My Christmas List: Presents Under $100 For the Connoisseur

Every year I share my wish list with you. ¬†Here it is… Everything available at


Dean and Tyler Leash and Collar $19.76


Coldbroo Coffee Maker (my roommate exploded mine when he turned the temperature down and everything froze over) ūüė¶ ¬†My favorite! ‚̧ $40


Water Lilies by Monet $69


Simple to Spectacular: How to Take One Basic Recipe to Four Levels of Sophistication by Jean Georges $30


Asian Flavors of Jean Georges $28


Ball Mugs $10


Alo Womens Luna Sweat Pants $78


Alo Yoga Mesh Goddess Ribbed Leggings $79


High Frequency Skin Care Machine $40


Ultrasonic Skin Care Machine $55


PS4 Charging Station $16


Riedel Stemless Cabernet Glasses Set of 8 $56


World Atlas of Wine $3


White Nike Free RN Fly Knits $88


Teal Cotton Oversized Knit Throw $45


Neocutis Bio Gel Hyrdrogel $73


December Special 3 personal training sessions for $99 (regularly $85/hour)

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APARTM3NT 2 Year Anniversary Annual Black on Black Party 07.30.11

Sarentos: Top of the Ilikai

My friend Aaron invited me to have dinner at Sarentos recently. ¬†I had never had dinner there before, however had attended a few nightlife events and wine tastings. ¬†The forest green carpet made the place feel old and 80’s. ¬†It was in need of a dire makeover! ¬†The views are beautiful, the food superb! ¬†Why wasn’t this place more popular? ¬†To my surprise, Aaron had advised me that they had put $100k into renovations. The new dark (Cherry I believe) wood chairs and ¬†tables compliment the new wine colored carpet and romantic ambiance.

I started with the oysters with ahi tartare, and my favorite of the evening, osso bucco potstickers with lilikoi mustard.  I forgot the picture though. ;(  I paired it with a fine white blend.

White Blend: Conundrum, California

A perplexing blend of Viogner, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muscat & Canelli, from the wine makers of Caymus.  Intensely flavored with refreshingly  acidity & bright citrus balanced with honeysuckle.

My sister Ashley and her boyfriend, Olcun joined us.   They had just gotten finished with dinner Kai Market at the Sheraton, so they shared a salad.

I had the penne ala vodka, with prosciutto, paired with a pinot.

Pinot Noir: Evangeline, California

Elegant ruby red balanced with layers of black cherry, sweet oak, highlighted with vanilla and spice.

Bill had the Osso Bucco.  The sweet jelly in the middle (the marrow) was sweet and delicate like pudding.

No room for dessert!  Had to run to work.
I will be doing a full review of this restaurant in the nearby future…
Dinner Hours:

Sun РThu  5:30pm Р9pm
Fri РSat  5:30 Р9:30pm

Cocktails & Bar:
Sun РThu   5pm Р11pm
Fri РSat   5pm Р12am

The Ilikai Hotel
1777 Ala Moana Blvd.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Phone: (808) 955-5559
Fax: (808) 955-4249

Interview with Russell Tanoue, Hawaii’s Favorite High Fashion Photographer.

I ¬†first met Russell at Tsunami’s in Waikiki. ¬†I was walking by with a friend model of mine, Mario Lopez, and I glanced in and saw him playing darts with a friend.

“That’s Russell,” I told my friend,” let’s go say hi!” ¬†I had not formally met Russell before, but I went up and introduced myself. ¬†He was very friendly, and next thing you know, we were having cocktails, and exchanging business cards for the Japanese designer who gave him his cool jeans. ¬†The bar was dead and it was just the 4 of us playing darts together.

His face is no secret to the Hawaii model scene.  RUSSELL TANOUE, special event host/producer, and one of the most successful fashion/glam photographers in Hawaii, has been shooting the top models and creating big faces in Hawaii for 20 years now.  His photos can be seen all over, including Midweek magazine and Swimsuit Ilustrated.

How long have you been a photographer in Honolulu?

