Friday, Jan. 30, 2015 1:43 PM

So a lot has happened since I last wrote in here.  I am going to start writing again.  I am currently in Las Vegas, where I have decided to join Team Mark Anthony and pursue my pro card.  I started my cut on Monday and woke up Tuesday with bronchitis.  :( It’s Friday, and I’ve been on the couch all week trying to get better.  Really “de-motivational” when I was already pumped up to start the cut.  It’s really 99% mental, creating a goal, and jumping in it like a maniac head first, burning everything behind you.  That’s how I look at it.  If you burn your bridges, theres no quitting because there’s nothing behind you to get back.  Be back soon.


Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 3:19 PM

I’m at Yogurstory, a cute coffee shop on Keeaumoku that sustains my Mac Book with the wi-fi required to do work on.  I had the calamansi mint tea, and the big pig fried rice which has bacon, ham and pork adobo, topped with pork rinds.  So ono!  Small in portion, and each entree averaging $10, but full of flavor.  I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but they do have some tasty macchiatos as well.  The spacious loft space with an earthy wooden feel with painted bookshelves, soft painted leaves as if light was gently peeking through the negative space of the leaves, and a faux tree (which looks vividly real) growing out of a long picnic-bench like table adorn the space with huge window spaces to allow for natural sun light.

I’ve been sitting up here promoting the Afro Jack concert next Wednesday at the waterpark.  Sunday is Jake Thompson’s bday, so we’re all headed out to the Hawaii Kai sandbar to celebrate him and all the other Scorpio’s birthday’s.  I’ll see you there with the Kai bug.  Been slacking on my blog, haven’t written in my diary for nearly a month!  So here I am guys.  Sorry!  I’m back!

I’m suppose to start filming the pilot of the show December first.  We’ll be staying at a dope loft in Dole.  Can’t wait to go on the show and win some money.  It is not in my nature to lose, so hopefully I will be leaving with the 6 figure prize money and $50k in prizes.

School is going great, I’m in my Fashion Business Class as well as well as a beginner Clothing Construction class which is super easy and reviewing mainly.  After taking the Fashion Business class, I’ve decided to reroute my major.  The teachers are all excellent and I am impressed with the enrichment of the curriculum.  However, I advise you that the enrollment staff has not been to helpful.  They  don’t return calls, or enroll you until the day before term, then you are scrambling to get our books.  It is my 2nd semester at the Academy and I sent my transcripts and if it isn’t in by the first term (I was told this halfway through the 2nd term) that I couldn’t transfer ANY credits.  Well, that’s nice to know I am throwing away 4 semesters of credits away.  Nobody informed me that. So she said she will email me a grievance form, which was never emailed.  They’re super unorganized in there.  I always sent in all my transcripts and photos to opt out of certain classes, and they lost them conveniently.  That is all becoming hell for me.  I am $20k in the hole, and creditless! ha!  Things will unfold as they should.

I just got hired to bartend at the Loft downtown.  See you there!  Headed to Powerhouse for and abs routine day, then BREAKING DAWN TONITE @ MIDNIGHT!


Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 11:10 AM

My life has spun so crazily out of control.  I’m thankful to have good friends, most of all, Ekona in my life.  Time to cleanse.

Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 8:40 AM

An unexpected call from an old, old friend at 3 am comforted me this morning.  We have been friends for a very long time.  I’m happy he is coming to visit soon.  I had been up most of the night crying and listening to poor choices of music to suit my mood, my Blue Foundation station.  It’s funny for him to call me at that moment when I needed my spirits to be lifted, because that is what he always does.  The time between our visits are always spread apart, but he has some kind of radar, when I need him, he calls me out of the blue.

I watched Moulin Rouge on Netflix last night.  One of my favorite movies.   Ewan McGreggor reminds me of my friend too.  He looks just like him with his light eyes and strong facial features.  I love Moulin  Rouge because it reminds me: I am a creature of the night, and I am not free to love.

I’m going to Maui for work until Sunday.  We’re getting put up in the 4 seasons in Wailea.  It should be a nice vacation.

Check out this song.  I keep listening to it over and again.

Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011 7:49 AM

Damn I haven’t been keeping up in my Diary.  Sorry. ;/  I woke up at like 5 am this morning.  I was up all night and couldn’t sleep.  INSOMNIA.  I had to take my little brother to his church class, seminary, at 5 am because my Mom had to be at school at 5 am today to prepare something.  I had a crazy craving for McDonalds breakfast burritos, so at 6 am, I drove down to the shopping center in my robe just to satisfy my craving.  The little Kai bug is sick again.😦  I have a dr appointment today in Mililani at noon and I guess I’ll swing by her pediatrician after.  It’s time for my “annual finger fuck.”  How degrading.  I guess to get an IUD (birth control) you’re required to get one.  I hope my vagina isn’t falling out, I am 26 years old. I do like to use it a lot, I hope it doesn’t break. LOL!

I signed up for fall semester at the Academy.  I’m taking Fashion Sewing Techniques, Fashion Illustration II, and the Business of Fashion.  I ordered a shit ton of art supplies and sewing supplies.  Books were retarded expensive too.  I probably spent almost $1000 in school supplies, books and fees.  Retarded.  Fashion school is expensive.  SO… I am still indecisive in what I want to pursue.  I think I will get my AA in design, then my AA in merchandising, then go from there and see how I feel then.  I think the cost of schooling is discouraging me.  I don’t want to owe $100,000 in loans. Although a Masters does sound appealing to me, the cost is scaring me.

I’ve been looking for work at a few different bars.  I checked out Club House and Mad Dogs and Pearl.  I might check out Rum Fire and Apartm3nt as well.  Johnny hired me on call/pt at Hideaway.  That’ll be a fun place to work.  I think Yard House and Kelly Oneil’s would be fun places to work at too. Gotta find new work.




Monday, Aug 15, 2011 12:50 PM

It’s Monday.  I had a crazy fun weekend!  We went to the Shack to see Ai Pohaku.  After an all night-er, Saturday AM we flew out to Hilo to see Ekona back up Damon Williams and open for Taurrus Riley at the Kamehameha hotel in Kona.  Yesterday I made some spaghetti for his friends and passed out early because I was exhausted.  The drive back to Hilo this morning was beautiful.  I have never been to Hilo before.  It’s super quiet.  Life is beautiful.

Thursday, Aug 11, 2011 8:26 AM

What’s new?  Kai started school this week.  That means I work late, get up at 6 am and can’t go back to sleep.  #SLEEPDEPRIVATION.  I’m still sick.  :(  Not enjoying life right now.  I’m in love w/ a local boy with eyes like the sea. Finally found a champion!  I went to the Dental Corner yesterday to get my teeth fit for teeth whitening trays.  I got a cleaning, and established I need several crowns, a few fillings, my wisdom teeth out and fix a bunch of old cracked fillings.  I’m spending a small fortune on my grill.  $6500.  At least I get 15% off, however much that comes out to.   Got a bunch of errands to do today.  Tomorrow is Ai Pohaku @ Shack.  See you there!

I wanna share this poem w/ you too.  I like it!

A Dream Within A Dream

by Edgar Allan Poe
(published 1850)

Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand —
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep — while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?


Sunday, Aug 07, 2011 10:49 AM

Dear Diary,

I have been sick off my ass with bronchitis all week.  Sorry I haven’t been writing.  I am tired.  Gotta get my rest.   Was suppose to have an audition for a very big show.  I am stoked to be in it!  Headed to drop off my dry cleaning and get a 90 minute facial @ Heaven on Earth (:  Will write more soon.  My weel has been boring lately.  Hopefully this week brings better stories.  It will in fact.  This weekend will be fun!

Wednesday, Aug 03, 2011 12:08 PM

I am especially fond of these Ponz and Zi emo cartoons. they’re adorable!

My friend suggested I make my Facebook profile picture a sexy one.  So there I did it.  I wanted to get 1000 more friends in 1 week for a total of 4000.  It appears I’ve gotten 700 friends in less than 2 days.  I’m going to change my profile picture back to something normal tomorrow.  Way to go!  Apart from that, I’ve gotten complaints on a few photos, and pictures removed.  Some lady even wrote me some lame msg to my inbox.

I’ve had this annoying customer at work bothering me to go out with him and I start getting calls from his psycho girlfriend and cousins.

So much drama daily on facebook!  I’m so glad there is a “block” option.  I think I block 1 or 2 people daily.  People always tell me not to get mad.  Funny.  Facebook drama is mere entertainment for me.  I’m far too thick skinned to let small talk bother me.


Sunday, July 31, 2011 4:33 PM

So, a month ago, I posted on my Facebook wall “accepting applications for new boyfriend.”  In the last 30 days, I have gotten over 250 application submissions.  I thank everybody for their time, and there were so many good choices to choose from, but I am a one man woman, so I could only choose one.

This is why he won…

Describe the perfect date:

” You meet me, alone (after you drop of Kai at your mom’s house), at a place to be determined and subsequently explained at a later date through untraceable media so that my ninja secrets are not uncovered.  We then enter an inconsistency of my creation in the space-time continuum and travel back in time; to 12 minutes before Noah’s Ark (of the bible) disembarks.  We then save the last two remaining unicorns of that time period who never made in on the Ark (therefore discontinuing their existence in the dimension that you and I currently reside in).  We then use the unicorn magic, in conjunction with my time traveling abilities to go millions of years in to the past to watch the universe being born.

Then we come back and get Krispy Kremes for your roommates, and then go back in time to three minutes before you dropped off Kai at your mom’s so that she doesn’t fight with you about leaving her (:”

I’m kidding, if you think I seriously picked a boyfriend on Facebook YOU’RE CRAZY!




Tuesday, July 26, 2011 7:25 AM

Sorry I’m not home right now, I’ve been busy walkin’ into spider webs.

Love Fest was EPIC!  10,000 people!  I had 2 bodyguards the whole time.😉

Damm these Hawaiian boys with light pretty eyes.

Back on my sober streak again.

Watched Horrible bosses last night with my homey Lance.


Thursday, July 14, 2011 12:04 AM

I figured out what I want to put in the scroll of my tattoo on my back.
“Cunctator est hostes hostium of vicis.”
It means “Procrastination is the enemy of time.”

Russell Tanoue Birthday Party Pictures!

the lovely Cindy Palaracio and Russell Tanoue

Roll out the red carpet for Tia Carerra.

My old Boss… Mr Jason Lent and his lovely ladies.

the lovely Sensually Yours lingerie models.


