My Christmas List: Presents Under $100 For the Connoisseur

Every year I share my wish list with you. ¬†Here it is… Everything available at


Dean and Tyler Leash and Collar $19.76


Coldbroo Coffee Maker (my roommate exploded mine when he turned the temperature down and everything froze over) ūüė¶ ¬†My favorite! ‚̧ $40


Water Lilies by Monet $69


Simple to Spectacular: How to Take One Basic Recipe to Four Levels of Sophistication by Jean Georges $30


Asian Flavors of Jean Georges $28


Ball Mugs $10


Alo Womens Luna Sweat Pants $78


Alo Yoga Mesh Goddess Ribbed Leggings $79


High Frequency Skin Care Machine $40


Ultrasonic Skin Care Machine $55


PS4 Charging Station $16


Riedel Stemless Cabernet Glasses Set of 8 $56


World Atlas of Wine $3


White Nike Free RN Fly Knits $88


Teal Cotton Oversized Knit Throw $45


Neocutis Bio Gel Hyrdrogel $73


December Special 3 personal training sessions for $99 (regularly $85/hour)

Gift Cards FROM

Victoria’s Secret

Art, Fashion, Globalism, Strippers, Politics: We are all Connected.

How would you put art, fashion, globalism, strippers and politics all into one sentence? ¬†I just did. ¬†You’d be surprised how many strippers know anything about these subjects. ¬†I’m that pink deer, that rare diamond that could school you while you drink your $1800 bottle of wine and enjoy a $500 lap dance… you might get a topless straddle and a politics lecture instead. LOL! ¬†Hey, I got great boobs.


I’m an art major and I studied fashion design, merchandising/marketing AND media and journalism at the International Academy of Design and Technology for 2 years, and Academy of Arts University San Francisco for 4 years. ¬†In one of my classes: Art History, We often discussed the interconnectivity of the influence of religion and politics on art beginning with ancient Egypt and transitioning through Greek, Roman Empire, Byzantine, Constantinople, Midevil and Renaissance times. ¬†It’s interesting how many modern designs are influenced from ancient history. ¬†History gives fashion depth. ¬†It gives it intelligence and a voice. ¬†Intelligent art is identified only by the intelligent and a small group identifies with the subtle brilliance in pieces where others may miss it.

Fashion is an ever changing world. ¬†The 5 major fashion cities use to be New York, London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. ¬†Today China and India are emerging as fashion capitals and the United States has lost our industry, despite the famous New York Fashion Week. ¬†Our textile industries and manufacturing have been outsourced by cheaper laborers like China. ¬†However, the quality of technology in our products, faster turn around, honest service protecting us from stealing patents and keeping American money pumping into our economy are the upsides of keeping your fashion business in America. ¬†At the end of the day we pay a premium for those luxuries that don’t always price position our end product in a competitive market. ¬†The smart business men are outsourcing to China, however, they are often criticized by people who do not support global markets or products made in China.

Look at companies like Banana Republic. $100 average price for a garment or dress. ¬†Banana Republic a part of GAP has had many controversial raids in India and other Asian countries getting busted for child labor and employee deaths. ¬†A parallel in comparison ¬†company to Banana Republic… Zara. ¬†Average price for a garment is $50. ¬†Zara is a Spanish co. and with self owned warehouses in Europe including countries like , Portugal, Turkey and Morocco, they keep costs down by having a zero advertisement policy and outsourcing some of their shirts to Asian countries like China, Indonesia and Vietnam. ¬†Another company equal to Zara and Banana Republic would be Armani Xchange. ¬†The average jacket or dress could be $100-$150 and is of similar¬†quality. ¬†They are manufactured in¬†China, Hong Kong, Macau and Peru; however, some pieces are made in the US or in Italy, thus high prices on some garments ¬†like blazers and cocktail dresses with finer detail and cheaper prices on simple garments like t shirts and tank tops.

American Apparel is an American company which demonstrates a low volume operation, however it has still been under the radar for unethical work environments, abusing illegal latino immigrants in California. ¬†The more I searched online to find a popular American company that manufactures in the US, the more I realized there aren’t any names. I ¬†was unable to find anything in the mainstream. There are a lot of small clothing brands that are high in quality and made in small production, however the companies are small, profit margins are low, and costs are high. ¬†It is a fashionable thing to buy “Made in America” just like it is to buy “Made in France” or “Made in Italy.” What happens in the fashion world is a reflection of what is happening in the world with globalism, politics and all business. ¬†It doesn’t matter if you’re making Victoria Secret panties in China or bottle caps for Coca Cola. ¬†The business practices are the same across the board. ¬†Cheap labor, tariffs and import/export taxes.