20 Years

What got you started into photography?

I began doing makeup and started taking photos of my work which lead to the photographer I am today.

What are your favorite things to photograph?

I love a wide array of¬†subjects.¬† Like I tell aspiring photographers, it’s not how pretty your¬†model is, it’s how much better you can make them look.¬† I like taking a norm¬†and making them spectacular.¬† A¬†pretty face¬†can be boring after awhile.

What inspires you as a photographer?

Well after all these years, I’m very¬†much inspired but what you DON’T see.¬† It’s amazing on how I can feel a¬†person so well.¬† And that inner beauty is what inspires me.¬† Even a person¬†that is so insecure or low self esteem, it inspires me to lift them.¬† Bring¬†to a place they feel safe then capture the beauty they are hiding.

If you could shoot any celebrities who would you shoot?

Celebrities for me¬†are just people.¬† I think I would love to shoot Oprah because I’m sure on
the set she would simply be herself.

If you could shoot for any fashion house who would it be?


Where have you been published?

Midweek, KoreAM, Face Magazine, RPM, Swimsuit Illustrated, Transpacific Magazine, Pacific Rim, Honolulu Magazine, Calendars, CD covers to name a few.

What is your weapon of choice? (camera)

I love my coolpix!  Ha, ha

Do you do your own photoshop or work with graphic artists?

Yes I do it all.

Where did you go to school?

McKinley High

You do Beautiful @ Pearl now every Saturday?  Tell us more about Beautiful.

Beautiful is on it’s 5th successful year and is on the last Saturday of¬†every month.¬† The event is special because it’s not about quantity, but¬†quality.¬† VIP’s are really cool people and most are successful individuals,¬†celebrities, etc.¬† I have a great following and at the event is where a lot
of my fans have come to meet me in person for the first time.  For some, amazing friendships were born at the event.

What other events and promotions have you been a part of?

I produce special events annually such as my charity event Inspire, Chinese NY Event, NYE
events and coming up in July is my 13th Annual Birthday Celebration.

What got you started into promotions?

It was my annual birthday celebrations that started promotions.  My annual birthday events were held at Ocean Club for 5 years and this is when I was asked to host a once a month event there.  The Piranha Room, which guest stood in line for 2 hours or more just to get in.  The event was featured on E Entertainment, MTV, Travel Channel, etc.  It really was the start to so many other club events
in Honolulu.

Lets hear more about you:

Fav restaurant?

I dine a lot so to pick just one favorite, hmmmmmm.  I love
Tavola Tavola on Monsaratt, Chai’s, Ruth Chris, Mortons, Bistro Aun, Mac 247
damn their calamari is to die for!  The list goes on and on.

Fav club? I would have to say Pearl.  But I also love the Lobby Bar at the
Edition Hotel.

Fav food?

Anything organic.

Fav drink/ cocktail?

Grey goose splash nothing.

Fav color: Brown, light blue, black

What’s your sign? Cancer with a nice shell. (that means he’s compatible with sexy Scorpios and Romantic Pisces)

Boxers or briefs (or commando) ūüėČ

wow, I love both.  Briefs and boxers.

Any previous gigs?

HOP!  Chinese New Year Celebration Year of the Rabbit @ Pearl

Any upcoming gigs?

Beautiful on March 26, MidWeek 12th Annual Swimsuit
Issue shoot, 13th Annual RTFOTO Birthday Bash in July.

Facebook:  Maxed out.
Website: fansite: official:

Check out his ongoing event @ Pearl, Beautiful on Saturday.