Tuesday July 12, 2011 8:06 PM

Sunday I went with my sister n her boyfriend and Kailani to Northshore.  We stopped for some grubbage at Dong Yang in Wahiawa.  Then we met up with Kala at Sunset Beach.  Yesterday I went surfing at Kaiser Bowls with Jason.  It was fun.  I bust my foot on the reef.  Had a little reunion out in the water when I was out.  Good for the soul to get back in the water.  I’m going to start going more often.  We went to Shirokiya and grabbed some musubis and sashimi. Then I went shopping with my sister and her boyfriend.  I found some sequined camo flats for only $20 at Journeys.

Today I paid my tickets, got my safety, registration, and transferred my car over.  Then I went to the mall to help Billy with his wardrobe.  His styling was fun and easy.  He looks good in almost anything.  I got me a pair of Louis Vuitton kicks and some Badgley Mishka sunglasses from Lori.  I also got an Armani jacket that is super cute.  We walked over to the Nordstrom Cafe to eat dinner with the Kai bug.  I had some wild mushroom ravioli.  Kai had a pepperoni wild mushroom pizza.  And Bill had some salmon.  Was all very delish!

A|X Jacket

Looks mu mu better!

Badgley Mishka’s ;D

LV “Pumped Up Kicks”

My new outfit😉

furikaki wonton chips w ahi poke

Wild Mushroom Ravioli

Salmon and Vegetables

Headed to work in a jiffy. ttyl!



Saturday, July 09, 2011 10:12 AM

How the hell am I going to walk in a fashion show tonight when my legs are sooooo sore like they are?  I lifted legs Thursdsay, and I have delayed soreness Saturday.  They were sore yesterday, but they are VERY SORE today.

My baby sis Ashley and her boyfriend are staying with me this week.  They’re visiting from Santa Monica.  Check out my gangsta beach wagon.  I traded my car with Billy while he fixes it, and he said I can use it since we’re gonna go surfing all week!  Yay!  Gotta avoid the potholes and drive slow over those speed bumps that I like to book it over. LOL!

Dunno what my plans are exactly tonight, but the night’s starting out with the Russell Tanoue birthday party fashion show at Pearl.  I feel like singing Karaoke tonight. hahaha! Going paddle boarding on NS tomorrow.  It’s my first time.  It’ll be fun.

Thursday, July 07, 2011 2:27 PM

Busy weekend.  Yesterday I began to transition to power lifting.  I switched my 5 sets of 20 lightweight, and upped the weight and started with 3 sets of 12.  My arms and chest are very sore today.  I went to Bar 7 last night with Lucky and Stu.  I wasn’t drinking.  I’m still on my sober streak. ;D  We were having fun dancing though.  Then I checked out Kissaten.  I had no idea it was a 24 hour cafe.  I just got home from taking Kai to Chilli’s for lunch.  I don’t know why kids love that place.  She wanted sushi, but I had sushi for dinner last night so went over to Pearlridge.  I need a nap now before I hit the gym.  I’m gonna burn my legs out today before I have to go to work.  I’m suppose to be styling 13 shoots tomorrow, but JT cancelled Sunday, so at least I have the week to spread it out now.  Styling is something I think I’d love to get into.  Kala asked me to help style his daughters shoots.  I told him I’d be honored, she is lovely!   He brought her to my birthday party, and I thought she was his date. LOL!   Anyhow.  Working all weekend, and Saturday is Russell Tanoue’s birthday party, and I’m doing the earlier of the 2 fashion shows @ Pearl.  I’m kind of glad JT cancelled, because now I will be better prepared for the shoot.  13 girls! That’s a lot!

I decided I have some pretty ambitious, but attainable goals, and if I give myself 10 years to do them, I’ll be at a good place.  Besides, staying focused keeps me happy and away from alcohol.  You’ll see my post in a few days.  They’re pretty profitable ideas that I have and all stem from having good PR and networks.  So they’ll tie right into my promotions and events. ;D I’ve had an idea for a convention for years.  I wrote the business plan 6 years ago and have been contemplating it since.  I’m going to do it!


Wednesday, July 06, 2011 9:23 AM

Boo!  Sorry haven’t written.  Haven’t felt like sharing my secrets lately.  Been keeping busy because I’m sad. Turning that sadness into positive energy is like a fireball conjured up from within.  What’s that Xmen superheros name again? LOL!  I am a super heroin.  If I was an Xmen I’d be heart breaker or man eater.  Isn’t that a power in itself?  (and Samoan feet… inside joke) ;D

Here’s a video of my gf and her friend drunk at Bar 7 tearing up the dance floor.  It was pretty funny.  THey were getting down.  I think I missed the best of it!  But oh well!  I was at work, then 10 minutes before last call home girl rolls up to my table and is like, we have a limo, let’s go cruise.  And there was one of my old, old friends, Rome, (a known pimp in Waikiki) driving them around in his personal limo for his birthday.

“Oh you’re a limo driver now?  Coming up in the world now aren’t we Rome?”

I went out to Floatilla, the boat party in Waikiki 4th of July.  My good friend, Jason Laeha was playing with Analog, so I got to go on their boat.  It was very fun!  Oh you know what was so funny?  There were like undercover cops trying to be stupid. It was so obvious.  One guy came up to me and already knew my name.  I was like, OK I don’t know you.  They look so square.  Then another local chick, ask me to sell them beer.  Like WTF are they serious?  NO!  I’m a bitch.  Forget it.  And I don’t know you,  you want to know me. LOL! Here’s some videos!

I saw this couple in the middle of floatilla on a surfboard in their own world.  It was cute.

We swung by the Edition late after 7 but I was so tired from the beating sun, that I just wanted to get home to bed .  I passed out naked in my bed without any shower. LOL!  I was so beat!  Yesterday I woke up and wrote a blog about hair and saw a cute hair cut and red color, so I decided to go down to Sunny Salon and do my hair.  Here’s the pics.😉

I am tired of the stupid things on Facebook. LOL!  I have made my page more and more private by hiding some of the posts on my walls, and making it so you are unable to post on my wall.  Some of the shit I get seizes to amaze me.  Like guys thinking it’s socially acceptable to sexually harass someone on Facebook.  Or hitting up strangers to date them.  I’m not desperate.  I’m actually very busy.  I just called out some guy…

“you know what my biggest pet peeves is? Mokes who can’t spell. Wuz up my cuzzin whatcha up 2 I Is just chillin cuz i no more job cuz i neva went sku cuz i was too ku ha! Ho bah! Eazy bu! It’s okay to talk pigeon some times, but please, display some character and intelligence once in a while.”

I guess I’m not in the mood to be nice.  I’m straight calling people out left and right for their short comings.  Then homeboy had to brag about how he went to Kamehameha and UH and display his proper grammar.  Jesus like I give a damn.  I just don’t want dumb pigeon from a stranger all over my wall. lol!  I’m not angry.  I just like to push buttons and call people out on their stupid shit.  That’s what I do… speak my mind.  I’m straight up.

Yesterday I took my parents to dinner at Ichiriki.  Then my girl Denise and I went strip bar hopping to recruit some talent for my Diva’s Hawaii company.  We stopped at Sundance then club Sun, Misty’s, Femme Nu, Rockza and 939.  Everywhere, as predicted was slow. The day after 4th of July on a Tuesday is bound to be dead.  We picked up my girl Nicole at Femmes, n walked over to Rockza where some girl tried to beat her up.  She swung at her at the bar and missed and punched me in the face.  We took it outside, and the girl tried to attack my friend with her shoes.  I laughed and pried the shoes from this 95 lbs crack heads hands and threw them across the street.  LOL!  Everybody getting in the middle of it, I just wanted to let out some aggression on her face.  I had this one with one arm tied behind my back.  DRAMA.  So we went to Apartm3nt to see Flash but we missed him, so decided to go to Taco Tuesdays @ Cha Cha’s for some $1 Tacos, then went to Kelly Oneils for a few.

Denise… she’s a cool chick.  She’ not judgemental.  She does her own thing.  She’s real.  I respect that!   Had fun with her last night, even though we were both pretty tired.   I don’t judge people, I just judge them on if they’re good friends.  I don’t care who they sleep with ( as long as it’s not one of my exes ) or how much coke they put in their nose, or how much money they make.  If you’re a good friend, and good peoples, and you’d do anything to help your friends and be there for them when they are down, and not gonna jump ship with some other hoes or dudes, that is what makes a good friend.  Someone who will give you good advice when you’re upset, like not to call your friend when you’re upset and drunk and fight, wait a few days.  Someone who will tell you when you are wrong. Someone who will pick you up at the airport, or drive out of their way to get you home safely because you are drunk.  Someone who will defend you when haters talk shit about you behind your back.  Denise is someone I know will have my back.  She’s a cool chick!  I saved your Samoan feet from getting ran over last night in Waikiki. ;D  You owe me.

Well today is busy busy busy.  Gotta finish my proposal for A|X.  I’m boxing with Isagano this afternoon.  And I work tonite @ the bar.  Oh yeah, I checked out the Trump.  Wasn’t all that impressed.  I prefer Hokus at Kahala Mandarin, or Orchids at the Halekulani.  I’ll probably have brunch next week @ Orchids.  Anybody care to join me?

I think this Scouse slang video is funny.

“You know why?  Everybody believes ENgland is gonna win the world cup one day! Cuz that’s the Liverpool way” LOL!  I’m gonna start using Scouse words and slangs.

Scouse, or scouser.
Term for people originating in Liverpool (UK) or their accent/dialect. Used as a positive, neutral or derogaratory word depending on the speakers prejudices about said city.
It is part of a genre of slang terms which refer to people by stereotypes of their dietary habits. (Such as pomlimey or ros bif for the British.
The meal scouse was common in working class Liverpool in the past, and is a thick stew of lamb and vegetables, slow cooked in a pan to make cheap cuts of meat more palatable. For the very poor you could make do with ‘blind scouse‘ which is a lamb stew with the lamb left out.
The older origin of the word is probably from the old Norse word ‘skaus’ again for a type of stew.
Did you hear about the scouse version of the film ‘silence of the lambs?’ It was called ‘shut up ewes.’

Scally” A Hoodlum

Glascott” A female scally

Scran” Munchies or a Fight

Busy” 5-0

Boss” Very Good

innabit”  See you Later

avin a bevvy” drinking a beer

Make yer name Walker” Whack Please go away

Gizzalite” can I get a light?

Darrafact” Is that so?

Eye Wipe” You have been proven to have been incorrect.

