Bogarts Cafe: Healthy breakfast spot on Monsarrat Ave.

Coffee & tea, bagels, breakfast and brunch.  You can get a variety of  contemporary food at Bogarts from strawberry haupia waffles, to my favorite breakfast bagel, to a breakfast burrito, or a variety of omelets, my favorite being the swiss crab omelet with avocado with potatos or rice, fried rice, strawberry spinach salads and homemade style sandwiches.  They have a large menu and everything pretty much under $10, this is a favorite breakfast spot, located off Kapahulu and Kapiolani park,  on the East end of Waikiki, just past the Honolulu Zoo.  They have teas, coffees, specialty smoothies, and all of the above.  The menu is huge and always changing.  It’s a small little restaurant and often doesn’t have seating, so you may have to wait for a seat if you don’t want to get your food to go. There’s almost always a line, and bring cash, because it’s cash only!

Healthy breakfast burrito

Acai bowl with bananas, blueberries, strawberries and granola

Fruit haupia waffles

my favorite breakfast bagel (I like it with turkey bacon)

grilled chicken salad with blue cheese and pine nuts

3045 Monsarrat Ave
Ste 3
Honolulu, HI 96815

(808) 739-0999

Mon-Fri 6 am – 6:30 pm

Sat-Sun 6 am – 6 pm


Kristie Manning

TO my BEST FRIENDS. Aquariuses, Libra’s and other Gemini’s ( and a few fire signs )

What would we do without friends when we break up with our boyfriends, or lose our job, or get in a fight with our other friends?   When we have dumb hoe girlfriends who sleep with our exes? Or guys that end up being jerks and standing you up for the evening? Having good friends is what keeps me going.  I have all of them to thank for everything!

KELLY!  A Leo.  From the NS.  Out in Hollywood doing the actress/modeling thing. I  had to repost this blog because I forgot her! LOL! I MISS HER SO MUCH!


My Aquariuan friend, even from prison, you are still in my life every day, always listening to my problems, and give giving me sound advice. I hope I cheer up your day as well.  One of my closest friends in Hawaii (even though your on the E.C. right now) you knucklehead!


My baby sis. My opposite Gemini.  She’s 24, going on 42. Living in Santa Monica.  A fellow Gemini like myself. How would I describe you in 3 words? Mysterious. Sarcastic. Free.

M Lo

My friends call him “Rocker Dude”. A Sagittarius to the max.  FIRE ! He lives in Hollywood.  He’s in a rock band, 9 Electric. Thanx for listening to me bitch about boy problems, even though I know sometimes you’re not listening anyways. LOL! He was raised Mormon, just like me. ;/ He doesn’t take any bullshit, and he’s a good friend that you can expect honesty from.  He’s a hopeless romantic ladies. Nobody know’s me better than Mike.


Punk ASS!  Another Aquarius, my former personal trainer.  Noah you helped me through some dark times.


My Libra Bonita chica in 702.  We tear it up at XS!  I miss you!


the best roommate in the world!  He has a beautiful voice!  Loves to sing Karaoke.  A Pisces and hopeless romantic. ;D


Why are all my friends Libra’s and Aquariuses?  Another Aquarius.  My Chilean chica! ❤ u!


Another Libra. Another “Jack Mormon”. Another good friend. A wine and art connoisseur, also a realtor. She won the free breast implants @ my website-release party at Skyline. And believe me, she needed them! ;D Always protective of me. Intelligent, beautiful, tasteful and always classy. But still has the “rugged Wailua girl” in her.

Na Ya

One of my rugged Waianae girls. But you would never know in this pic. 😉  Hottie!


I’ve known this girl since highschool, and she amazes me with her free flowing skills. I  know this girl is down and has my back! Crazy Leo.  I get along with fire signs too.  Back in the juvey hall lock down days and throwing up in the bushes at Rocky Point cuz we’re too fucked up.


ANOTHER AQUARIUS! One of my new friends.  SHe’s a cool ass chick! Sexy as hell!  Down to party!  Sexy pic mama. ;D

Erin Moore.

One of my new friends as well.  She is a crazy party girl like ME!   A Libra also. 😉


ANOTHER LIBRA.  One of my other new friends.  I met her at Morimoto’s Social Brunch 2 months ago, and she has proven to be a cool ass chick, with Samoan feet. ;D


CRAZY GEMINI!  My gym buddy, graphic designer, web guy, lover, friend, gym buddy,  baby sitter, dish washer… is there anything this Mexican (I mean Columbian) can’t do!?!?  JUST KIDDING!  I LOVE YOU JUAN CHO!  I took this picture at my pool in Vegas btw… Isn’t it fabulous? 😀

“Chili Tequila”

ANOTHER GEMINI. My fellow classmate at IADT, babysitter, and volleyball team mate, watch out for Phil, he’s gonna be a famous fashion designer, this kid got MAD SKILLS!!!!

Johnny Lopez

One of my oldest friends, a Cancer, loves to surf, a sioux chef @ Nicks Ficks Market in Maui.Best friend you could ever ask for.  He’ll yell at you when you’re wrong.  He’ll stand up for you and yell at his friends when they are wrong.  Positive vibes whenever we hang out.  If I gotta get away, going to Maui for some R&R is always nice.  I love you Johnny!  And I love your cooking too. ;D


Best Plate Lunches in the 808 UPDATED

Fairwoods (on Keeaumoku)
Honey Chicken with Fried Rice

Dong Yang Korean BBQ in Wahiawa
The best meat jun on the island!  The bim bim kook so and mandoo are runners up only to their giant plates of meat jun!

Miss Sato’s fried noodles (with teri beef stick side) in Waipahu

Tasty Chicken, Teri Beef Combo @ Aiea Bowl

$3.99 Chicken Katsu Special @ Marks Inn @ Stadium Mall

Zippy’s Zip Pac

Garlic Chicken Bento @ Mitsuken in Kalihi w tamago omelet and hot dog

the best Kim Chee Fried Rice in Hawaii @ Taiyo Noodles outside Alamoana

Rainbows Drive Inn Combo plate with chili on top on Kapahulu

Hawaiian Food @ Yama’s Fish Market

Boot & Kimo’s Mac Pancakes in Kailua


Beef Brocoli on Cake Noodle @ Great Wall in Wahiawa

Fresh fish picks @ Kalapawai Cafe in Kailua

Curry Chicken Crepe w/ salad, lemon dressing, and brown rice @ Mocha Java, @ Ward

Furikaki crusted ahi and daily fish specials @ Kakaako Kitchen, @ Ward

People’s Cafe by Pali Longs.  Lava Rock Special only $5.99.  Lau Lau with stew gravy on top



(Sorry no pics)

Kaya Sushi: Marina Del Ray, Japanese and Korean Cuisine

My sister’s boyfriend, Olcun treated us to sushi and Korean food last night at Kaya, in Marina Del Rey.  They had a great atmosphere with fish tanks and nice waterfalls everywhere.  The sushi menu was elaborate.  I even saw a waiter bring out to another table a ‘flambe’d’ sushi.  I had the spicy tuna crispy rice.  And a kim chee dolsot bim bim bap (beef, vegetables, egg, rice in a hot stone pot, so the rice gets crispy), along with a mug of Kirin.  They ordered hot sake which we all shared.  It was great! I loved the fusion of the Korean AND sushi.  I got my fav, bim bim bap, and Kai could have sushi, her favorite.

#102, 13400 washington blvd.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 577-1143

more at


Kristie Manning