, I’d be very upset.  However I’d probably forgive him.  I am after his soul, not his body.  Sex is merely physical.

“It’s not cheating unless you read poetry.”

I need someone who’s strong enough to let me be queen of my world, but still be the assertive male figure, an equal figure, not a dominating person, someone who will stand up to me  and tell me when I am wrong.  Someone I will respect, not someone I will walk all over.  Where do you draw the line without being my bitch?  I have had very subservient men in my life, but this bores me after a while.  I need someone who is going to accept me for who I am and not try to change me.  I never changed for anybody my entire life, why start now?  I am unique, and an acquired taste.  I am not for everybody.  You either love me, or you hate me.

Love is fleeting, we all wind in and out of love throughout a lifetime.  Some of us are afraid to fall in love again.  I like to jump into things head over heels.  Careless, some would say, but I say that I give 100% and I’m not afraid to have my heart broken.  Maybe I’m addicted to the extreme heights of the rushes of being in love, but I have learned to deal with the anguished lows of sad breakups, and dramatic heartbreaks as well.  Some people think I’m cold, because I can easily break up with someone on the opposite end…

“I’m not into this anymore, and I don’t want to take you for a ride.”  Some say that would be cold, being said to a guy utterly head over heels in love with you, but I call it honest.  Some people can’t handle the truth.  But I think the truth is far better than lies and confusing a person hurt with rejection.

Someday I will be loved.