HELP ME FIND HIM! (in Hollywood)

OK.  I want to clarify something.  I’m not crazy.  I’m not obsessed with him.  I just really would like to be united with him.  Haven’t you ever tried to track down an old friend before?  I’m just taking a dramatic approach, and thought maybe Facebook will help me find him.

I  have less information to go by.  It was so long ago that I don’t even remember what he looks like . So here we go.  His name is Chris.  He is possibly Filipino, caucasian multi ethnicities.   He was visiting family in 2003/2004 around Xmas and New Years time in Waikiki.  He said he was from Hollywood.  Hollywood isn’t that big of a scene so Im hoping someone in Hollywood would know him.  I’m pretty sure he likes underground indie rock music and  stuff.  He had an afro, can’t forget that.  I believe he was 21 at the time so that would make between 27 and 28 now.  He was the quiet metro/emo type who wore tight jeans.   He is short, and was thin.  He is definitely unique.

If he reads this.  I was living in the Prince Hotel in Waikiki.  And we rented a moped and drove around and did all kinds of things.  I remembered you because I was writing a blog on Bogarts Cafe, and you were the one who turned me on to that spot.

Please share this post with as many people as possible.  And add yourself and suggest to your friends my “help me find him” page on facebook.  Hopefully if enough people reach this, maybe he will see it.  Target Los Angeles/ Hollywood area, because that is where I believe he is living.


Kristie Manning