I am Cupid!

So… inadvertently I am responsible for my friends horrible divorce.  Well, in all actuality, I am not, but we all need to blame someone.  But I am also responsible for his new marriage.  I try to ommitt friends from my blog, but I told her that I would blog about the day they were married, because I hooked them up.  Also… I get first child.  I didn’t know that day would be so soon! 

Over the Christmas holidays, I hooked up my best friend with one of my old friends.  2 days, they had caught on fire, and just a week ago, they got married in Vegas.   I dunno, if it’s true, or if they’re just messing with me, but here we go . . .  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Manettas!  Let’s have a bachelor party when you get home!