Jigger Rabbit” Prostitute

Flim” $5 note

Bullet” $1

Me Brick” My Phone

Yaggame” You get at me… You understand.

beak sweat” a coke whore

Frags” lady boy

bang on‘ Out of order

Leggers” Irritating/attacking people into chasing you for fun.  Like that crazy soccer movie where those soccer fans get crazy and start fighting eachother for no reason.  Those British and their soccer are CRAZY!!

tonkey” a condom.

I’ll post a blog on how to talk Scouse soon. LOL!


ps somebody just txt me they got my # off FB.  NOT ACCEPTABLE!   I just changed my # to 808-FUCK-OFF.  LOL!  His line was “do you work @ Hideaway I thought I saw you there.”  HA!  Yes, Johnny just gave me an on call position but I have not worked there at all yet.  Still Gotta train.  How UN OBVIOUS!   I’m gonna lose it on FB soon. hahaha!  Nah JK!  You guys are my biggest fans.  And haters, keep hating, because you’re my fans too!!!

…. OK now 16 year olds are hitting on me asking to see my boobies. I told him call me in 5 years when he’s 21.  LOL!  Jesus!

Sunday, July 03, 2011 3:02 AM

It’s 6 AM and I am at my hotel room sleepless.  I have been nauseas and throwing up a lot yesterday, but I didn’t keep that from keeping me having fun.  My friends are out, but I’m resting at the room.  I lost $2 on Silva, but overall, I am up $6k.  Thought I’d get to sleep while I’m ahead.  I took $2k and got up $5k, and with an A/K with Ace’s on the board, I went all in.  Walked away with a dime. ;D

Then some dude had that audacity to rub it in my face that I shouldn’t have bet on Silva.  I love it when know it all’s knew your bet, but after seeing the outcome, want to tell you… “see you shouldn’t have bet on him.” HA!  Most people don’t even have the balls to bet real coin on anything.  So they are losers from the start, because they never have a chance to win in the first place.  Me… I’m a gambling woman.

Oh, I miss him.  It sucks when your heart is telling you something, but you know to listen to your head instead.

Saturday, July 02, 2011 11:52 AM

My evening started with dinner with Jason last night @ Amuse wine bar.  The hamachi was on!  It had wasabi and traditional tobbiko with a shoyu gelee.  Good complimenting flavors with a unique implication.  I also had a proscuitto pizza.  Afterwards we went to the Hard Rock to watch him play.  I got a txt msg from my ex, whom we broke up on bad terms and hadn’t spoken for a little over a month now.  It was nice to talk to him and reconcile any negative attitudes we had towards each other.

I flew out to Vegas early this morning.  I’m staying @ the Aria.  Damn!  They have the best freaking beds EVER!   I’m headed to LVAC in a bit to hit up the gym.  Gotta keep up with my regiment.  Got the Russell Tanoue birthday party lingerie fashion show to do next Saturday, so keeping thin and healthy. ;D I hope to see you guys there!  We are having dinner @ Joel le Robuchon @ the MGM before UFC 132.  I got $2000 on Silva, so you better kick Leben’s ass Silva, I’m counting on you!  Afterwards we might go to XS, or a mansion party, or play some 5/10  @ the Bellagio.  Tomorrow is Fat Boy Slim @ the Marquee day club and I’ll probably have dinner at one of my favorite little spots on Spring Mt, Raku.

Vegas is different when you’re sober.  I’m not drinking while I’m here.  It will perhaps be a new experience for me. LOL!  Will be back Monday before you know it for Floatilla and the Edition pool party.  Who knows what I’m doing at night.


Friday, July 01, 2011 9:29 AM

Going to Vegas today.  Not packing much.  LOL! Spontaneity.  Gotta love it! Fat Boy Slim is playing @ the Marquis 4th of July!  SEE YOU THERE!

OH YEAH! There’s UFC 132.  Cruz vs Faber, Silva vs Leben, Ortiz and Bader
@ the MGM. ,   I’ll sneak my way in some way, I always do. ;D

Thursday, June 30, 2011 6:48 PM

I woke up and thought it was 630 AM which is weird because I went to bed at 630 AM.  It’s 630 PM and I freaking slept all day!  I guess I needed it.  BIG WOOSAH! And a step back.  If you’re  not my friend, you’re the enemy.  If you sleep with the enemy, you are the enemy.  No room for negativity in my life.  If you are negative in my life, I’m cutting you out.  I’m going straight to the top, and I don’t need all these negative people bringing me down.  There’s a reason they’re stuck in the sewer and they’re never going to go anywhere.  Yesterday was just a bad dream.  Today is a new day.   Happy 4th of July weekend everybody!  I’ll see you out!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:07 PM

Spent the weekend in Maui. It was very fun.  My friend James came out with a very cool chick, Shayna, a tatted free spirited rocker/hippie chick and bartender at Lulu’s.  The first night started at a martini bar where we got down to some dubstep in Kihei.  The night began with some drama from a friend who lived there, fighting with his girlfriend, and calling me trivial names behind my back, but close enough for my ears to hear.  I went home early and hit the sack.

We headed out to Paiei the next morning and had lunch at a wonderful mediterranean spot, Cafe des Amis.  I had a shrimp coconut curry wrap with chutney and cucumber yoghurt.  Johnny and James had lentil crepes, and Shayna the feta cheese salad.  It was delish!  We head out to a waterfall after in Haiku, then the Bamboo forest hike where we jumped off of waterfalls.  It was my fourth time on that hike.


That evening we cooked dinner.  Johnny bbqd up some NY steaks, with some Chimmy cherry sauce, fresh radish cucumber pickled salad, loaded potatoes with fresh bacon, and I made my spinach strawberry cucumber salad with spicy thai peanut dressing.  Delicious dinner!  We headed out to a sports bar, Sports Page, to play some pool.  The couple I didn’t want to hang out with was there, and she immediately started drama, so I just went home.  I really wanted to mop the floor with her face, but Johnny wanted me to behave, so I just decided to sleep early.  Why is it lately I am dealing with a bunch of haters.  A bunch of hostess bar girls, whom I don’t even know their names, sit around and talk shit about me all night, and my girl, whom I have known for 9 years stands up for me, and gets jumped by 8 girls.  Seriously a bunch of immature, insecure 21 year old girls.  Even worse, in Maui, the girl is 36 and acting like a 16 year old.  Been dealing with lots of haters lately.  Especially people I don’t even know.  I love it!  Thank you for being my fans, because haters are equally important.  We’re too good for the bullshit drama and classy, but we’re down ass girls too, so Karma’s a bitch.  BTW… my friend bought some new wraps and MMA gloves yday @ Sports Authority.  Thank you Billy.😉  Gonna get back to busting combos and punching the bag with Isagano soon!

The next day was a lazy day. I  made bacon and eggs, and macadamia nut banana pancakes for everybody.  We cruised at the beach and played with Blue, my friends adorable pitt bull.  Sweetest dog ever!   My friend Michael Brown coincidentally was in Maui for his girlfriend’s birthday, so he invited us to hang out at the “thug mansion.”  They all work for Hawaiian Holy Smokes.  So it was a fun party! ;D  We had dinner at Monkey Pod, where everything was half off and flatbread woodfired pizzas all $8.  We had the pumpkin dumplings which were superb!  Poke which included ahi, kimchee taco and shrimp ceviche.   We shared the hamakua mushroom pizza, with includes truffle oil as well as the roasted butternut squash pizza.  I had a great martini, the Tsunami tuesday, which includes Old Lahaina light rum, fresh mint, lime, fresh Kula Lavendar syrup, and Cava.  It was a bit on the sweet side, but the bartender offered to spice it up a bit. ;D  Afterwards we wandered into industry night for bad karaoke at the Kihei Triangle at Life’s a beach.  My friends very fucked up from the Thug Mansion still, wanted to go home early, so we went home.

Forgot to take pics at Monkeypod. ;( But it was great!

“Champagne” anybody?

the Volcano Vaporizer.  Available at Hawaiian Holy Smokes, in Honolulu and now in Kaneohe and Kihei.

The last day, I dropped of James and Shayna at the airport.  Everyone else had to work, so I grabbed 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, went back home to finish packing at clean up.  I went into a spa, nothing spectacular, and got a relaxing 90 minute facial.  I wanted to have dinner at Sansei, but the line was out the door, so I stumbled over to my friend Johnny’s restaurant, Nick’s Fish Market, at the Fairmont Kea Lani.  The atmosphere was beautiful!  I sat at the bar and had a $17 glass of white wine.  The bartender filled up several times, (for free of course).  I started with Kalua Pig potstickers, and had the  ahi pour voiure, a bacon wrapped seared ahi block bedded with a potato cake and asparagus and topped with sweet caramelized onions. delicious!  I got the creme brule’, and Johnny sent me out the banana’s foster.  I was so full. and a $150 dinner only cost me $60 (plus the generous tip.)

Headed home from Maui and slept early that evening. I  got left at the airport, my ride stood me up.  Yesterday I watched Ip Mon I and II and had dinner at Ichiriki before work.  Work was very dead, so I left.  I was super tired.  I blessed my new piece I bought in Maui at the new Holy Smokes Shop.  Just like pinky, except turquoise.  It’s filled with water with glitter inside.  Very cute!  Went to a friends house and talked about life for days and watched disney movies.  Scary how a stranger, (someone who doesn’t really know you on a deeper level) can read you and tell you things about yourself that you didn’t even know.  I love it when people psychoanalyze you and call you out on things you didn’t even realize.  They expand your mind, blow your mind with things you couldn’t even think of.  I think I made a new good friend, someone a little bit more intense than myself, a fellow Gemini. ;D


Friday, June 23, 2011 2:23 PM

It’s Friday.  I’m packing, doing laundry, and cleaning my room before I fly out to Maui red-eye.  Yesterday I started the morning heading down to Keeaumoku to try out a new posh nail shop.  The hostess at Morimoto at brunch had lovely “gel-ish’ nail art.   She said that she got her nails done at Salon Glitter.  She said it was 3 weeks old. I  couldn’t believe it because it looked like she had just done it a few days earlier.  And she only paid $40 for all that nail art!  Usually I could spend between $100-$200 on nail art, (usually $5-$10 per nail.)  It can get a little pricey.  “Gel-ish” is a gel overlay that goes naturally over your nails, protecting them, and keeping their strength.  Instead of using acrylic powders and ruining your natural nail bed, it protects them.  A lot of places use generic brands such as “Shelac,” which peel quickly and don’t maintain the integrity of the product.  My nail technician took her time to carefully place the glitter, and place the holograms in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  She took great care in doing my nails.  Not only is the products they use quality, prices competitive, and services above expected, the intimate boutique atmosphere is very chic and posh.  They also do a film overlay which lasts up to 5 weeks, something I have never seen before but I will try on my toes next time I go in for a pedicure.  Don’t forget to make an appointment.

