My Christmas List: Presents Under $100 For the Connoisseur

Every year I share my wish list with you. ¬†Here it is… Everything available at


Dean and Tyler Leash and Collar $19.76


Coldbroo Coffee Maker (my roommate exploded mine when he turned the temperature down and everything froze over) ūüė¶ ¬†My favorite! ‚̧ $40


Water Lilies by Monet $69


Simple to Spectacular: How to Take One Basic Recipe to Four Levels of Sophistication by Jean Georges $30


Asian Flavors of Jean Georges $28


Ball Mugs $10


Alo Womens Luna Sweat Pants $78


Alo Yoga Mesh Goddess Ribbed Leggings $79


High Frequency Skin Care Machine $40


Ultrasonic Skin Care Machine $55


PS4 Charging Station $16


Riedel Stemless Cabernet Glasses Set of 8 $56


World Atlas of Wine $3


White Nike Free RN Fly Knits $88


Teal Cotton Oversized Knit Throw $45


Neocutis Bio Gel Hyrdrogel $73


December Special 3 personal training sessions for $99 (regularly $85/hour)

Gift Cards FROM

Victoria’s Secret

10 Valentines Gifts for the High Maintenance Girlfriend

Ok… I admit… I’m high maintenance. ¬†I like nice things. ¬†I like thoughtful things. ¬†I like the best in quality. ¬†You don’t have to spend $3000 on Louis Vuitton. ¬†But chances are if you get me something, you better make sure it’s in good taste. ¬†Be unconventional.

  1. ¬†I don’t ever really care for flowers on Valentines Day. ¬†But I recently saw these¬†Maison des Fleurs flowers. . (; ¬†The ones that come in the clear boxes are really cool too. ¬†Traditionally I love long stemmed orchids. ¬†But I couldn’t resist these because they are may favorite color! ‚̧tumblr_niy96iwzit1tf69j8o1_500

2. Maison Martin Margiele ‘Replica’ in “Beach Walk.” ¬†‘Replica’ exhibits uni-sex non-traditional perfume scents. ¬†One of my favorite for men is “Jazz Club.”

 Normally $125. Only $75 HERE


3. Fit Bit Surge. ¬†My passion is sports. ¬†A boyfriend once got me wireless you buds for Valentines Day because he thought I’d appreciate it more than jewelry. ¬†He was partially right! ¬†Depends what kind of jewelry. (:


4. A spa day. ¬†I got this a few years back after my boyfriend screwed up big time on Valentines Day. ¬†It was a nice apology but I still don’t think it makes up for what he did. ūüė¶ ¬†Heaven on Earth was my choice to go to. The Valentines package was $250 for a facial, massage and body scrub and wrap at Heaven on Earth. ¬†The website is currently down, as to question if they are still open. ¬†My other favorite spa’s are Ihilani. ¬†However I am informed that the Marriott Koolina is to shut down and become a Four Seasons so I’m excited to see what they will have to offer because Four Season’s spa’s have always been my favorite. ¬†Aulani has an amazing spa as well, but is extremely pricey in contrast to other two. ¬†However, please note: Heaven on Earth does not have a full spa. ¬†It’s a great spot however in downtown honolulu that provides quality services at a good price. ¬†Only the best for a special girl.

Aulani Spa


5. OK I don’t like fake jewelry but I did have a very nice cocktail ring from “Carat” once. ¬†Everything set in genuine gold, and high quality scientifically produced replica diamonds you cannot tell the difference. ¬† The value is there in the quality and beauty of the pieces without the high price of diamonds. Luxury without the luxury price. btw… Emeralds are my birthstone. (;

For the girl who likes something gaudy…
12 ct Verde Ring
420 GBP or $600 USD


For the girl who likes something simple
INDIA seven bar rows pave
69 GBP or $100 USD


Pink Hearts for You
.75-2 carats in white or yellow gold


6. Lingerie

Agent provocateur is probably out of the budget. ¬†Some good brands that are in a good price range are Elle Macphereson, Cosabella, Betsy Johnson and Pleasure State. Victoria Secret is OK, but get her something better than “OK,” get her something really special.

Check out this website one of my FAVORITES


Get Lacy for under $40

Nouvel Emoi (40% off)


Turkish Crochet Lingerie by ‘Else”


Parah (Italian) Fine Lingerie


7. Chocolate

All chocolate is not created equal. ¬†If you go to the mall and pick up Godiva or Sees Candy that is all dandy and all, but if you go out and pick something that speaks her language, it shows you went out of your way to get something a little more thoughtful. ¬†The high maintenance girl doesn’t want branded trendy spots. ¬†She wants something unique. ¬†It’ll cost the same too.

“Paintbox of Desire” @Chocolate Art House
13 British pounds

Runz Sensual Chocolates $65


Bond Street Chocolatiers $14


Bond Street Dark Chocolate Buddha


8. A do-it-yourself project

Whether she wanted an accent wall painted, a mural, a day bed, a new coffee table or painting. ¬†Make it yourself. ¬†Homemade stuff is the best! Work within your skill level, don’t turn in an arts and craft project. ¬†Youtube a DIY video. ¬†Or find a piece of cheap furniture on craiglist and refurbish it by refinishing it or lacquering or painting it. ¬†These presents mean the most to her!


