Last Call For Booty Call

So, as you all know, I am moving back to Hawaii.  2 long years in Las Vegas, and I am finally over it.  Spending time in Hawaii in October and December put things into perspective.  Hawaii is the bomb!  And why the fuck would anyone move from Hawaii to Vegas?  Yeah, I guess Vegas is a good place to make money, and that’s about it.  I made a lot of acquaintences along the way, and made some fun international/travel friends, but it is definitely not the place for me.

I am a sexually experienced woman, not afraid to be promiscuous, but I am not easy, and do not sleep with anybody, unless I intended to in the first place.  I”m not a prude or a game player.  I do what I want, and if that includes sleeping with you, then I don’t want to be judged for it.  Did you know that a woman knows, the first time she makes eye contact with you, whether or not she is going to sleep with you?  Yes, that decision is made the first second she lays eyes on you.  But sometimes there are more factors than that.

Since I have been back for a week in Las Vegas, a handful of men have decided to confess their affections for me.  Why wait now?  I’m sure if they did a year ago, that I would have dated them.  I probably liked them (some of them) at one point or another too.  But after becoming friends, you get passed that “crush” state.  Supposedly, I am intimidating, and most guys are afraid to even try to make the move because they are afraid of rejection.  Well, my friends, 2010 was a dry year for me, and I think if more men had the courage to even ask me out, I probably would have dated them.  But that goes to show how many men are cowards. 

So why are they all suddenly confessing their affections for me, now that I am leaving, and they have no chance of sleeping with me?  Are men all typical?  They want that last call booty call.

Last Call Jalapeno Popper Dorito’s are the best!