I learned a lot about business and parallel industries dancing in Vegas for a decade. ¬†Every year I meet people in town for the bi-annual fashion “Magic” show. ¬†I attend the AVN adult awards and Nascar and get to meet all the adult porn stars. That is always fun and brings out an eclectic variety of personalities. ¬†I meet a lot of wealthy doctors and pharmaceutical reps during pharm conventions. ¬†More intellectual classy types taking their ladies out for some debauchery. ¬†The jewelers come every year to the jewelers convention. ¬†Lots of middle eastern, Jewish and Lebanese friend’s I’ve made. ¬†Middle Eastern guys are horny. ¬†More than the rest. ¬†I especially love the World of Concrete. ¬†Bearded contractors are always generous, and extra cuddly, but kind. ¬†They don’t talk to you like a piece of trash they just bought, like some customers. They can be kind and treat you like a human being. ¬†(: ¬†They’re generally the nicest guys. ¬†Even the cunts that show up during electronics conventions esp. the tight wallet Chinese guys that shoo you away like a pigeon and the cheap asses after a UFC fight all drunk trying to get free attention without spending a dollar on a single girl; all these surroundings offer me perspective into different markets. ¬†Sometimes a big fight like Holly Holm and Rousey enticed me to come to work and I’d kill $1500 between 5 pm and 10 pm because the turn up was so good and there were no girls smart enough to show up to work.

What interest does a stripper have in politics? ¬†Plenty. ¬†If you’re a ghetto girl, then you gotta hustle hard to get volume in customers. ¬†If you’re resourceful, intelligent¬†and beautiful, you work smart, not hard. ¬† You are able to pull those high end clients that go for a VIP or throw you a couple grand to miss work over the weekend and hang out, go gambling and shopping and be entertained w dinner and lounging for the weekend. ¬†Chances are those upper bracket clients are Republicans. ¬†Throughout Obama’s administration I saw my entire income deplete by over 50% within those 8 years. ¬†I look forward to see my income rise during Tump’s administration. ¬†I saw many of those clients lose their lifestyle and income. ¬†Clients who once spent regularly were more frugal with their money. ¬†Many people changed jobs and industries and opened new businesses catering to new markets. ¬†An entrepreneur will always be an entrepreneur and in changing markets will always evolve. ¬† To be honest… the strip industry is DEAD, even in Vegas, the hosts are scrambling to pimp girls ¬†for their 40% “tips” and stamp out the competition because they are desperate for survival. ¬†It’s no longer a prosperous industry unless you’re a high end prostitute that can pull $10,000 clients regularly.

I’ve noticed the older strippers leave the club to become high end prostitutes and many women of international origin, who are less desirable in appearance become prostitutes in the strip club. My old roommate and I sat at the stage at 5 am trolling strippers. ¬†Within an hour he got 5 girls numbers. 4 out of 5 girls propositioned him for sex ranging from $200 to $400. ¬†To his credit, my roommate was an extremely good looking guy, nonetheless… they offers were extremely low, devaluing the marketing of the strip club. ¬† They said they were desperate and rent was due. ¬†Working at Spearmint Rhino, it is $400-$500 for a VIP hour dance. ¬†Prostitutes usually on the high end cost $1000-$3000. ¬† Is the market so bad now that strippers are willing to go home with you for $200?

How does globalism affect this all? America is being outsourced in prostitution, manufacturing, even skilled laborers. ¬†Over 45% of highly educated doctors are from international waters. ¬†Prostitution in countries like South America and Asia are so cheap that nobody wants to pay $3000 for a hooker in Vegas. ¬†Manufacturing is clearly cheaper in countries with unethical environment and labor practices than America. ¬†We have no choice but to assimilate with the ways of global markets. ¬†But how does America stay competitive? ¬†I’ve been asking myself this for a long time. ¬†The world does not care about ethics. ¬†American companies thrive with quality, but it is only American’s who mostly buy American products. ¬†The world does not like imported American products. ¬†Why would Asia and Europe import electronics or cars when they have better ones? ¬†Why would they import Budweiser when they have Kirin and Scotch? ¬†They often don’t and we lose on all planes of trade. ¬†America needs better brands that can stay competitive, but we can’t without globalizing our markets. ¬†So we’re at a stalemate.