Daybed made with palettes



I have puppy fever so this is the greatest gift you can give me lol. ¬†It is a good test of what kind of parent you are going to be. (; I’m still waiting for a responsible time to get my Klee Kai.


10. Write Her a Love Letter

Nothing is more sexy than when a man puts his feelings down into words. ¬†I love my love letters and cards with substance more than any present I’ve ever received. ¬†More than any floral arrangement, more than any diamonds or gold or Manolo Blahniks. ¬†Those letters and cards are still in a box somewhere. (:

Love letters


5 of My FAVORITE Facial Treatments

I’m a connoisseur for the finer things in life, and facials is something I splurge on every month. ¬†Being in Bali, I get to try more things, like the Javanese royal vagina steam for example. ¬†Most spa’s in Bali keep to simple traditional techniques and products, unless you are at the high end spa’s at the resort in Nusa Dua. ¬†Regardless, Hawaii has some of the best spa’s I frequent. ¬†The Modern, Mandara, Ihilani, Aulani. ¬†The Rock Spa (Hard Rock Hotels) and Ritz Carlton’s also have some of my favorite spas as well. ¬†Let’s just say, I’m a well seasoned spa-go-er. ¬†Below are 5 of my favorite treatments and products to use.

1. the High Frequency

I first used this¬†product¬†at “Heaven on Earth” back when I had a little bit of an acne problem and milia. ¬† High frequency helps with fine lines, wrinkles and tightening the skin, but in this case, was used to kill bacteria on the skin, eliminating acne. ¬†Love this product! ¬†Machines can cost $200 but now you can buy affordable machines for home.

Available on $28.42

2. the Red LED light.

I first had a LED treatment at the Four Season’s Spa in Wailea, Maui. ¬†I ordered the Kate Sommerville LED facial. ¬†This was a 2 hour facial and in the top 3 facial’s (second on my list) I’ve ever had, (Ritz Carlton AHA peel in Las Vegas, being the best). Red LED light is good for repairing. ¬†After aggressive extractions (my face was pizza) and clearing everything out, the redness was apparent. ¬†20 minutes under a red light with a euphoric scalp and face massage healed my skin instantly and gave it a youthful, moist appearance. ¬†I came in looking like a teenager in puberty and came out looking like a movie star ready for the red carpet in a matter of hours. ¬†Red LED light repairs skin, anti ages and can repair acne scarring. ¬†I had some bad gashes from picking my face and my skin is pretty smooth now after adding this to my regimen. Blue LED lights help reduce oiliness and close the pores as well as kill acne causing bacteria. ¬†You can get a package that has the red and blue LED and a micro current ion head for as much as $299, but if you are on a budget you can get home LED kits for under $50.

Available on $299

3. IDunn Multi Modeling Mask Pack

So I go to Facial’s by June regularly. ¬†She is a cute Korean girl off of Keaumoku and King St. in an old medical building. ¬†The reason I go to her is she does a 2 hour facial for only $150 utilizing ALL of my favorite treatments in one. ¬†Microderm, enzyme peel, red light, supersonic, high freq. etc. ¬†All of these treatments at a spa would cost $150 for a 50 minute facial EACH and if you want an extra service for ¬†5 minutes they would charge you $50 EACH. ¬†I can get ALL of my best products in one facial for ONLY $150. ¬†One of her products she uses is her “secret rubber mask.” ¬†It is mixed in a bowl when I arrive, so ¬†I do not know what it is. ¬†So I did a little google searching and came across the Korean IDunn mask and found out what the huge secret was. ¬†The Korean rubber mask is huge in Korea and this is one of my favorite masks. ¬†I especially like that she places it over my eyes, as it cools and easily comes off. Apparently there are all kinds of benefits from removing toxins and moisturizing, collagen and adding elasticity to whitening (you know the asian girls like to keep their faces light.) ¬†Overall good product to finish up your facial before adding the final toner and moisturizer.

4. Epicuren Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

When I was in Vegas I found a small salon that was reasonably priced to do my hair. ¬†I was looking for epicurean medicated cleansing milk, a facial wash I borrowed from my girlfriend, and came across her salon nearby in Henderson. ¬†The owners mother was an esthetician and I’d regularly get facials from her. ¬†She carried many Epicuren products and over the holidays, ordered this enzyme peel. ¬†It was one of my favorite peels to this day. ¬†I’ve tried everything from glycolic to AHA and salicylic peels. ¬†This is my favorite!

Available on $92.52

5. Melty Berry Premium

I bought this at a drug¬†store in Japan. ¬†It is a gel with exfoliating beads in it. ¬†It effectively cleaned the black heads out of my nose with a circular¬†motion instantly. ¬†I know there are tons of great exfoliants out there, but this one instantly cleaned my black heads. I used a fine scrub by “Fresh” back in the day, but I haven’t been able to find it, I believe it’s been discontinued. Melty Berry¬†is a black gel, I cannot read the japanese, but perhaps there is a charcoal or some kind of osmosis agent which aids in removal of clogged pores.

Approximately $30 online or in Japan at any drug store