Help Me Get to North Americans 2016

UPDATE 10.26.16 

I am pregnant and am currently not attending nationals this year.  But I still have lots of brownie ingredients made fresh to order.


Thank you for supporting me on my journey to the IFBB Pro.  August 31st is the North American’s NPC National competition.  I am currently selling black bean, sugar free (sweetened with stevia), flour free, low carb, high protein, enhanced with whey isolate brownies to raise funds for nationals. #420 #madewithaloha #madewithlove.  Friends and family only. 808-377-0002 to support with an order. $10 each or $80 a pan (18 in a pan).



Headed to 702

I’m headed to Vegas tomorrow and I think this trip will be interesting.  I’m going for some Nu Skin business… a little bit of gambling… and a lot of networking.  This will be a little different from all my trips and the years that I lived there.  I’m dieting and not drinking alcohol, also I will not be at Spearmint Rhino or Sapphires gentleman’s clubs this time.  Vegas looks a little different.

I have to figure out where are a few good places to dine without screwing up my diet.

Raku is on my list of places to go.  I’m sure I can find some grilled veggies and chicken that is healthy or some fresh fish picks.



I could go for some meat and veggies @ Texas De Brazil



Havana Grill has some bomb Cuban food!  Just can’t eat the rice 😦


Cheat Meal Worthy!  The Pasta Ala Vodka @ Brio’s


Bar Masa @ Aria!



Nora’s Wine Bar… Another cheat meal worthy spot.  Mmmmm… bacon wrapped dates!


XS Nightclub

Publicity photo of nightclub in new resort "Encore" in Las Vegas

I haven’t been to Surrender yet.  They opened just when I left Vegas.

Surrender Nightclub


I’m looking forward to going to the NEW Body English as well.  Body English use to be my favorite place to go before it closed down.  Glad to see it restored.  I didn’t care too much for Vanity.  It was kind of small.

Body English1

Most people shun Lavo… but I like it’s small intimate NY style.  The water fountains in the entry are graceful and give a unique ambiance compared to other clubs in Vegas.  I’ve always liked this club since day one.


Neiman Marcus Outlets in Primm.  Definitely driving to Primm even if it’s an hour outside of South Las Vegas.  Neiman Marcus designer apparel at a fraction of the cost.  Hmmmm… I should’ve done my Christmas shopping.


Charleston Premium Outlets have my favorite stores.  D&G.  Catherine Malendrino.  Burberry. 7. American Apparel.  DKNY.  Ellie Tahari.  Diesel. Etro. Theory. Tory Burch.


I’ve never been married.. Maybe this time I will @ the Little White Chapel.


Get Nailed 24/7.  It’s right behind Hard Rock on Paradise.  Great little 24 hour nail shop and they do great nail art.  I need to get a set NOW!


Reliquary Spa @ the Hard Rock Cafe.  One of my favorite places to relax, have some drinks and sit around and gossip while I spend my hard earned cash receiving an afternoon of pampering with the ladies.


CES (Consumer Electronic Show)  Great place to network.


Adult Entertainment Expo (30,000 attendees)


WOrld of Concrete. I know.. I have no business there, but the guys there are big cuddly burly men who like to work with their hands but know how to love a woman. hahaha! I always meet great guys there.


My favorite show and biggest show all year round.  Magic… the fashion expo.


Myra! I’m coming to see you @ Drai’s Afterhours!



Botox Alternative

This weekend was the official prelaunch of Tru Face Essence Ultra with ageLOC.  True Face Essence Ultra was an old product in the Nu Skin portfolio.  With it’s patented ingredient, Ethocyn (more info @ Ethocyn is the ONLY ingredient in the WORLD that is proven to give you 20 year old levels of elastin AND collagen and make you look younger. This silky serum helps enhance skin firmness and elasticity, and prevent future signs of aging.

What does Tru Face Essence Ultra do?

  • Promotes skin firmness and elasticity and fights current signs of aging with Ethocyn®, an ingredient clinically proven to improve skin elastin content.
  • Helps prevent degradation of elastin with elastase inhibitors.
  • Contains Tègreen 97, CoQ10 and colorless carotenoids, a complete protective antioxidant network that helps prevent future signs of aging by protecting against skin-aging free radicals
  • Helps contour and firm the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Defines skin around the eyes, neck, chin, jawline and décolleté and hands.