What is America’s industries? ¬†War. Acquisition. ¬†Investments. ¬†Do you see how we profit from keeping the world at war and monopolizing commodities? ¬†IDK Food for thought. ¬†I have a lot going on in my mind.

I am an entrepreneur… I’ve never had a job in my life. ¬†My savings has depleted and even now I refuse to get a job. ¬†I’m hustling my side gigs and getting clients right now. ¬†I think my entrepreneur mindset gives me an outlook into the business world. ¬†Being a fashion major, I’ve studied the complexities of globalism and understand how politics, religion and history play a role in business. ¬†I see how we are all interconnected, how art is influenced, how markets influence each other and it gives me a deeper understanding of the world we live in today.




Redecorating in Teal

I want to move into my own house in the Spring, and making my home comfortable is very important to me.

I have this bedding already and want to design around it. I don’t have the floral print, instead I have fur, gold, suede and wooden¬†decorative¬†pillows.


Matson stole my comforter that was in my car when I shipped it, so maybe I need to opt for new bedding or find a similar comforter.

Michael Amini Madrid Cal King Comforter Set, Teal Gold Ruby Red $499


Howard Elliott Nancy Oversized Mirror $399




erin dresser teal & peacocks logo 015.jpg

Kevin Gordon Vase


Found on Pinterest


Art Deco Moser Vase


Josh Simpson Art-Glass Vessel


Lamp $275 on Polyvore


Bare Decor Hourglass Artisan Accent Solid Teak Wood Tree Stump End Table $200


Monet and Klimt Canvas (each under $100)

Cameron Brooks Photography on Metal

72″ Reclaimed Pine Dining Table (in Chestnut Finish)
$999 at West Elm

Curtains: Anthropologie, Interiors Addict and

Opus Deco Rug


Hemingway Blue Tufted Velvet Accent Chair
$449 on


Monroe Ivory and Teal Fabric Dining Chairs
$154 on


Jennifer Taylor Home Sofa
$1,330 on


Peacock Blue Suede Couch
Source Unknown


DIY Palette Coffee Table


DIY Palette Porch Swing


the Kiss by Dino Rosin


Teal Rose Bushes


This painting doesn’t have the cool color scheme but i feel it’s darkness and warmness would look great in my bedroom if I decided to go with warmer tones. Or in my bathroom. ¬†My bathroom has a lot of warm red tones. ¬†WIth the bedding set however, I can introduce some red and orange tones into accents.


Balinese Daubed


Ten Birthday Presents for a Fit Girl

1. The FIT BIT Surge


(in silver, gold or rose gold)



Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 $79


Ronnie Fieg Asics Gel Lyte V Rose Gold $320


Gel Lyte III Gold $165


4. Vitamix $449


5. Brazilian LEGGINGS!
La Bella Mafia $69


Zahler Black Butterfly $79




6. Who say’s you can’t have a fancy GUCCI gym bag? ¬†$1,890


7. Karl Lagerfelds Boxing Collection by Louis Vuitton

Ok I’m dreaming.


8. a Spa Package at her Favorite Spa


9. Go Pro $399


10.  Hathaway Portable Volleyball Set  $70



10 Valentines Gifts for the High Maintenance Girlfriend

Ok… I admit… I’m high maintenance. ¬†I like nice things. ¬†I like thoughtful things. ¬†I like the best in quality. ¬†You don’t have to spend $3000 on Louis Vuitton. ¬†But chances are if you get me something, you better make sure it’s in good taste. ¬†Be unconventional.

  1. ¬†I don’t ever really care for flowers on Valentines Day. ¬†But I recently saw these¬†Maison des Fleurs flowers. . (; ¬†The ones that come in the clear boxes are really cool too. ¬†Traditionally I love long stemmed orchids. ¬†But I couldn’t resist these because they are may favorite color! ‚̧tumblr_niy96iwzit1tf69j8o1_500

2. Maison Martin Margiele ‘Replica’ in “Beach Walk.” ¬†‘Replica’ exhibits uni-sex non-traditional perfume scents. ¬†One of my favorite for men is “Jazz Club.”