903 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 949-2218 ‎salonglitter.net

Afterwards I killed time at Alamoana because I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. I went my Victoria’s Secret and bought some lingerie, and Neiman Marcus shoes. I saw my regular sales person at Neiman Marcus, Patty.  I tried on a few dresses.  Here’s some pics.

Victoria’s Secret Corset.  I bought this outfit.

Christian Louboutin Rhinestone Flats I am so in love with ! Regularly $2500. Currently on sale @ Alamoana Neiman Marcus for $1,600.

I don’t normally wear espadrilles but these Stuart Weitzman wedges caught my eye.  I love gold! And they were on sale as well!

My favorite… Manolos.

Theory Silk Backless A-Line Maxi Dress

Marc Jacobs Piped Summer Coral Dress

Rebeccah Taylor Dress $375 (Purchased!) ;D

Rebeccah Taylor Quilted Tube Dress w/ Pockets😉

Catherine Malendrino Stretch Ruched Royal Blue Dress $295 (Purchased!) ;D

Marc Jacobs Summer Dress

After shopping for a few hours, I worked up an appetite, and Kai was hungry as well.  So, for the first time, we tried Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant at the top food court of Alamoana.  I was itching for some dim sum, but disappointingly, they stop serving dim sum at 5 pm.  I had never been there before, but I was very pleased with the atmosphere.  I ordered some minced meat green beans, cold ginger chicken (#1 chicken) prawn cake noodles, and crispy shrimp.  And don’t forget, the jasmine tea was ono!

1450 Ala Moana Blvd # 4220,
Honolulu, HI 96814-4634
(808) 947-8818

Minced meat green beans

#1 Chicken (Cold Ginger Chicken)

Shrimp Cake Noodles

Deep Fried Shrimp

Thursday, June 22, 2011 11:27 AM

I am so glad my work is starting to align with my goals, and directing in the direction of fashion.  I am studying Fashion Design, but it is so easy at this point and time to switch it to merchandising.  I would like to learn more about construction and do some design classes too, then maybe switch to merchandising.  Or perhaps I can major in merchandising and minor in design! So exciting!  I do want to have an organic label and a designer swimwear/beach wear label one day, but Merchandising I believe is a broader degree and most of all, more useful in Hawaii.  But I want to work abroad as well.

I went to D&B’s last night to have dinner with my Kai bug, then went to watch Mr Popper’s Penguins at Ward.  We had the entire movie theaters to ourselves.  With only 3 hours of sleep this morning, I sprawled out on the seats and fell asleep while Kai let out her energy and ran up and down the theater seats the whole movie.  Why do kids love to do that ?  I use to do that ?  LOL!  Kids are so innocent and easily entertained.

I am going to go clean my car in a bit, then get my nails done at Diamond Nails.  Some girl who works at Morimoto’s had blinged out shelac nails and she only paid $45.  That is a deal!  Then I am going to go to Chevron n get my car cleaned.  It’s getting kinda messy.  Gotta work and finish my proposal, and get ready for Maui tomorrow.  Getting away for the weekend.😉


Wednesday, June 22, 2011 4:12 PM

I am currently writing a proposal for what could be a chain of AX parties, and the grand opening of the new Waikiki store!  Can’t wait to get involved.  Fashion is what I love and what I want to be in, and promoting is so much fun!  I’m finally working on things that I actually want to do.  I am done working at Michelle’s.  We’ll just say it’s politics and the queens of the trailer trash can’t step up to this class.  It was time to move on anyways.  You know they say you should be humble and not think you are better than other people, but I think when people place themselves so low, it’s easy to put myself above them, because I AM better than them.  Not in a conceited tone or anything.  Just in a… I’m classy, I’m secure, I’m confident, I have potential and things going for me vs. trashy, insecure, unconfident, attention whores, who are going to work in the trailer park for the rest of their miserable life being an alcoholic coke whore.

That brings me to another thought.  Strippers are extremely misunderstood.  Hostess girls do twice as much work for half as much money.  Strippers do half as much work for twice as much money.  Stripclubs are very strict in procedures.  Working at Rockza, Femme Nu and Club 939 for many years, their rules are monitored tightly.  Bouncers babysit every private dance and security cameras are installed in the champagne rooms to ensure no liquor commission rules are broken.  However, liquor commission regularly frequents strip clubs more than hostess bars.  I have seen girls get prostitution charges for grabbing a dollar bill with their mouth and holding a customers hand.  I see more than hand holding going on hostess bars.  These girls dance in private rooms, but they only make 20 or 40 dollars.  A dancer should be making hundreds of dollars a night.  They are young and immature and don’t know what making real money is about.  Being a dancer is about doing as little as you can for being whitty and smart for as much money as you can.  It’s easy to make money being a whore, but to be entertaining, intellectual, sell a fantasy and be flirty, that is a different game.  You can even be a great stripper without even taking off your clothes.  Being a good talker and fast on your game is what makes the best strippers.  I had worked in strip clubs for years making a lot of money before I ever even became a stripper.  So now that I have spent a little bit of time in a hostess bar, I prefer dancing for more money than dealing with the bs that comes with hostess bars.  I maintain more dignity actually working at a strip club.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 10:28 AM

The less I drink, the better I feel.  Yesterday I spent the morning trying to reinstall Photoshop, but was unfocused and unsuccessful.  I had dinner at Ichiriki with Roxy.  What an interesting character!  She is a doll!  We went to Mix Plate Mondays at Ocean’s, where she was MC’ing to see Jocey and Jake.  It was packed last night.  I sat with Russell Tanoue a little bit, and ran into some other friends.  Met a guy who plays professional rugby for South Africa.  Cruised with Shourty and Paul for a few. I had a glass of Johnny Walker, my usual, but didn’t finish it.  I’m glad I put it down, because I was a little bit upset about some changes I am going through.  So I went home early.  But I am glad I did.  Every step I take away from partying, is a step towards ambition.  Only when I lose myself in someone else, that I find myself.  I’m back on the road to what is important to me.  I was distracted for a little bit, but I’m back. ;D  Single, fabulous and available for the first time in a while.   I was always single, but never available.

Going to hit the gym in a little bit.  I have a bikini contest in 5 days.  Time to starve and grab some creatine.  LOL! Secret a body builder once told me.  Crush up some benadryl in some red wine before you go on stage, and your muscles will shred.  Might be bartending at Michelle’s tonight.  Not sure.  Gotta call boss.  Going to the mall in the evening to grab a new white iPhone 4. ;D  Then grabbing dinner before I head over to Michelles.


Monday, June 20, 2011 10:39 AM

Yesterday I ended up driving around a lot thinking again.  I woke up and picked up Dave to go to brunch @ Morimoto’s.  We ended up sitting with Paul, Kyle, Justin and Heidi.  It was delicious as usual. We even got half off on our bill. After Dave pitched in, brunch ended up costing me only $25. ;D

It’s a little dark.  Sorry!

delicious banana mac pancakes $16

I had the eggs benedict $20

Heidi had a calamari salad.

Oxtail Soup

My favorite Rock Shrimp Tempura.

Afterwards, I drove my friend to Kakaako to listen to some djs that set up on the beach.  Rolling with a bunch of etards from the night before wasn’t my scene, so I went home to rest.  I put on closer, for the 3rd time in the last few days.  I couldn’t sleep.  I’d rest my eyes, but my mind was restless.  Closer is such a fucked up movie.  I had seen it years ago, but never really thought about it.  I guess when you’ve learned what it feels like to have your heart broken, you start to really understand the movie.  The first time I saw that movie, I had to have been 20 or so.  The dialogue is interesting, and some of the quotes are so brilliant.  I also love the way Clive Owen can get inside peoples heads and is so twisted.  He comes out a champion.  I even love how he comes home from vacation kissing Julia Roberts ass, gives her shoes, calls her a “goddess” for waiting up for him.  But he is man enough to admit he cheated on her with a whore.  But at the same time, she is trying to confess something, and him being so good, even with his infidelities, makes it harder for her.  So brilliant.  Small detail I always missed.  At the end, Natalie Portman’s passport actually says “Jane.”  And the name, Alice, it was a name on the wall in the park that they hung out on the first day.  For 4 years, she had deceived him.

Anyhow… as I walked in the door, I dropped my phone (for the 10th time today).  It was officially dead bird.  The screen went off for 3 hours and there was no way to get it back on.  However, I could hear it ringing every time someone would text me or call which would drive me crazy! Attempting to call some people, I went on my Gmail account to make some phone calls from my computer.  I called my phone to change my voicemail, then the screen went on!  It was in and out for an hour, then it stayed on afterwards.  I decided to go bbq at Shourtys and wait for Kyle to get home so I could get a spare iPhone from him. ;D Thank you Kyle, I owe you!

I met somebody intriguing last night, but he seemed a little busy, so our conversation was scarce.  He told me a few things about myself by the rings I wear my fingers on.  I’m a leader, a free spirit, a hopeless romantic.  I hate to be alone.  I like support from my friends. I am just bored, and want to be occupied.  He asked me an interesting question, where do I see myself in 4 years?  Good fucking question.  I have lost all of my goals and motivation, that I don’t know what I want anymore.  I am still going to be in school possibly.  I didn’t even think about it.  I have so many ideas, and haven’t pursued any.  I want a bikini line.  An organic label.  To be doing promotions.  Not Monday night downtown.  I mean big events that I have some brilliant ideas for.   My Diva’s Hawaii business to take off and supplement my income.  Not working in a bar.  Owning a bar would be more my thing. I have been told that I am destined to be a mama san. LOL!  I need to focus. I  use to be so motivated.  What is taking me away from being happy?  I know the answer to this.  Trying to fill a void.  I think I’m ready for something real already.  I spent so much time in Vegas having fun, and so much time in the past breaking hearts, that cupid’s Karma is paying me back with these useless little boys who are trying to take me for a ride.  If you don’t know anything about love, or how to be real, then we are wasting both our times.

I was driving home from Waterfront last night, and I completely ran a red light over by Ward.  I almost got hit and swerved off to the other side.  My mind was completely somewhere else.  I was distraught.  I just wanted to open my eyes and be nestled warm inside my bed already.

If you fail, have the faith and strength to pick yourself back up.

