Learn a new language for FREE

On Iphone I downloaded an ap to learn Japanese and Portuguese for free.  To my amazement, my 5 year old daughter plays on my phone and started picking up Japanese.  It’s a game to her.  There’s an upgrade for a few dollars, and you can even buy the entire computer program for only $50.  Programs like Rosetta Stone cost HUNDREDS of dollars.  They have 70 languages.  Check it out!

Learn a new language.  It’s sexy!


Kristie Manning

Red + Blue LED Light Therapies.

I had to search for a while to figure out what piece of machinery was used for the most euphoric facial I have ever had in my life.  Not only was it euphoric, it also completely cleared up my skin in 20 minutes.  I’m thinking about buying an affordable portable light for myself.  My sister has a cheap $30 light that works miracles, but they come in all prices and sizes.  I walked in the spa with dry peeling skin from my retinoin prescription.  My skin was very inflamed and red especially congested in the cheeks.  I looked horrible.  In a 90 minute facial, I couldn’t use anything abrasive or more then purely gentle on my face.  Everything burned I was so sensitive.  The final 20 minute of the facial, she followed with the red LED light.  It was so euphoric and while she massaged my hands and feet, I passed out.   My skin was shiny and full of moisture, decongested, and the inflammation and redness was completely gone.  My skin had never been better in YEARS.  Which is why I am buying a red LED light to use at home.

  • What you can expect to see and feel in 30 days or less: Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, normal skin verses dry skin.
  • Also, reduced number of blemishes, age spots diminishing, reduction in redness and uneven skin tones and beling refreshed and energetic.
  • Benefits: Portable and light, wide angle for face and neck, or any other part of the body including hands.
  • Generates no heat or harmful UV rays, safe – using your body’s natural process to heal, short 15 minute therapy sessions
    • Normalizes Cellular Metabolism
    • Increases Cellular Renewal
    • Promotes Increased Skin Moisture
    • Stimulates Fibroblasts Activity
    • Boosts Collagen & Elastin Production
    • Increases Oxygen Supply
    • Stimulates Blood Circulation
    • Lightens Hyperpigmentation
    • Calms Redness From Microcirculation Problems
    • Accelerates Tissue Repair & Healing
    • Energizes Skin

Renewable Light Therapy Unit LT-110

this is a very expensive professional system only used in medical spas.  Four Seasons in Maui is the only spa with this machine.  I’m so glad to have tried it.  It’s pretty intense.  My skin is instantly clearer.


Triple Panel LED Light Therapy System

A lighter portable light machine at a cheaper price.

LED Photorejuvenation System ULTRA


another portable machine and a little more affordable

Baby Quasar Blue and Red Power Pack


2 portable red and blue LED lights

Photon Skin Rejuvenation 412 LED Light Acne Therapy IPL


Red & Blue LED Light Therapy

I think this is better to do your entire face, whereas the wands you have to move a round on your face to get the entire face.

Acne Blue Red LED Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb 415nm 660nm

I might get this because it is inexpensive and you can screw it in the lamp.  It has very great reviews and everybody is very pleased with it.   I don’t think LED lights are very expensive, and it’s a simple technology that recently has been used in skin care and proven to be efficient.  An inexpensive machine can be just as efficient as a spa machine.




MMS (the Miracle Mineral Solution) What They Don’t Want You To Know…

“Are you allowed to say here on camera that MMS will cure cancer?”

“Sure, I can say it. MMS will cure Cancer.” – Jim Humble

MMS is not chlorine dioxide; Miracle Mineral Supplement – MMS is sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%. Combining with acid briefly produces chlorous acid (HClO2), which in sequential steps oxidizes ambient chlorite (ClO2-) to create chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

The Miracle Mineral Supplement was discovered almost by accident by Jim Humble, a metallurgist, gold prospector and chemist. Jim Humble discovered a simple health drink for malaria in South America during a prospecting project. When he returned from the prospecting trip he worked on the health drink formula for a few years sending it to friends in Africa who were capable of using it in the field.

Jim Humble’s recommendation is to start with a low dose and gradually increase by 1 drop each day until a slight feeling of nausea develops and then cut down by 2 drops. After several days you try increasing again. Gradually work your way up to 15 standard drops 1 to 3 times daily for about two weeks.

My dad showed me the strangest thing.  He put 1 drop of MMS in a glass cup.  He mixed it with 5 drops of citric acid to activate the solution.  He exclaimed that because the solution cleanses all the metal from your body, putting it in a metal cup would heavily bleach it.  Then he showed me a metal cup he accidentally bleached. It smelled lightly of bleach and sulfur, and mixed with apple juice, (not a juice like orange juice with vitamin C.  Vitamin C or absorbic acid will neutralize it and make it not work.)   You increase the drops daily until you get to 15 drops.  If you get sick and your body can’t handle it, you may get nauseas or diarrhea, you need to back off, then slowly build up again.  When you are ill you have to get worse before it get’s better, but that’s just the MMS working.   I asked him how safe it could be.  He said that within 2 hours it changes back into water and releases no toxin into your body.  The way it was explained to me is that it breaks apart things, such as Viruses.  It’s hungry for “parts” of the virus that it is missing, and will  tear it apart, weakening the virus, making your body able to fight it off.  Everything has something that will attack it.  There should be something out there that is above these deadly viruses on the food chain.  Sounds so powerful and too good to be true!