 Normally $125. Only $75 HERE


3. Fit Bit Surge. ¬†My passion is sports. ¬†A boyfriend once got me wireless you buds for Valentines Day because he thought I’d appreciate it more than jewelry. ¬†He was partially right! ¬†Depends what kind of jewelry. (:


4. A spa day. ¬†I got this a few years back after my boyfriend screwed up big time on Valentines Day. ¬†It was a nice apology but I still don’t think it makes up for what he did. ūüė¶ ¬†Heaven on Earth was my choice to go to. The Valentines package was $250 for a facial, massage and body scrub and wrap at Heaven on Earth. ¬†The website is currently down, as to question if they are still open. ¬†My other favorite spa’s are Ihilani. ¬†However I am informed that the Marriott Koolina is to shut down and become a Four Seasons so I’m excited to see what they will have to offer because Four Season’s spa’s have always been my favorite. ¬†Aulani has an amazing spa as well, but is extremely pricey in contrast to other two. ¬†However, please note: Heaven on Earth does not have a full spa. ¬†It’s a great spot however in downtown honolulu that provides quality services at a good price. ¬†Only the best for a special girl.

Aulani Spa


5. OK I don’t like fake jewelry but I did have a very nice cocktail ring from “Carat” once. ¬†Everything set in genuine gold, and high quality scientifically produced replica diamonds you cannot tell the difference. ¬† The value is there in the quality and beauty of the pieces without the high price of diamonds. Luxury without the luxury price. btw… Emeralds are my birthstone. (;

For the girl who likes something gaudy…
12 ct Verde Ring
420 GBP or $600 USD


For the girl who likes something simple
INDIA seven bar rows pave
69 GBP or $100 USD


Pink Hearts for You
.75-2 carats in white or yellow gold


6. Lingerie

Agent provocateur is probably out of the budget. ¬†Some good brands that are in a good price range are Elle Macphereson, Cosabella, Betsy Johnson and Pleasure State. Victoria Secret is OK, but get her something better than “OK,” get her something really special.

Check out this website one of my FAVORITES


Get Lacy for under $40

Nouvel Emoi (40% off)


Turkish Crochet Lingerie by ‘Else”


Parah (Italian) Fine Lingerie


7. Chocolate

All chocolate is not created equal. ¬†If you go to the mall and pick up Godiva or Sees Candy that is all dandy and all, but if you go out and pick something that speaks her language, it shows you went out of your way to get something a little more thoughtful. ¬†The high maintenance girl doesn’t want branded trendy spots. ¬†She wants something unique. ¬†It’ll cost the same too.

“Paintbox of Desire” @Chocolate Art House
13 British pounds

Runz Sensual Chocolates $65


Bond Street Chocolatiers $14


Bond Street Dark Chocolate Buddha


8. A do-it-yourself project

Whether she wanted an accent wall painted, a mural, a day bed, a new coffee table or painting. ¬†Make it yourself. ¬†Homemade stuff is the best! Work within your skill level, don’t turn in an arts and craft project. ¬†Youtube a DIY video. ¬†Or find a piece of cheap furniture on craiglist and refurbish it by refinishing it or lacquering or painting it. ¬†These presents mean the most to her!


Daybed made with palettes



I have puppy fever so this is the greatest gift you can give me lol. ¬†It is a good test of what kind of parent you are going to be. (; I’m still waiting for a responsible time to get my Klee Kai.


10. Write Her a Love Letter

Nothing is more sexy than when a man puts his feelings down into words. ¬†I love my love letters and cards with substance more than any present I’ve ever received. ¬†More than any floral arrangement, more than any diamonds or gold or Manolo Blahniks. ¬†Those letters and cards are still in a box somewhere. (:

Love letters


15 Products from Sephora I LOVE





Josie MaranWhipped Argan Oil Ultra-Hydrating Body Butter



NARSPencil Sharpener



FreshSeaberry Exfoliating Soap



Bumble and bumbleThe Flat Brush



DiorDiorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara



FreshSugar Soap Anniversary Edition



philosophyHope in a Jar



TweezermanUltra Precision Slant Tweezer


FreshCannabis Santal



FreshBrown Sugar Body Polish



philosophyRenewed Hope In A Jar Eye



Benefit CosmeticsThey’re Real! Push-Up Liner



T3BodyWaver 1.75″ Professional Curling Iron



Kate SomervilleEradiKate Mask Foam-Activated Acne Treatment


I have a Sephora shopping problem.


Studying Art in Europe

the Academy of Art University is having a study in Florence, Italy for 7 1/2 weeks and Paris for 3 weeks this summer. I ¬†totally want to go! ¬†Trying to plan. ¬†It’s pretty expensive. ¬†It’s $3200 on top of the airfare and tuition for Paris alone. ¬†I get a cell phone, a metro pass and entry to all the museums and an apartment i share with 3 other students. ¬†Sounds really fun. ¬†I heard I can work at a nightclub too and make some pretty decent bank.