What is ageLOC?  (more info @

Tru Face Essence Ultra is now infused with Nu Skin’s premier line, ageLOC.  Coming January 2013!

ageLOC before and afters

the lovely Anne Houghtailing from Texas



“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

–Sophia Loren


Alone in Vietnam

I came to Vietnam a week ago to open the Nu Skin market here with my up line and side lines of Team Aloha.  I guess you can say I’m a bit spoiled, I travel in style and need my space.  3 girls in one room spending time together can be annoying, so I booked my own room at a 5 star hotel, Nikko Saigon.  It was in District 1, the equivalent to a tourism area such as Waikiki, but still 5-10 minutes on the outskirts of District 1.  The hotel was a beautiful contemporary condo/hotel building, safe and highly secured.  The hotel had a contemporary eco minimalist feel with olive light greys ambiance.  When checking in the hotel, the hotel key is required to put in the slot to activate the electricity, an electric saving device.  At the door there were two switches, 1 for do not disturb and 2 for clean the room.  Making it simple to not be disturbed and simple to get your room cleaned at your convenience.  It is a very trust worthy hotel.  However, they were very strict about guests coming up to the hotel room after 9 pm and with meetings round the clock, I didn’t like that.

My fellow Team Aloha members lead by Alan Nagao set up shop in the Presidential Suite at the 5 star New World Hotel.  Being around all these “blue diamond” and “team elite” 6-7 figure earners has really inspired me to see how to do it right.  I think it will take me time to accelerate to that speed.  I found a pace that doesn’t kill me.  School, work and my daughter, I need to juggle a few things at a healthy pace. A light bulb went on in Vietnam and I’m making some changes, for the better. (:

There’s so many fun things to see in Vietnam.  I love the wet towelettes on the tables at every restaurants, the vietnamese coffee and fresh strawberry and watermelon juice.  The pho never tastes the same.  75 cents lunches.  Hailing a moped rider and paying him $2 for a ride.  The sad man with one leg that you pass by every day, is going about his business and changes his face dramatically to a long one while he begs, as if you didn’t see him seconds ago behaving normally.  Bartering things down to 75 percent asking price.  Chopard and Chanel watches.  Knock off handbags.  There’s so many things in Vietnam.  I saw a moped hit and old man with a cart of melons on the back of his moped in the middle of a large loop intersection.  Poor guy had to pick up all the melons in the middle of traffic.  The middle loops where multiple roads meet are always a mess of traffic to drive through of chaotic traffic running in all directions.  At first I was terrified to drive in the road, but I notice now that although in all the chaos, there is still a “rule of the road” and people still respect each other and watch out for each other.  I was warned of Vietnam, but I have come to accept that the people are very kind, just culture different.

I was sitting the cab while Alan picked up 200 lbs of fruit on the side of the road for the penthouse Nu Skin Team Aloha launch party when a beggar knocked on my window holding a baby with no diaper and a plastic cup.  I chased her down to give her my leftover fish from lunch.  She chased me back another block to let me know that my bag was open.  She could have easily ripped me off like a lot of people in Vietnam that I am reminded daily of by the locals, but she was very kind and thanked me for the food and told me that she was very hungry.

Wednesday, Team Aloha left.  But my side line in my Nu Skin upline, Steve Huang’s line is staying at Xuan Loc.  So I changed my flight, free of charge to next week Wednesday and checked into the same hotel as them.  I am currently at the police station with a Canadian girl that I met, Valerie.  She was ripped of $280 by the house maid while she was in the room.  She has been selling me r2 which was available in Thailand, but no longer is.  It’s amazing, I had to get a second bottle. I  don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out.  Maybe find me some bootleg r2.  What is R2?  Have you seen that movie limitless?  It’s like that on steroids.  The mental acuity and physical stamina and energy is amazing!

Vietnamese people are always trying to hustle you.  I was told my laundry would be 15,000 vnd (.75 cents).  WHen I got back it was 300,000 because its 15k a PIECE.  That would’ve been nice to know.  Ok… I know, $15 isn’t a lot to get my laundry done for me.  But then they broke the button on my Marc Jacobs dress, bleached my Victoria Secret VSX capri’s and stole my brand new white Hollister shorts.  Unfortunately I am already booked for 3 nights at Xuan Loc.  Some of the team members are moving hotels.  Steve and his line are going to Hanoi for 3 days and will be back sunday night.  I have the weekend to follow up on my downline’s contacts and maybe find a new founder.

I’m definitely on my toes and watching my back.  Keeping my money close to me.  Bag tight in my hands. I contemplated bringing my daughter here, but now I am realizing how freaky Vietnam could possibly be to a 7 year old.


