Spa Day @ Heaven on Earth (Win 3 Months of FREE spa services)

Heaven on Earth has always been my choice of spa in Honolulu.  I have been going there for brazillians, facials and massages ever since 2007.  I miss the beautiful spa they had at the Koolani complex.  I use to spend nearly $1,000 a month there when they were open.  A few times I went to the downtown Alakea day spa as well.  “Z” has always been my esthetician, and a fabulous one at that!  I always request her, but yesterday she was out sick.

For a Valentines day present, I got the “Rejuvenation Bliss” package.

Bliss Rejuvenation

Package | 3 hrs. – $253

Essential Full Body Massage – An essential 50 minute massage just for you. Escape and experience the benefits of alleviated muscle tension promoting an enhanced state of relaxation and well-being. Be pampered from head to toe, or enjoy an area-specific massage ~ the choice is yours, the treat is ours.

Aromatherapy Facial – This relaxing treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliation procedures, accompanied by a gentle stream of herbal steam. Oil-free massage cream is massaged into the face, neck and décolleté, followed by a customized hydrating masque. While the mask penetrates your therapist treats you to a hand and arm massage after which your hands will be placed in heated mitts while a cool mist of rosewater blended toner and a light veil of moisturizer are applied to the facial areas. This luxurious treatment is completed with a cellular replenishing cream, vitamin enriched eye cream, day moisturizer with SPF and soothing lip therapy. Characteristic to European-style treatments, this facial incorporates essential oils to achieve overall relaxation.

Cloud 9 Body Wrap – Enjoy a wide section of immensely relaxing seaweed and aromatherapy treatments. Our body wrap therapies offer simultaneous purification effects on the body: whilst slimming, detoxifying and hydrating the epidermis, the re-mineralizing properties help redefine your body’s contours, providing a thorough detoxification and renewed sense of self.

The massage was relaxing and the facial clarifying.  I had never had a body wrap before.  I covered my private parts with small hand towels, and a small asian woman came in and scrubbed me down with salts then put a green spirulina body mask all over my body.  Then I was wrapped in 5 layers like a tight burrito.  I was a little claustrophobic and it was difficult to relax.  But my skin was so soft.  Afterwards she rinsed me off with hot water and an overhead cascade shower which was extremely relaxing.  It was the strangest thing I ever had.  It was like having a sponge bath on a table.

I also got an array of Murad products to clear up my skin.  I’ve used their skinceuticals products in the past as well, but I have acne prone skin at the moment from climate changes and stress.


Get clear, stay clear. Murad products are scientifically proven to address all of the factors that cause breakouts. Acne Complex® makes skin healthy and clears acne through the science of cellular water™.