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Last Friday, I watched the new Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp movie.  Although the 2 are both Gemini’s, their chemistry on camera is surprisingly dull.  Gemini’s either attract eachother or repel eachother.  While making this movie, Depp’s girlfriend, afraid of Jolie’s “man snatching”  reputation, demanded that he quit the movie.  While Jolie thinks Depp is dirty and scruffy, he thinks Jolie is a diva.  The 2 spent time in their trailors away from eachother.  There was suppose to be a graphic, long love scene as well.  Depp talked them into dropping the scene. Without the Depp/Jolie love scene, it turned into a typical Jolie action/drama.  A typical Jolie movie, but a step down for the 5 star actor.  The purpose of that movie was to see the two together in bed.   I give it 3 stars.  Plus, I guessed the ending halfway through the movie.  Where is Alexander Pierce?

They’re still hot together


Kristie Manning

Hotels and Villas in Bali

This one was my favorite, but the rooms are a whopping $800$1200 a night.

5 star Bvlgari Hotel and Resort

4 star The Kayana Villa


Mansion Hotel Resort and Spa


Villa Amani

2 bedroom Villa in Umalas


Satellite TV/DVD players, internet connection, in a rice field

2 antique houses, in Ubud, Bali
Large 3 bedroom with 2 bedroom adjacent guest house
$1000.00/mo for the large house
$700.00/mo for the guest house

These houses are made of beautiful natural materials: recycled teak wood, bamboo, stones and terracotta. Built near a river ravine and flanked by huge trees. Wake to the sounds of white cranes, kingfishers and many other birds and natural wild life. The sound of water is ever present, giving the setting a special tranquility.

Both houses are fully furnished, with separate kitchens, office furnishings, telephone and internet access, and come complete with a swimming pool, flower gardens, organic vegetable gardens and gardener, house-keeper, laundry service and a parking facility.

Clio Apartment Hotel in Seminyak Bali

Studios start at $60, Lofts from $80-$120 night, new Penthouse and Loft 3’s being built

A list of beautiful villas

Affordable Villas in the rice fields, in Ubud (central Bali), about 75 minutes from Kuta. $20-$50/night.


Kristie Manning