Miss Jet Set Model Contest and Be Positive Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

I want to share a little story with you. A month ago I went on vacation after two years of no vacation time. After losing my dog, my baby, my savings and a lengthy case In family court which had no case in the first place, amost a year later I feel like I am still picking up the pieces.  A couple months ago I found some lumps in my breast we are worried about. I kind of feel a lack of grounding.

While I was in California, I spent a lot of time reflecting the direction of my life. I lost my passion and fire I use to have. I got an email to do this Miss Jet set Contest.  I believe I did it so many years ago. I didn’t expect to actually do well this time.  Something ignited in me and I saw a new way.  I’m excited to move away to California for a while (Long Beach.)  But this isn’t forever. Hawaii is my home. I’ll be back.

I’m focusing on Real Estate but didn’t want to give up my passion for fitness. I most likely will train for my pro card next year. And continue building my website freebikinibody.com. I want to donate 10% of ad sales revenue towards #fbbcleanoceaninitiative. And if I win this contest I will automatically donate 10% as well off the top. I think we live in a world of political division and I would like to spread a positive universal message rather than get caught up in the trap.

I  recently joined a wine club and get my wine for free and got my friends free wine too. I drink wine 🍷 and I know things. 🙊 If you want to ever drink wine w me I am always down for a glass or two. 💋

If you make a donation to the Be Positive Cancer Foundation try doing it during 2 for 1 vote times to maximize your votes.  And don’t forget to use your free daily vote every 24 hours.





Vote for Kristie here.


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