Saturday June 18, 2011 11:08 AM

Yesterday I was pretty sick.  I spilled pho all over my car and was sick all over it, I have to go scrub it right now.  I have a bad toothache and a headache too.   I need to go to the dentist and take care of that.  Been slowing down on the drinking, but down on myself for some other things.  Today is a new day. ;D  I am going to go get waxed, hit the gym at Powerhouse in town.  Legs and cardio today! Then I have a facial at Heaven on Earth with Z around 3.  She’s been my esthetician for years.  She’s very good.  I have a fine bottle of Duck Horn, I  bought at the wine store at Ward Warehouse for $70.  I’m cooking dinner for somebody special tonight.😉  Filet mignon, lemon broccoli, and rosemary potatoes are on the menu.  I’ll take some pictures for you, MAYBE. ttyl!


Thursday June 16, 2011 11:50 AM

Being sober is scary.  I’m starting to actually feel again.  I can see what areas in my life I need to improve on, and focus on what is important.  I did some charcoal sketches this morning.  I’m going to get out of bed and clean up.  Then I’m going to go see a movie with my homey at Pearlridge.  Then I am going to go to the gym before I go to work.  I need to stay focused.  It’s so easy to get off track.  I’m coming back. ;D  Last night I swung by the Hideaway, and 939.  I had 2 beers, and had a firecracker roll from Chiba Ken.  Thanks Johnny.😉  It was delicious!  Talked to Johnny about bartending on call at Hideaway.  Looked for a job @ Club 939.  It was Burlesque night and I saw a bunch of my old girls.  I was driving around town aimlessly last night thinking.  I have a lot on my mind.  I’m really tired of this whole night scene.  I need to be a normal and stay home and be domestic.   I don’t want to party all the time.  I love being active and hiking.  But I love leisure and relaxing and food and wine.  I can’t wait to go to Bali.  Delicious food.  Beautiful hikes and dives.  White water rafting.  Mountain climbing.  But also luxury, spas, massages, facials and relaxing.  I need it!  And I deserve it!

12:55 AM

I done signed the waiver, done chasing paper, I had so much that it didn’t fit in the vault, but whose fault is it, I got expensive taste, and rocking those Jean Paul Gault-ier’s, materialism is such a waste, I’m so cold, I sold my heart, on the black market, old, these waters run deeper than fine art, but it’s just a bad debt, i have to repay to Karma.

Monday June 13, 2011 5:40 PM

Day 1 of sobriety.  I have decided that I am going to stay sober.  2-3 drinks maximum when I go out, or at dinner.  No more getting drunk.  It’s a good feeling to keep control.  I get 6 cheat days this year, to make up for those birthdays, major holidays and special events.  That’s once a month I get to party.  But I bet my mind will be clearer and more focused and I will get more done! ;D


Wish me luck!


Sunday June 05, 2011 9:23 AM

I am at a loss for words, but there is so much going on in this neurotic head of mine.  Remember when honesty and loyalty was enough?  Sometimes, I get so lost, I don’t know how to find my way back to the light.  I have a good soul, and I am good person, with good intent, but somehow I tend to attract all the wrong people.  Or I bring out the dark in the good.  I am just cursed.  I have been accused many times of being selfish.  Which is true to some extent, but untrue.  I don’t care about anybody but the people who I care about, and those people I would do anything for.  I am too giving sometimes to a fault that I lose a lot of friends, I thought were friends, because they take advantage of me.  So if I roll solo often, that is why.  I don’t consider many friends.  However, my daughter, my best friends, a lover perhaps, I would take a bullet for.  I’d give you my bottom dollar.  I’d pick you up from the airport.  I’d pick you up something at the mall , just because it made me think of you and it made me smile for a moment.  Another quality in me… I don’t know if it is positive or negative, is being forgiving.  I am way too forgiving in nature.  I just want everyone to get along.  And there is no time for negativity and holding grudges.  But I forget this is not how everybody is, and I feel disappointed when others don’t share this same quality as to forgive so quickly.  I was raised Mormon, and even if I don’t believe or practice the religion any longer, two of Jesus’s biggest lessons were “Love one Another,” and another “Forgiveness.”  2 lessons learned both from the bible and from the famous story of his crucifixion.  Besides, I have 5 brothers and sisters and one of us is always teaming up with another and fighting with another.  You learn to get over things quickly and live together in harmony.

Tuesday May 31, 2011 3:59 AM

I just had a disturbing epiphany just now.  I can’t sleep, so I have to get it off my chest.  When I was younger, sex was a way to connect with people, and I never really fully enjoyed it.  I know, sick right?  Then I realized, sex has become passionate and meaningful for me now.  So if I have sex with someone, it is going to actually mean something.  Having aimless sex is bad sex.  The weird thought I had… I  got that out of my system when I was younger and learned from a young age.  What disturbs me is how many grown up adults behave this way still.  Just a thought.

Sunday, May 29, 2011 1:41 PM

This weekend has been a mess.  I am going to get back in the gym and back to eating healthy.  Starting the end of Memorial Day Weekend my goal is to be sober.  With the exception with only 1 or 2 beers when I go out, or 2 glasses of wine at dinner.  I don’t want to be drunk or intoxicated, and cloud my mind with poor judgment, and foolish ideas.  I need to stay focused on what is important, I don’t understand sometimes how I have let my life become so unravelled.  I appear so together, but so broken up inside.  Where is he?

Have you ever lost something good?  By the time you realized it was a good thing, it was too late.  I’m forgiving me nature, sometimes too forgiving to a fault.  I expect everyone to be as accepting and nonjudgemental and forgiving as myself, but I see now that not everyone can be liberal like me.

For example.  I recall having a conversation with my girlfriend last night.  Being nude is non sexual to me.  As it is for a European to bathe nude on the beach, or a Latino to not be concerned about their child being exposed to nudity on beaches in Brazil, nudity is only taboo, mostly in the United States.  Being nude is natural, and free, and is only perverted by the perverted.  I could easily be at a nude colony, in a locker room with other women nude, in a nude co-ed jacuzzi or steam room, topless at a beach or pool and it could easily be non-sexual, to me any how.  I had a hard time explaining this to my daughter, who was really concerned when I went topless at a private beach where it was completely legal to do this.  I want her to grow up to be internationally cultured and make decisions for her own, and not an uptight conservative Christian.  However, most visually limited American’s would probably pervert the idea.

Then… I recently had an epitome.  How disgusting strip clubs really are.  I have worked in them for years now, and I’ve become so numb to the idea of how ugly it really is.  Remember the first time walking into a strip bar?  I know it was awkward for everybody, seeing a beautiful, usually young girl degrade herself for a little bit of money.  I remember the first time dancing.  Knees buckling, adrenaline pumping, lips dry.  I held onto the pole like my life line.  As we slowly acclimate, soon it seems not so bad, and being nude becomes natural and non-sexual.  It is work, and you get no satisfaction out of it.  For some times, I can admit, being an exhibitionist ( and a voyeur as well) there are occasions that it was actually enjoyable, or fun.  The attention, the cheap thrill of a tease from a stranger, on both ends.  One wants sex, one wants money.   But most of the time, it’s disgusting.  After 7 years of dancing, I looked around and was disgusted.  This is fucking really disgusting.  I’m so disgusted, I don’t know the right words right now.  It’s like a 7 day drug binge you came off of, and you feel like the biggest asshole and loser in the world.   I can’t believe that I have become so blind to what I use to believe. I ran in the bathroom and threw up that moment.  This was my last time dancing the other night.   I have officially hung up my g-string.

This week was a plethora of events.  Thursday I was so hungover on my birthday, so I had a few friends over and we drank beer and had pizza and watched “I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell.”  Friday I ended up going out and running into a lot of old friends.  It was another late 8 am night out.  Yesterday was my birthday party at the Edition private Sunset Pool.  We had a few cabanas.  It was cool.  Mostly the ladies.  We had a bunch of these hot pink agave cactus pitchers, and another strawberry and ginger pitcher.  After I went to the grand opening at michelles.  They had a $1000 bikini contest, which I lost.  But then won $300 for a 30 second booty contest, and got $200 thrown on me as well.  We ordered a bottle of Dom too.  It was a crazy night.  Then I brought a few friends back to the hotel and passed out.  We just had lunch at red lobster, and are headed to the Marriott pool, then to the mall to get some clothes.  I’m pretty hung right now.  Thank you CAROL for the awesome weekend!  And all my girls and friends who came out to my bday festivities.

Thursday, May 26, 2011 1:57 PM

I got in a fight last night.  I got my ass beat.  But I put a dent in him, old el Patron.  I’m laying on the couch with an ice pack on my head hoping this passes soon.  I’m having a bbq here at home and bringing the party here because I’m too hungover from the festivities of last night.  The night started at Mac 24’s with a few martinis and bloody marys.  Then I went to Lulu’s to see my friend sing and had a few beers.  Then I switched to scotch.  We ended up getting a bottle of patron and room @ Michelle’s.  The night didn’t end there.  After we had yoghurt shochu and Korean food @ Little Seoul.  At Lu Lu Ra Ra, my credit card got stolen.  I got blitzed out of my mind.

Somewhere in all this drunken stupor, I realized that I lost somebody special.  Lost in the plethora of men I am surrounded by, the only one I want is the one I can’t have.  That is life.  I shouldn’t write diary entries when I’m hung over and depressed.  I’ll write more this weekend.

Tuesday May 24, 2011 10:21 AM

SO here I am again slacking on my diary.  Here are my thoughts for the day.

He talks like a book.  Making love is like one of those books with smutty illustrations on the covers.  He is trying to convince you that he is boyfriend material, and then a whole other side comes out.  It’s like Dr Jekyl, Mr Hyde. Why is it so confusing to identify who people are? This journey (game) to reveal ones true self. What are they trying to accomplish?  That they can trick you into believing they are somebody else?  Eventually don’t they think you are going to find out who they really are?

So… I’ve come to the conclusion, my daughter is drawn by the powers of the Alpha male and feels the need to compete, thus smashing them in the balls and punching them in the face. At 1st I thought it meant she had a crush on them, but now I have come to realize, as she has a crush on one of her uncles, that she tends to be shy to the ones she really has affection for. Interesting… Just like her Mommy. hahahhaa!

This sore throat is a bitter annoyance and reminder of the irritation caused by this individual who incoherently affected my emotions momentarily.  Home boy that I have been kickin it with smokes in his apartment.  I feel like I have developed some form of lung cancer just from stepping foot in his apartment.  I wake up every morning spitting galas and with a sore throat, and I DON’T EVEN SMOKE ANYMORE!