Still everyone must think I am crazy traveling alone.  I’m not with some of the side lines.  But I do have Binh and Hoang taking me around so I’m not really alone.  And hopefully I can meet up with Holly before I leave, Alan’s translator from Hanoi.  She really is an awesome girl!  I realy am more street smart than people give me credit for.  I’ll be fine alone in Ho Chi Minh City, I’m just taking time to regroup before I go crazy and kill it!  #teammillionaires!


Ho Chih Minh

I’m going on a last minute business trip to Ho Chih Minh (Saigon) for the opening of the Nu Skin market and I am scrambling to get things organized last minute.  It’s been nonstop meetings from morning to late night.  Skipped meals.  Missed work outs.  Sweat.  Tears.  (No blood yet.)  The Vietnam market for Nu Skin opens up Aug 11 and I am going there to help my downline build their Vietnamese teams.  I’m very excited I might jump from an executive to a Ruby executive in a single month if I am successful!  What is a Ruby Executive?  It’s a big jump in the Nu Skin Compensation plan.  It means I get to go on a trip to the Caribbean for Ruby training, I get paid more, and more commissions at a deeper level, and I have a 50% chance of making it to “Blue Diamond.”  #teammillionaires!

So… I am staying at the Nikko Saigon a 5 Star Hotel.  I wanted to branch out on my own and figure out some stuff to do.  My upline is staying at a friends home.  I needed a gym, a business center, the spoils of a 5 star hotel.  And to be honest, it didn’t cost as much as it sounds.

So what is there to do in Saigon?  I definitely want to look for some Vietnamese textiles while I am there.  Check out some clubs.  My flamboyantly gay friend  Binh will be there so nightlife is a go!   One of my downline’s brother’s live in Vietnam and are Taxi drivers, so they may be able to help me get around.  I will probably hit up a farmers market for some fresh fruit since I am dieting and the grocery store for simple things like milk and yoghurt.  I will have to ask Young where to eat the good food so I don’t get sick.  I also wouldn’t mind picking up some spices and books.


#1 on trip advisor

Saigon River Express $69 USD

Owner description: Saigon River Express offers premium water taxi and ferry service throughout Saigon. The primary boarding location is the central pier in district one across from the Renaissance Hotel. It only take 10 to 15 minutes to travel to Saigon’s premier boutique hotel and spa resort: Thao Dien Village — or to the ever popular riverside restaurant: The Deck. The Cu Chi tunnel is only a one hour boat ride from the central pier and then thirty minutes by land. This is the fastest and most pleasurable way to get to the best destinations in Saigon.

7:00 am includes light breakfast and lunch

Sivananda Yoga Center


Dam Sen Waterpark $5

I know I’m a big kid.  It’ll probably be hot so I want to go

Dong Khoi St

Nice area of the City

Hang Da Market

I’m baffled where to go to do hair, nails and get pampered.  I know there are places you can get everything done for dollars.  I guess I’ll leave that up to our hosts to find us a good place.

Ben Thanh Market

Rex Hotel

While Hoi An is more famous for its tailors, Ho Chi Minh City offers plenty of competition. Wander around Le Loi or Dong Khoi Streets and you’ll stumble across many talented tailors ready to whip you up a suit or new dress in 24 hours.

VIsit the Mekong

Chu Chi Tunnels

Saigon Opera House

Soham Yoga Studio

Fine Arts Museum

I’ll probably be at the Nu Skin meetings most of the day.  Eat light since I’m on a diet anyways.  Hit the club at night.  And study on my off time by the pool.  I really want to check out the art museums, the opera house, some yoga studios, get a custom tailored suit, and definitely check out the garment district and buy some textiles.   I can grab some candy to bring home to my friends in Hawaii too.

Raise the Roof Fund Fresh Cafe


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  1. We have a tin roof, sound travels.
  2. We believe in supporting our community.
  3. We believe in supporting local and sustaining our community.



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Kristie Manning

Juan Diaz – Talented computer graphics and web designer.

25 year old Juan Diaz a local here in Las Vegas, is my talented (and handsome) computer guy.  He was born in Columbia and moved to the United States when he was 16 years old.  He graduated this year, 2010, with a degree in Graphic Design at the International Academy of Design and Technology.

He also enjoys photography, a hobby he wishes to pursue professionally.

In his spare time he also does websites, and owns a pool cleaning company.

Here is a piece from his senior portfolio.

And he completely illustrated this Elvis digitally.

Mercedes Benz advertisements.

More info @

Pool Service @

To hire Juan Diaz contact him via email

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Kristie Manning