I Want to Eat @ Morimoto.

World renowned, Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurants located in Philadelphia, Napa, New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, and Boca Raton, are now hitting Waikiki.  He has also been the head chef, of one of my favorite restaurants here in Waikiki and world wide, Nobu.    Can’t wait to eat there.  They are open for dinner, lunch and breakfast as well as having a seperate lounge menu.  Perhaps I will swing by for a light lunch one day soon.  Friends have told me that the restaurant is very bright, and that takes from the atmosphere, and that they prefer Nobu.  I love the bright lime green decor, beautiful lacquered wooden tables, vibrant violet  orchid pictures, and panoramic glass, with views of who know’s what?  Perhaps this would be a more enjoyable lunch spot, than a dark romantic dinner.

Some of the menu items

lamb carpaccio 17.
ginger-scallion sauce

yellowtail ‘pastrami’ 18.
togarashi, gin crème fraîche, candied olive 

crispy rock shrimp tempura 16.
spicy kochujan sauce, wasabi aïoli, coconut ranch 

 seafood ‘toban yaki’ 43.
kona lobster, king crab, mussel, clam,
diver scallop, spicy red miso-sake broths

Morimoto  12
Morimoto ginjo sake, square one organic cucumber vodka, and japanese cucumber slices.

 White Lily  12
Shochu, Calpico, Yuzu Juice, and Fresh Lemon


1775 Ala Moana Blvd.

@ the Edition





Melodie Gore – model, makeup, hair, styling, and creative concepts, in Los Angeles, CA

Faith, and Tiny Dragon Productions

I am a visual artist and model based in the Los Angeles area. My professional work focuses on creating erotic fantasy characters mainly through costume and makeup. I am heavily influenced by Japanese traditional and pop culture, especially Anime and J-Rock. I have the most fun shooting as an Anime character or doing gruesome effects makeup. I have a Journeyman’s degree from the Make-Up Designory in Burbank, CA and I’ve attended school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and Savannah College of Art and Design. I’m currently living in Los Angeles but my experience and network spans LA, New York, Japan, Mexico and Canada.  I am also a full time EMT in Los Angeles. My portfolio consists of collaborations  with many close friends. I prepare most of the shoots myself, and provide all hair, make-up and clothing unless otherwise noted.

Jamais Vu

Manning: How did you get started in modeling?

MG: Well, I started modeling mostly by accident….I just always had a creative visual art side and somehow started using that on myself and people wanted to shoot it.

Manning: Where did you study?

MG: I started makeup back in 03 after graduating from the makeup designory of LA.  I chose to get a degree in makeup because Iwanted to work as a sculpter in an FX lab.  It was sort of a deviation of my passion for medical science combined with my fine art background.

Manning: Where do you get your styling concepts?

MG: Styling came about because I always do my own costumes and makeup so it again was an accident

Manning: Where do you get your inspiration?

MG: My anime shoots are inspired from anime and video games.  I like to watch and play.  I research all my chracters and base them on who I would want to be if given the chance.

Manning: What have you studied?

MG: I studied graphic design but come from a painting background.

Manning: What else do you do?

MG: I currently still am an EMT and am trying to progess into a paramedic. I love my job.

Manning: How is LA?

MG: LA is a love hate relationship lol…its beautiful and I love the mix of culture here, but you have to beaware because most the people are are quick to use you to get ahead…its a snake pit and you have to watch your back.

Manning: Where would you like to travel?

MG: I would love to see Thailand or more of Japan. I love asian culture and would like to experience more of it.  Also from studying art so long, I woud love to go to France..

Manning: Where would you like to live?

MG: I would def live in Tokyo if I could I love Tokyo so much!

Manning: Me too!

Manning: What has been your fav gig?

MG: my fav gig…. I’m not sure.  I love so many of them…..but my fav people to collaborate with are Adam Chilson, Tiny Dragon or Dan Santoni..they are also nerds that get what I’m trying to do…..and my close friend Anthony Canney from the House of Canney is my #1 for costumes.

Manning: Do you do your photoshop?

MG: I can use photoshop but I dont use it extensively…I’d rather try and get my images through the lens and not in post….now the digital graphics stuff i can not do….like the cg on green screen the photographers I work with do that if need be.

Manning: Any Upcoming gigs?

MG: I’m constantly working…I have a cool new fire series I just shot and as always my continuing work on godsgirls.com

Adam Chilson “Psyloche”


Age: 27
Height: 5’6
Weight: 105
Size: 0
Waist: 24
Hips: 32
Shoe: 6.5
Cup: B
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Dan Santoni


Print Publications
Heavy Metal Magazine June 2009
Bizarre Magazine 2009 (UK)
Fetish Bitch Clothing UK
Zanthrax Clothing
Lip Service Summer 2008 Catalouge
OCC Cosmetics Spokesmodel 2007-2008
Femmefatales August Issue
Toni & Guy (hair by Lisa)
Imagozine #4 (Canada)
West Coast Choppers 2008 Calender
Rebel Rodz
New Look (France)
Lip Service Fall 2007 Catalouge
Imagozine #3 (Canada)
Tattoo Burst Magazine, May (Japan)
CosMODE Magazine #14 (Japan)
Penthouse, January
Make-up Artist Magazine: Advertisement for OCC Make-up
Air Brush Magazine for Battle Dress
J. Corsentino’s Time of the Faeries
Drop Dead Magazine
Hardcore Ink Magazine
CosMODE Magazine #9 (Japan)
San Diego Music Matters Magazine
Syren Laytex flyer
Apparel News
Apparel News
Dsport Magazine
Most Beautiful Tattooed Women Magazine
Skin Art Magazine

Adam Hendershott for RYDER make-up labs LLC

Web Publications
Calehoribe.com (hair modeling)
Adam Hendershott for RYDER make-up labs LLC
FleshBot Crush Object
Burning Angel
Lip Service Clothing
Tofu Girls Clothing
Interview on MichalBay.com
Bitch Ritual
Character Designs
Chopper Dogs
West Coast Choppers
Head Sick Pin-ups
Metal Sirens
Perverse Fixation
Syren Latex

Film Appearances

Legendary (Video Game) 2008
People music video K&R productions 2008
G4 TV #2 adult DVD 2008

TONI & GUY/  hair: Lisa Bryant, makeup: Anthony H. Nguyen, photo: David Evans’

For collaboration email me @ Melodiexgorex@yahoo.com
View my blog @ Melodiegore.tumblr.com
More pictures @ http://www.modelmayhem.com/4332
Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBivGl7xCNA