So as you all know, I have a lot to say, but I don’t say it all.  Since I put it all out there, it may come as a shock to you, that I actually keep a lot in.  I don’t say everything that is on my mind.  I say enough to make it seem like I speak my mind.  But yes, there is a twisted, whole other personality in this Gemini which is yet to be revealed.  You are only getting a fraction of me.  Do you want more?

I’m probably going to take a North Shore trip today to relax with David.  Hit up Waimea, dinner on the Northshore, some drinks.  Relax.  I have to go get a new ID in the morning and take my blue card class @ liquor commission.  I hung up my g-string, and I am bartending @ the new Michelle’s.  Come say hi!

Tuesday May 10, 2011 9:40 AM

Dear Diary,

Damn, it’s been so long since I have written in here.  I went to Maui again the other week.  That was fun.  We did the bamboo hike, and cruised at the beach with the dog all day.  We jumped off some waterfalls.  I had Paella at a lunch spot in Paiea. It was excellent. Homeboy cooked up some breakfast omelet quiche kind of thing.  That was the bomb!  I need that recipe!  I’ll hook you up with it when I find out what it is.

I’m single again, FINALLY! I’m not happy about it, but it’s better to be moving on and single than in a relationship and miserable.  I’m going to brunch @ Morimoto on Sunday, and maybe to see my friend Jason’s band play somewhere, Lost At Sea.  I will post some videos and pictures when I do.  I’m suppose to do this hike in Pearl City at the top of Palisades that I have been oblivious about until a few days ago.  I met a new trainer and massage therapist.  We are suppose to work out together.  I’ll share his contact and website info with you soon in one of my blogs and my experiences working out with him.  I plan on having dinner @ Hiroshi Yakiniku again next week.  I love that place!  I’m down to the last few weeks of school, so I am going to be studying a lot, but my birthday is coming up, and I am renting a room @ the Edition hotel, and partying at the Sunset Pool.  Can’t wait to travel Europe and Bali next month for my summer vacation.😉  And I have my Kai bug with me 7 days a week now, so that is definitely mixing things up a bit, but I love it all!  I’m so thankful for my support and my family who help me continue to go to school, work hard, and still maintain a social life.😉  I cut Kai’s hair yesterday.  It’s very short and punky, with strips of red in it.  Her Dad is going to be pissed!

Sunday I shot some close ups for a short film I am acting in with Aaron Bush.  Let’s just say it involves nudity and a gorilla suit.  Can’t share the details, but we are doing more of the nude outdoor shots tonight. It is really fun, I think I am going to consider getting into acting and classes this summer.  I finally went to the gym last night.  Haven’t been for a few weeks now.  I need my trainer back or a gym partner.  However with all the stress and poor diet, I’ve managed to lose weight, probably all muscle.

I learned how to change my starter myself with my dad and bought my first set of metric wrenches.😉  I am planning a birthday party at the Edition hotel and Sunset Pool.  I have 2 cabanas reserved for Saturday the 28th, thanks to my friend and Manager of the Edition, Alyssa.  Thanks Alyssa!  Yes, my birthday is on a crazy ass Memorial Day weekend every year.  And my girlfriend, Melissa’s birthday is the day before mine, so we’ll be celebrating together!  Also planning on ripping out the gross moldy shack carpet in my bathroom and installing this Koa wood flooring I bought 2 weeks ago, and painting an accent wall in my bedroom a deeper shader of dark turquoise to match my gold and turquoise bedding. ;D

On mothers day, I had lunch at a restaurant called Makitti in Waikiki.  It’s a Hello Kitty themed restaurant.  It was pretty cute.  Kai enjoyed it.  Will write more soon!


Sunday, Apr 17, 2011 11:10 AM

Been slackin on the diary!

My trip to the gyno.
I’m sitting outside the STD clinic with my aviator Marc Jacobs trying to hide my face n make sure nobody notices me. My regular obgyn, dr mckenzie, which may I add is a fantastic dr, has been busy, so I figured I’d just get it out of the way since I’ve been having some medical issues as well. I have a new boyfriend, and have not been tested since we have met. I’m not worried, but I suggest it best to keep up with my check ups and before and after every new partner. If you don’t get check ups, shame on you! Make an appointment today. We are all sexually active animals and we want to be healthy and stay healthy. As I am sitting in the office, I am surrounded by a handful of adults all looking down, hiding their faces behind sunglasses. I took off my sunglasses and thought WTF am I hiding for? I am being a responsible adult. I’m not even worried about having anything. It’s just routine. So I laughed to myself. Everybody goes to the gyno. This is a funny situation. Damn then I almost passed out from the blood work. I hate needles! WTF am I worried about? At least I am getting some! Lol!

I love my boyfriend. Just want to tell the world that.

I had to go to Maui for a few days to clear my head. Having some health issues. But that all is clearing up now.  Maui was fun and relaxing on the beach and shore break.  Light drinking and playing pool at bars.  And homeboy cooked up some mean chicken parmigiana. ;D

the coolest dog in Maui!

Went out Thursday to dinner at Ichirki w some friends, (mostly the ladies).  Half off menu after 9:30 PM.  Drinks, beer and sake are awesome!  I am officially on the Ichiriki diet!  Then we hit up Jazz Minds for some hip hop.  We got there a little late.  I’m not into hip hop, but it was chill n relax.

Friday I pampered myself and got a facial at Heaven on Earth.  Did my nails at Alamoana.  And my hair at Sunny’s Salon.  Then I picked me up some studious glasses.

Dr Jim getting a Pedi w me. ;D
Yesterday I took Kai to lunch @ Ichiriki for her birthday, then Sea Life Park.

I’m getting ready for  brunch at Morimoto’s.  Here are some pics from the last week.

Apr , 2011 1:13 PM

I am sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. I’ve been too busy falling in love, and getting my heart broken.  I don’t know where to start.  It’s just crazy how crazy these ups and downs take you.  I despise those people who have no emotion.  Kind of like the guy in Garden State.  Emotionless the entire movie.  I wish I could be like that and not have to deal with emotions we deal with on a daily basis.  I on the other hand am on the extreme opposite.  I love whole heartedly, when I am emotional I’m a bit hard to deal with, when I have road rage, I’ll probably get out of the car n and punch your window till you get out of the car or call the cops.  I feel for life, I thirst for it.  For food, for love, for friends, for success.  Somewhere along the lines I lost myself in someone, and it’s time to get back on track.

Thursday, Mar 18, 2011 10:13 AM

It’s mind boggling how extreme the ups and downs can be in love.  One minute you can be in ecstasy and bliss, confessing your immense love to someone, next minute alone and this roller coaster takes an immediate turn in the opposite direction, leaving you hanging upside down, helpless, blood flowing to your head, and in a spinning state.

Wednesday, Mar 16,2011 9:55 AM

I am in love, and I wanted to tell the world.

Mar Monday, Mar 14, 2011 8:26 AM

I haven’t written to you dear diary, and the rest of the world for a whole week!  I’m sorry this week has been busy!  I stayed home yesterday and did homework and rested.  Also had lunch with the beautiful  Sara @ GYOTAKU. ;D  Saturday I went to the sand bar and saw Jim, Stephen, Heidi, Kent, the whole world!  Ran into an old friend too.  It was fun.  I took Kai out because it’s spring break for her and Friday night she begged me to pick her up.  So I journeyed to Wahiawa, and we hit the sack early.  David and I had sunset dinner at LONGHI’S Friday and cruised the mall. He bought a bunch of shirts at LUCKY BRAND.  Online schooling is super hard.  It’s soooo much work!!! Mostly the artwork.  I have to do 80 drawings today.  I did like 20 yesterday and it took me 4 hours.  WORK WORK WORK!  I love staying busy though.  And I’m so proud, a few days ago, I launched kristiemanning.com, so I am busy keeping the site rolling.  It’s so much fun!  I love showing love, collaborating, and working on ventures.  The world is mine to conquer, starting with this little island.  Not enough time in the day to do it all.  Will write soon!



Monday, Mar 07, 2001 2:44 PM

Overwhelmed with Homework.  Yesterday morning I had breakfast with David at Kalapawai in Kailua before his game.  He won 4-0.  Good job, Amazon! I spent yesterday with my sister and my daughter and her husband and 2 kids at the pool at the Koolina Resort.  There was no alcohol in the Lava Flow that they served in a hallowed out pineapple.  I over heard a waitress telling a patron that the alcohol gets sucked up by the rhine of the pineapple.   We had Japanese food and sushi for dinner.  I was suppose to take my sister and her family to Roys, but they were being lazy butts and didn’t want to get the kids ready, so we settled for overpriced hotel japanese food.  There was a ginger palm drink special I drank that was great, but again, I think they forgot to put the alcohol in. Then I fell asleep exhausted on the couch.  Saturday I had breakfast at Bogarts with David and Chase, then we went to Alamoana and I bought a Mac Book Pro and a new iMac computer.  I got a discount:) and a free printer.  So I am having fun with my new toys.  Friday I played some basketball, and when David brought me over a dozen pastries from Liliha Bakery, I was sick and didn’t go to work.  Well I got more homework to work on, so I will talk to you soon!


Friday, Feb 25, 2011 12:38 AM

So Tuesday I was busy running errands all day.  It sucked.  Wednesday was David’s bday.  I took him to Morimto and got him a pair of True Religion jeans.  ;D  Yesterday was Thursday and we went to Cheesecake factory for lunch and had some white chocolate, macadamia nut, caramel cheesecake, and key lime cheesecake. Mmmmm it was soooo good!  Then we went to Munch at Apartm3nt.  It was excellent.  Today I have more homework to do.  David wants to do an upper body workout, but I’m going to talk him into doing some Bikram today.   Not much.  Just homework, working out, and work tonight.  The regular routine.