Some of the highlights for Paris 2013 include


  • Guided walking tour of¬†Montmartre and Sacre Coeur
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Paris Opera House
  • Panth√©on Les Invalides (Napoleon‚Äôs tomb)




Florence, Italy


  • Welcome Dinner & Orientation
  • Apartment Accommodations with kitchen
  • Studio facilities
  • AAU Instructors
  • Gallery group show in Florence
  • Guided tour of Siena
  • Day painting and sketching trips to: Fiesole, Volterra, San Gimignano, Lucca and Siena
  • Location painting throughout Florence
  • 3-day trip to Venice
  • 3-day trip to Rome
  • Museum passes
  • Cell Phones
  • Conversational Italian class (optional)


10 Etro Pieces I <3

1. 3/4 Length Dress
Regularly $1136
On sale @ YOOX for $215


2. Silk chiffon on printed cady long dress
$2,651 @

002_50e7a15f-b569-4a0c-9252-be33640e0ecf 002_85910890-419d-4be2-ac72-8a38d88a4057 002_586f9247-8b76-4df6-9522-ad97959002fd


3. Draped Cardigan
Regularly $1,310.75
50% off @ for $655.38


4. Printed Cotton Denim Jeans
$458 @


5. Printed Blazer
Regularly $1,533.13
20% off $1,226.50 @


6. Etro Exclusive Gold Lace and Tweed Coat
Only available @ Harrods £1,399.00


7.  Etro Spring 2013


8. I can’t wait to see this COLLECTION on the rack!


9. Etro 2010


10. Etro 2011


Headed to 702

I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow and I think this trip will be interesting. ¬†I’m going for some Nu Skin business… a little bit of gambling… and a lot of networking. ¬†This will be a little different from all my trips and the years that I lived there. ¬†I’m dieting and not drinking alcohol, also I will not be at Spearmint Rhino or Sapphires gentleman’s clubs this time. ¬†Vegas looks a little different.

I have to figure out where are a few good places to dine without screwing up my diet.

Raku is on my list of places to go. ¬†I’m sure I can find some grilled veggies and chicken that is healthy or some fresh fish picks.



I could go for some meat and veggies @ Texas De Brazil



Havana Grill has some bomb Cuban food! ¬†Just can’t eat the rice ūüė¶


Cheat Meal Worthy! ¬†The Pasta Ala Vodka @ Brio’s


Bar Masa @ Aria!



Nora’s Wine Bar… Another cheat meal worthy spot. ¬†Mmmmm… bacon wrapped dates!


XS Nightclub

Publicity photo of nightclub in new resort "Encore" in Las Vegas

I haven’t been to Surrender yet. ¬†They opened just when I left Vegas.

Surrender Nightclub


I’m looking forward to going to the NEW Body English as well. ¬†Body English use to be my favorite place to go before it closed down. ¬†Glad to see it restored. ¬†I didn’t care too much for Vanity. ¬†It was kind of small.

Body English1

Most people shun Lavo… but I like it’s small intimate NY style. ¬†The water fountains in the entry are graceful and give a unique ambiance compared to other clubs in Vegas. ¬†I’ve always liked this club since day one.


Neiman Marcus Outlets in Primm. ¬†Definitely driving to Primm even if it’s an hour outside of South Las Vegas. ¬†Neiman Marcus designer apparel at a fraction of the cost. ¬†Hmmmm… I should’ve done my Christmas shopping.


Charleston Premium Outlets have my favorite stores.  D&G.  Catherine Malendrino.  Burberry. 7. American Apparel.  DKNY.  Ellie Tahari.  Diesel. Etro. Theory. Tory Burch.


I’ve never been married.. Maybe this time I will @ the Little White Chapel.


Get Nailed 24/7. ¬†It’s right behind Hard Rock on Paradise. ¬†Great little 24 hour nail shop and they do great nail art. ¬†I need to get a set NOW!


Reliquary Spa @ the Hard Rock Cafe.  One of my favorite places to relax, have some drinks and sit around and gossip while I spend my hard earned cash receiving an afternoon of pampering with the ladies.


CES (Consumer Electronic Show)  Great place to network.


Adult Entertainment Expo (30,000 attendees)


WOrld of Concrete. I know.. I have no business there, but the guys there are big cuddly burly men who like to work with their hands but know how to love a woman. hahaha! I always meet great guys there.


My favorite show and biggest show all year round. ¬†Magic… the fashion expo.


Myra! I’m coming to see you @ Drai’s Afterhours!