2 Looks including hair and makeup
All high resolution images


Kristie Manning

Naru Izakaya

Last night I drove down King St. at midnight, because it took David that long to get his ass over here, (like always) LOL! It’s all good. ¬†We found a little Izakaya spot called Izakaya Naru. It was a little traditional Japanese spot, with Japanese speaking employees. ¬†The special menu was a piece of paper written in kanji and katakana with a paint brush. ¬†I had a ginger high ball to settle my stomach. ¬†I was starving! ¬†The sashimi was fresh and melted in your mouth. ¬†We had Ahi and avocado summer rolls with what tasted like a rich oyster sauce. I ¬†ordered a fried chicken which came with a homemade ume paste, and some tanaka rice, which I am going to eat right now. ¬†They had a variety of food from small izakya dishes, to sashimi, nabe, rice stone pots, yakiniku, homemade gyozas, zaru udon and other noodles and grilled Saba. ¬†Each dish is made with love, delicate in presentation, affordable in price, and OPEN TILL 2 AM. ¬†Great drink menu too from wine and champagne to cocktails, and sake! ¬†I am going to start hitting up all the late night little King St. restaurants hiding in the nooks and crannies.

Ahi avocado summer rolls

Special’s Menu

2700 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826

(808) 951-0510



Munch @ Apartm3nt

Some friends and myself had dinner at Aparm3nt last Thursday for the once a month tasting menu, “Munch.”¬† It was so oishi, I can’t wait to see the menu for the next “Munch!”
Oxtail mandoo, with leeks and long rice, accompanied by house made Kimchee.
Fresh mandoo is one of my favorites, and filled with a tender oxtail, it was different and original.
TY KU Soju <> Kim Chee <> Sriracha <> Clamato <> Fresh Ginger <> Martini

“Spiced!” reminded me of a soju bloody mary.¬† The fresh ginger is charred and then strained through the drink, giving it a light ginger flavor.¬† He brought around extra Ty Ku for the drinkers that wanted a little more kick with their drinks. ;D

2nd ‚Äď Japan, Shochu
Steamed Seabass with enringi mushrooms, red bell peppers over brussell sprouts sauteed in a sweet sake soy sauce and rice.
The Seabass was a very large portion.  Tender and flavored delicately.  I have never liked mushrooms up until recentl, and am now discovering all the different flavors.  The enringi mushrooms definitely have a delicately complimenting flavor as well.  As for the brussell sprouts, they are usually bitter, and these have a slight sweetness to them. Delicious!
Tiger’s Claw
Komasa Migaki Shochu <> Yuzu <> Palm Sugar <> Hibiscus <> Tiger’s Claw Tincture

In the picture you miss the light pink color, almost like pink lemonade.¬† The sugar rimmed glass and sweet cocktail was perfect prior to the sea bass.¬†¬† I started stealing my friend, Jim’s drink, because it was so good!

Intermesso: Shitake miso soup & house made pickles
I wanted to maintain tradition. this is usually a dish served at the end of a Japanese meal but it is almost universal in asian cuisine.

A traditional “Intermesso.”¬† Pickles and miso soup.¬† A light miso, not too salty, not too hearty, but a perfect dish after the main dish.

3rd ‚Äď China, Shaoju
Lai Yut ‚Äď ‚ÄúBeautiful Moon‚ÄĚ tarts. These will be both sweet and savory, one style contaning lychee and the other containing nuts
They only brought out one, with lychee, garnished with lime.  It was a light, sweet desert for the palate after the other 2 dishes.
Orient Express

Han Soju <> Espresso <> Vanilla <> Roasted Chili Peppers

The final drink was a sweet coffee with a vanilla and slight chili pepper flavor.¬† It was my favorite desert drink that I have ever had!¬† I especially loved the light chili pepper after taste.¬† However I think that the two paired together was a poor choice.¬† The sweetness of the tart killed the sweetness in the drink making it bitter.¬† But it is definitely a drink I’d enjoy over and over gain.

I think it’s important that they emphasize that the event starts at 6:30 pm prompt.¬† I know it’s always hard to get a group of people together at a certain time.¬† I was confused that there was presentation.¬† I was under the impression that it was just dinner, so I was half an hour a late, and so was every body else.¬† It was entertaining for the chef and mixologist to come out and explain their dishes and drinks.

Way worth the $45!¬† It’s like $8 a dish, and $7 a drink.

* * * * 4 Stars * * * *

Next month’s drink theme: Whiskey

Hope to see you there next month.


Kristie Manning

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