The One That Got Away.

What would you do? Be the other woman? You’re an unconventional thinker. Secure with yourself and confident. This is not a desperate attempt of an insecure individual. The guy still loves you. He cheats on her with other girls, but it’s different  if he cheats on her with you. He feels guilty, because it’s not cheating unless you read poetry. And the 2 of you definitely read poetry together. Would you stare at a life on better legs and let it slide?

She’s 10 years older than him. She’s 40! Sure she’s safe. But he doesn’t love her like he loves you. He’s himself around you. Around her, he is always putting on a front. Do guys want the bad girl who you can always be open with, or the good girl you have to always lie to.  He wants to live a lie?

He still sends you those naughty iPhone pics.  And your timing is often wrong, but whenever you are coincidentally in town at the same time, which is rare, u spend the weekend together. You sit there quietly while he talks to the other woman on the phone.  You really want to giggle, or bust him with his girlfriend, but you don’t.  You ARE the other woman.

In your eyes he was perfect.  But as time went by, you realized those special places he took you to like Halekulani and your stomping grounds, Nobu, aren’t really special.  He takes her there too.   Are you a victim of a womanizer?

A week goes by and you are devastated and you miss him.  A year goes by and you are over it. Then the next time u fling with him, the vicious cycle begins all over again. You miss him again and are reminded that they are your one true love. That you wont stop loving them till the planets stop turning.  You could attempt what would appear to be a desperate attempt to win him back.  Or you can play it off and pretend it doesn’t matter, but suffer inside because you’d only be lying to yourself.  But you’re the other woman.  What would you do?

She thinks you’re a monster.  But you are just a victim of love.



Ms. Isaar King FIRED!

So at the beginning of my last term at IADT, I had wrote a letter to my program chair, taking appropriate steps to perhaps have something change, or have a teacher removed.  I had concerns with Ms. King’s attitude and teaching ethics.  I didn’t like it, which drove me to drop from the school and transfer immediately.  Nothing was done, and when Ms. Disney Johnson called me to the office, this time I voiced my concerns, I was rudely laughed at.

Just today a reliable resource has told me that she got fired for throwing a stapler at a student.  I wonder who it was.  Some of those kids can be little fuckers.  They’ll let anyone into that school.  But anyhow, I hate to say, I thought she had a personality disorder. I TOLD YOU SO!

It’s not as dramatic as that teacher who beat up the 13 year old child, which was a nationwide story.  What is getting into these minds?  I can’t believe I’m witnessing this with my eyes.  But here you are…

Teacher Beats up 13 year old child