The truth is that there are so many good things out there for fighting incurable diseases.  The medical companies out there don’t want you to know.  The FDA probably will put warnings against it, but don’t listen to them  There’s a lot of things you have to try, and you have to find the right combination of things to balance your body.  Try Coloidial Silver, Cat’s Claw, and there’s a lot of herbs to use out there.  MMS is something affordable, highly effective in many ways, and won’t do damage to your body.

HIV Virus

What does MMS do?

  • Kills Pathogens
  • Unlike antibiotics, The Miracle Mineral Supplement does not allow pathogens to mutate or become immune.=
  • Attacks VIRUSES
  • MMS first was used to prevent politicians from getting poisoned from anthrax.  It has a wide variety of healing powers.
  • Kill’s Parasites
  • Cancer: Please check out this site if you have Cancer
  • http://www.miraclemineral.org/importantinfo.php
  • Helps with acne
  • Heals Hepatitis
  • Used to treat water
  • HIV: I asked my friend who has HIV to take it.  He backed off for a while because it made him too sick.  I told him to just lower the dosage, and don’t get excited and try to do too much.  I hope to see results!
  • Suppress Herpes: there have been false claims to curing Herpes.  I believe all it does is suppress the Herpes, (same as HIV) and while it is in a dormant stage in your body, it will stop breakouts, and prevent spreading.  I told my girlfriend to use MMS, and her symptoms stopped.
  • My father had PVC poisoning which was making his hair and teeth fall out.  It’s deadly.  It’s definitely helped him to heal up.
  • I’ve used it topically for rashes and scrapes
  • It is recommended to take some sort of Probiotic to help build your body’s own immune system.
  • Heals Malaria
  • Kills black mold and mold in homes
  • Oxidizes your body.
  • Removes negative metals from your body

Cancer Virus

With regard to The Miracle Mineral Supplement Cancer cure, Humble has many reported cases of success. Some cancer victims report being unable to increase doses past a certain point due to Herxheimer reactions not subsiding.

Jim Humble offers this explanation:

“That can happen if the cancer is growing faster than the MMS is killing it. There is, however, always hope. One way would be instead of increasing the number of drops, increase the number of times that you take drops during the day.”

You can buy it affordably for $20.  My Dad got a bottle for only $10.

Oh yeah!  FYI!  If you happen to take too much and can’t stand the nausea, drink a glass of orange juice or a vitamin C.  That will neutralize it and stop the effects.  Being nauseas or having diarrhea is normal.  But it just means that you took too much and need to back down on your dosage.

Dr uses MMS in his practice in Tijuana, Mexico.  He explains the chemical compound, and how MMS oxidizes your body.

Shuseki: Izakaya

Price Range: $$

Alcohol/Sake: Yes

Atmosphere: Casual

5115 W Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Neighborhood: Chinatown

(702) 222-2321

If you’re looking for traditional late night  Izakaya (Japanese bar food) and sake or Japanese beer,  Shuseki is the spot.  It’s delicious, and portions are large, and affordable.  My daughter’s favorite things to order are the tamago omelet (sweet egg), karaage chicken (fried chicken), and a large musubi with ume.  I like to order the japanese oshinko (pickles).  They are really traditional style, and the grilled rice ball which has a katsuo flavor and is really large like the musubi.  The sushi is pretty good, but I like larger appetizers like tofu agedashi.  They also have yakitori, (meat and veggies on a stick).  My fav is the bacon wrapped asparagus. I haven’t tried their gyoza’s but they look fresh, not like those frozen cheap kind they serve everywhere.  Their menu is big with pictures and they have variety from traditional sushi and elaborate specialty rolls and sashimi, to yakitori, to appetizers, and bentos, and bbq or noodles, or katsu curry rice plates and other unique dishes.   And for desert, try some mango mochi ice cream, or honey toast (with ice cream.)

There’s lots of parking, and with the casual atmosphere, it’s good for kids and big groups.  They serve beer and wine and sake for 21+.  In this economy, it’s cheap and large portions match their flavor.  It’s value exceeds it’s cost. Shuseki is hands down one of my favorite spots in Las Vegas, and they are open late.  Try Shuseki with a group of friends, or for a first date spot.o

Gyoza (I haven’t tried them but they look good)

Tsukemono/Oshinko (traditional pickles: cucumber, eggplant and cabbage) $2.99

Grilled onigiri (rice ball) available in different flavors. $1.50

Yakitori starts at $1.50 a stick

Asparagus bacon is my favorite. $1.50

The sushi selection is big and delicious

I haven’t tried the Katsu Curry yet, but how can you go wrong with that?

Try the Honey Toast for dessert.


Kristie Manning