Monday, Feb 21, 2011 8:24 AM

Saturday was my roommates birthday.  I got him a bottle of crystal skull vodka and bbqd some prosciutto wrapped asparagus, and bacon wrapped mushrooms.  I think David brought over some Patron.  The food was grub.  Nate cooks up some mean jalapeno burgers.  I went to work and after work went out with the girls to Kelly Oneils.  I ran into an old friend in the parking lot, which is weird because I actually remember his name.  We had a few drinks and head home after the bar.  I woke up really early yesterday and picked up my Kai bug.  We went back home while I took a nap, and we had dinner at Aiea Bowl and played at Fun Factory all evening.  I watched some Wanda Sykes and passed out last night early around 9.  Lack of sleep.  Glad to have caught up.  Got all my module homework due today so gotta get on that.  ttyl



Friday, Feb 18, 2011 7:08 AM

Why does the garbage man come so early?  Wednesday I went to the mall to get dolled up for my date in the evening, which never happened.  So I met Jane at Fresh Cafe. It’s a new spot over on Queen St.   There were artists in a warehouse behind the cafe painting canvases for the new lounge/bar.  It’s going to be a hot spot.  I hope to do some promos there in the nearby future.  Some of the artist were flown in from around the world.  I asked an asian guy what he was painting.  He replied “vog,” with a heavy french accent.  I wasn’t expecting that. ;)  I met Jane’s friend, DJ Nick.  Super cool cat!  Went home after that in a bad mood.

Yesterday morning I went to Heaven on Earth for a $250 “Rejuvenation Bliss” package.  It included a 50 minute massage, 50 minute aromatherapy facial, and a Cloud 9 body wrap had never had a body wrap before.  I covered my private parts with a small towel and pretty much an asian girl came down and scrubbed my body down, then wrapped me up tight like a burrito.  It was the strangest thing I have ever had.  I even got a little claustrophobic.  I don’t think I’d get a body wrap again.  But the facial was heavenly.  I was WAY overdue for one and I ended up buying a bunch of medicated Murad products for my face.  Pamper day is always nice.

So after, “we” and I continued our day having  a late lunch at Plumerias at the Kahala Mandarin.  He had never been there, so I had bloody marys, then we checked out the dolphins and chilled in the hammocks for the afternoon.  Afterwards, we went up to the Oahu Country Club and drove up to the 14th hole, the highest part of the golf course.  It was a nice view of downtown.😉



15, 2011 12:38 PM

Didn’t celebrate Valentines Day yesterday because I’m celebrating it tomorrow.  ;D  I woke up and did homework all day long.   Had a great chest and tris workout with David.  We chilled at home and watched Family Guy, ate a lbs. of See’s chocolate and I went to bed early.  I had like 40 blind sketchings to do for my fashion illustration class.  I have to start on the next week module today.  I am working on a lot of big stuff and am so excited to see it grow and come along so nice.  Of course my best friend Stacy is a bitch because she is suppose to be the main event.  I’m looking at other talent now.  So if you know anybody who can sing and wants to perform, let me know!   Stacy is talented, she is beautiful, intelligent, and well rounded, but you can’t take away her shit head diva attitude.  We’re not friends anymore.  After bending over backwards and trying to be patient, I had the last straw with her big mouth, and told her to fuck off.

I decided to break up my planning into an annual calendar since I have so many projects to work on.  I’m working on the launch of a new site to link my blog up to.  I’m working on those nightclub promotions with Djane, and her new website is under construction as well.   I’d like to work on an organic tshirt line, and a Hawaii VIP services company too.  I’m still working on a 2012 Calendar this summer, and a fashion line and show to collaborate with my talented friend, Phil Chischilly. 😉

I’m going to go do my homework now, and possibly go the gym before work, just for some abs and cardio.


Saturday, Feb 12, 2011 10:16 am

Got lots of homework to do for my online classes.  And going to yoga at Nimitz (lockyourknee.com) at 3:30 with David.  Need to order my school books.  Anybody want to donate to my tuition fund? LOL!  Yesterday I went to Powerhouse in the morning and worked out for 2 hours.  Then I went to Sunny’s Salon to dye my hair blue black.  Had some sundried tomato portabello shrimp penne at Bogarts cafe on Monserrat and got my nails done next door.  I did the cool clear new gel polish.  It keeps your nails strong.  Then I got stuck in afternoon traffic for 4 hours.  I spent an hour in Fisher Hawaii trying to find all my art supplies.  Damn paint brushes are freaking expensive!  Then I went to another art store to get more supplies on Waiakamilo.  Traffic on Nimitz was retarded to made a pit stop at Soon’s Kalbi for some fried mandoo.  I had to go to best buy to buy a charger for my camera so I can take pictures of my artwork and upload it on the online portal for school.  Then I went to work and had a scotch, but they were over staffed and had 3 new girls so I went home and slept early.  I had a crazy headache from all the days festivities.  Besides the whole time I was running errands yesterday, I was on the phone contacting my team, models, and sponsors, working out deals with them all.  I’m really happy, I think this promotion is going to be a great thing.  I’m trying to get it running my March.  Fabuloso!  Jane is an awesome partner too.  DJane you’re the bomb!  I went and watched Ip Mon 2 at Pearlridge the other day.  I got a pinstriped backless Oneil dress for $39 at Pac Sun, and a $20 wool trench military jacket on sale.  And some feathery headbands and Claire’s.  I’m a shopaholic.  I went shopping with Jane Thursday and discussed our promotions over lunch at Ichiriki.  My sister tagged me in some old pics on Facebook, of our childhood.  Awesome!  Well I got lots of homework to do.  So I’ll ttyl.


My Mom hasn’t aged one bit!

Check out my mop! LOL!

My hair @ Sunny’s Salon

Monday, Feb 07, 2011 8:15 am

So I made it to Hawaii alive and in one piece.  I have been spending a lot of time with someone. ;)   But I’ll tell you all about that later!  I worked really hard when I got here, but work has been slow.  I actually met someone who came across a lot of money through the tragic death of his wife giving childbirth.  Nonetheless, we talked about investing in to my label.  Then I didn’t get his number, because I foolishly assumed that he would come see me on the weekend at work.  Dumb dumb dumb!   Last Sunday we Pro-bowled at my friends and bbqd.  I’m glad I have slowed down with scotch, and I had a few beers.  I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat a horrible fever.  I stayed sick until Saturday.  Today I still have a cough, but I am going to go to the gym an work off all that shit I ate this week.  Being sick in bed and not going to the gym, I am getting soft. ;(  Yesterday for Super Bowl we bbqd at my friends house again.  I tried some Hazelnut Morimoto beer, and some Chimay as well.  Excellent!  Homegirl has exquisite taste in beer and wine!  My daughter is reading super well.  I read a book with her and am so proud.  I would have spent some more time with her, but all the neighbor kids were out playing with the dog.  You can always eat, but there isn’t always play time.  So I let her run around.  Laying around I thought of all the things I want to do.  I am working on a VIP services company.  I want to start a small label.  I am working on promotions and promoting Stacy Stovall as a singer, so I have to write up my business plans this afternoon.  I’m meeting my partner Jane, Thursday, for a business lunch @ Ichiriki.  Stacy Stovall is going to be famous one day!  I believe in her.  I also want to collaborate on a collection with a few other designers, and shoot a calendar.  Need to lose weight too!  I want to start modeling again.  I started my online classe at the Academy.  I didn’t really get started on it till Friday.  You have Mon till the next Mon to get each “module” completed.  I was worried that I wasn’t going to finish it.  But I stayed on it all day and finished it this weekend.  I have to upload my drawings today, but I can do that this afternoon.  Classes are very enriching, and I am glad I am at this school.  I was worried I was going to have a hard time focusing but online classes have proven to be better for me in just one week.  I don’t want to have to drag my ass to class at a specific time.  I’m super busy, and this is perfect!  I am taking Fashion Sketching I and Modivation Consumerism in Fashion.   Fun!  I’m worried about how the classes for construction will be.  We will have to see.  I will take some classes in the fall.  Headed to Powerhouse for an hour of cardio, 1 hour of back and shoulder, and half hour of abs and core.  I have also been waking up at 6 am every morning.  Some days I sleep in till 8.  But I can’t sleep, so I get up early and get lots of things done.  Lets hope this pattern sticks!



Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011 1:53 am

I have been trying to leave but shit keeps coming up. I haven’t been able to rent my storage unit. They told me to come by 8 pm. They were closed. Hopefully I can move my stuff tomorrow. I’m suppose to drive out to LA Wednesday, and fly back out to Honolulu Thursday. I can’t wait to get back to Hawaii. I’m sick of the cold. And I met this guy my friend hooked me up with a few days before I left. We’ve been texting each other a lot. Can’t wait to hang out with him and get to know him better. I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard. 1 hour of cardio, plus 1 hour muscle group weight training, and half hour abs and burn out. I’ve been losing a lbs. a day. I was at 135 lbs. I’m now at 131. At my best weight I was 113-115. My goal is to get to 113 by Feb. 15. Hopefully I’ll get there sooner.

Saturday, Jan 15, 2011 1:46 pm

The person I’m suppose to rent my place to flaked n her phone is disconnected.  Wednesday and Thursday I had some friends over for dinner.  I have been slowly packing up my apartment.  Wednesday night I had my ex, Chris over, and my friend Adam from school, “my ghetto nigga,” and my friend Tuan.  I cooked up some nabe for them and they brought over sake.  Friday, I picked up Stacy and she made some turkey and fresh herb canneloni.  I made some goji berry bread, and some chicken curry manapuas.  My friend Tuan brought over some quinoa with bing cherries and yams with panko and marshmallows.  The flavors were all really different, but blended excellent.  I’ve been eating leftovers for the last two days.

Yesterday I decided to just pack my house up and head for Hawaii.  I’m done with this place.  It sucks.  Anybody moving to Las Vegas, I suggest you strongly reconsider.  I went to the gym for 2 hours, and went home and packed afterwards.  My friend Paul invited me out for beers, and karaoke.  I’m glad I came out, because it’s what I needed.  It was really fun.  There was a long line, but I got up on the mic and sang “I Will Survive,” with some of his girlfriends.  I’m still packing right now.  I gotta run to Home Depot for more boxes.  And I gotta hit the gym later too.  2 hours of legs, cardio and abs today.  I have to drive my car to LA to either give it my sister, or ship it to Hawaii.  Then I’ll be roughing it for a bit when I get there.  Time for a “reset button.”

Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011

I am back in Vegas for one day and I am already curled up in fetal position, sleeping the day off, on my day bed adorned with 10 pillows.  I hate las Vegas. I hate the cold weather. I hate that I’ve been waiting all day for someone to help me because I’m out of gas and somebody smashed my gas tank, although my pickings are slim because I broke my phone on new years and have nobodies number. Chris is on his way from Arizona on a greyhound bus and won’t be back till after midnight. By then I will be hopefully packing drunk.
I had a dream about someone I met recently. For some reason I was in las vegas, in the spotlight, and gorgeous men were throwing themselves at me.  But I kept on seeing my new friend appear, mostly glimpses, while he quickly took a corner, accompanied by an average blasé woman. I got hot in the face with jealousy. Perhaps I don’t want what everyone else expects me to want.  I want something a little more simple.
My ex is on a greyhound bus from the apache res in Arizona. He should be here after midnight. He lives in Alaska but is from Hawaii. He loves Alaska and the danger and the cold. But I can’t help but notice that he is a strange one.  During the summer there is only one hour of darkness in Alaska. And during winter, only one hour of sunlight. There are vitamins in sunlight that our bodies need. Some Alaskan residents can go crazy because they don’t get light and have to sleep by these UV night lights to get the vitamins they need. Perhaps he is beyond winter blues and it has completely changed his entire mental chemistry.
I am blessed to have lived in Hawaii. I will never make a rash decision like moving to Vegas so easily again.  I miss hawaii. I miss the humidity, the warm sun on my face, and even the warm rain. Hawaii is my home.

Monday, Dec 27, 2010 10:15 AM

Saturday morning I woke up to get Kailani at her father’s in Wahiawa.  We went to open presents at Grandma’s house at 12:30.  I got Kai a few things.  But not too much because I don’t want to be carrying a bunch of shit on the airplane.  I got her one of those huge cheap makeup kits, because she loves makeup.  It was actually all mineral makeup.  I got her a cell phone that had makeup in it, some knit boots, and iCarly set (paper, pencils, rulers, etc.) the Little Big Planet and Where the Wild Things Are PS3 games.  Some cute tshirts, and a bunch of other stuff.  I want to move back to Hawaii so I don’t want to really want to buy anything anymore because I have to go back to Vegas.  After that, I kidnapped Yuki, Grandma’s bichon papillon.  She’s 3 months, and so adorable!   We went to Kekoas house in Kailua, where turkey dinner was followed by a nap on the couch, while the kids played.  I took her home then met up with my girlfriend Davina at Kelly O’neils.  We cabbed it to Irish Rose, then in all the rain, ran over to Hideaway, where my girlfriend Saaj met up with me.  (saajlane.com)  After a couple hours of drinks, we got hungry and drove over to Yard House where the kitchen was closed, so we went to Big Kahuna to eat some kahlua pig quesadillas.  John met up with us, my gay friend, and we walked over to the gay club, where we flirted with the cute door guy who insisted he was gay, and refused to let us in for free.  So we walked over to Kellys.  It was full of douche bags, but they were all cute, so I tried pulling them for John.  It was funny the stupid things I made these guys do after we were drunk.  But that is not appropriate for wordpress readers. ;p

I emailed my ex Nando all day from my iphone for the last two days.   I still love him, and it’s obvious he does too.  He’s too scared to see me again, because he know’s I have my way of getting what I want, and if I had my way, I’d have him.   It’s been three years.  So are there any men out there who can raise the bar?  Because I haven’t met anybody for a long time.   At least I have all my girls and friends, we’ve been throwing it down!  You all keep me busy!

Yesterday I slept all day long.  I went to the gym with homeboy and got a great work out.  My friend had a divorce a year ago, and strangely enough it had something to do with me.  I use to date his co-worker, and there were pictures of all of us out together, and she thought something happened between us.  So bizaar.  After a year of restraining orders, the first day they talk, she is still bringing me up.  Can’t believe that is crazy.  We actually never even hung out until recently.  Last night, I went home and drank some wine, and played Black Ops with TJ, mopped some sashimi, and crashed out on the couch.

So I haven’t gotten my ticket back to Las Vegas yet.  It’s so expensive.  I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.  I need to lease my condo in Vegas.  I really want to come back to Hawaii already.  I’m glad I left, because it was an experience.  You can see in my travel dates I have plans to travel the next 6 months.  But by Hawaii, I plan for Hawaii to be my residence.  I’m going to come back here and finish my degree online at the Academy of Arts University.  I can’t wait to go to Europe and Bali.  I really look forward to it!  Anybody wanna come along?  I’m meeting up with a lot of friends in Italy and Bali.

Friday, Dec 24, 2010 11:42 am
I got sick on Wednesday and have been stuck in the Christmas traffic trying to get my Xmas shopping finished.  On Tuesday I went with Stacey and Bob to Ichiriki for lunch.  I went to Sunny’s to do my hair.  We stopped at Alamoana but only had time for 3 shops before Stacy and baby Rhythm met up with my friend Erick to watch my friend Jason play at Rum Fire.  It was relaxing, a beach setting at sunset surrounded by ocean, pools, glass windows, and fire torches.  After a spicy bloody mary, I went to work.  Wednesday morning I woke up sick.  I spent all day at the mall finishing my xmas shopping.  I still haven’t gotten anything for my oldest brother who lives in Texas. ;/  I spent the evening at the spa, doing my nails and what not, then went out with my friend Alex.  He’s my exes coworker.  We went to watch my friend Jason play again, except this time at an intimiate wine bar in Kaimuki, Formaggios.  Since I was sick I had a whole bunch of Hot Toddy’s and got bombed.  We went to Hideaway bar and said hi to Johnny & Karl, then ended the night at Kelly Oneil’s.  We ran into one of Alex’s friends, who happens to be a regular at my bar.  He’s dating Kelly.  She is this girl that is heroine’d out (although she is pretty) and she walks around the club talking bubbles, and calling out everybody.  She got fired for calling out the owner before.  The only reason she was brought back was because one of the regulars begged for her to have her job back.  Then we walked in on them having sex in the back room.  When I told the guy she is suppose to be “dating” we all started rolling that he was actually dating her.  I even got $80 out of this chick because she thought I couldn’t handle a double shot of Johnny Walker.  “There’s a special rung in hell reserverd for people who waste scotch.”

Yesterday I slept all day because I was super hung over and sick.  I went to work early for a few hours but went home around 10 because I was feeling pretty sick.  My cough is pretty hacky.  I should just rest the next couple days.  It sucks to be sick over Christmas.  I’m going to go grab Kai in a bit to have lunch.  Don’t know what I’m doing tonite yet, but I wouldn’t mind going out somewhere mellow.

Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010 10:15 am
Thursday night I met some dudes at work. We went riding street bike, and we went to Kelly Oneil’s. I love riding street bikes. You really have to trust the person you are riding with. Not that I trust anybody, but at any moment they could skid over puddle and that bicycle helmet keeping your head from smashing like a watermelon will come into play, but then again your arm will be hamburger. I love riding street bike. My mind if neurotic and never-resting and once you hit 160 and you are in that tunnel concentrating on not dying, it’s mind clearing. Friday I had lunch with Kekoa at Kunio. Then I called up Nate again and we rode bike down to North Shore and grabbed some shave ice at Matsumoto’s and cruised at Sunset beach, until I had to go to work.
Friday night, I went to work and after work went to Kelly Oneil’s. I was suppose to meet Andy but he never showed up. LOL! I got in a fight in the bathroom because the girls were hanging out talking and I saw an empty stall. I didn’t think twice and walked in. I hung my sweater on the door and next thing I knew, somebody stole it. It was a fat white girl, with round glasses, who was really intoxicated. I was like WTF! I really wasn’t in the mood. And I was drunk. LOL! So she throws my sweater out the door into the bar on the floor. It really was stupid. Then words flew. A girl asked me if I needed backup. haha! The bathroom attendant got mad and said there is no fighting in my bathroom. And I said that we could take this shit outside. The girl was all talk.
When I walk outside I tell my friend who is a bouncer what she did. It was retarded. Then I turn around and there is Star (Reid), my long lost friend from highschool.
I met a guy in his group and grabbed him and took him to Assylum to meet Meme. It’s an underground, members only after hours. It pretty much looks like a rave, with a small bar.
So yesterday I took Kai to the water park. It was a waste. Kai refused to go on every single slide. She was hysterical when we were at the top of the water slide. I went down alone and made her walk down crying. She kept doing it over and over again and I didn’t want to walk down. The kid pool was closed for a while, so when they opened again, I took her there again. She refused to go on even the little kid slides. I waited at the bottom and when she got brave walked up to the smallest slide. Then when right at the top, she freaked out and ran away. Poor thing! LOL!
I went to work again last night. It was Asia’s birthday. She had balloons everywhere, and even hired a balloon animal maker guy. He made Bella a really cute cupid. A few people had strippers on a pole in several different positions. It was pretty funny.
I went to Kelly Oneil’s after work again. That same girl with the glasses was there. Guys were hounding us to buy us drinks. I kept writing fake phone #’s on coasters. I usually am a bitch about it and refuse to give them my #. If I give them a fake # they won’t even notice it until tomorrow.
Driving home there was a lot of cops and the rain has been ridiculous. It’s suppose to rain dogs and cats for the next 3 days. I’m off to breakfast.
ciao bella

Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010
10:40 am

Ok, so today I decided to start my first diary entry.  Not much to say.  I am going to go to the beach on the North Shore and read “the Four Agreements.”  They are having the Triple Crown right now.  I am working on some business cards for my blog.  I found a fat hook up on foil printing.  Then I have yoga at 3:30 at Nimitz before work.  Not much is going on.  I’m suppose to go to Bali on the 23rd but I think I might just stay here in Hawaii.  If I can lease my condo in Vegas and pack away my home into a 10 feet container, I’d be free to travel when I want to.  I want to spend part time working in Hawaii and travel the rest of my time.  I’m suppose to go to Europe in May and Bali in June. We want to go to Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, and Turkey.  I want to rent a villa in central Bali, in Ubud for a week, and stay in Kuta for a bit or Seminyak.  I think I really would like Bali, and am considering living there for 6 months. People always ask me why I would want to move every 6 months.  I think if I pack lightly, don’t invest in furniture anymore, I will love traveling.  Bali is close to Asia and I could travel to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Beijing, Tibet, India, Thailand, Korea, the Philipines, all the countries I wish to visit, at a closer traveling distance.  Plus the cost of living is relatively cheap in Bali.  I can write from my little lap top, in my rice villa, and relax, surf in the day time, find Kai a fun and enriching  home schooling software, and continue my Master’s Degree in fashion design. I’m determined to live abroad.  I thought it would be scary at first, and difficult with Kai.  But I think it would be an experience to remember, for the both of us!



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  1. This is the first time I comment on your site, but I’ve been reading it for a while now. I admire the passion with which you write the articles and hope someday I can do the same. Love

  2. Ribao275@gmail.com says:

    Awesome blog.
    Anyway regarding the Gadhafi comments… I agree. NATO is an evil organization that serves no purpose. “Money” and “Oil” are their main objective.

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