Toast to Newlywed Nikki and Johnny White


Apr. 15, 2017

I didn’t expect them to cut off the toasts so suddenly, so I want to express my love and support of this newly wed couple.  Maybe it’s better perhaps for me to put it into writing than to give a long drunken speech jumping back and forth with my ADD , [ LOL :)~ ]
I have so much to express about my best friend Nikki and this beautiful couple. And even though I didn’t get to toast: I get photos when I write!  I first met Nikki from a mutual friend at the Love Fest.  She looked so adorable. Nikki was wearing a fuzzy fur hat with a fur vest and a cut off denim skirt with a cute crop top that showed off her (still) perfect abs.  #cutsomewatercutsomecarbs (by the way I AM going to get Nikki to compete one day.)  Little did I know that I would come to learn that Nikki was even more beautiful on the inside than she was on the outside, if that is even possible. (;

I first came to Nikki to help me sponsor a beauty event that was raising funds for starving children in Malawi.  She didn’t only hesitate to help, she also sent me in the direction of other sponsors and invited some great people who have all come to be great friends still.  Shortly after this, Nikki called me to come work for her at a tattoo expo as a promo girl.  I told her I would love to and I even rocked the bikini contest wearing her “Way Gone” hat. LOL *she threw me under the bus on that circus… but I’m down for her. I’d jump in front of a bus for her. ❤  At this time I started to be introduced to more of her circle.  I met Pua and I was so happy that Caleb was joining her team at Way Gone.  Also another beautiful spirit.  Nikki is surrounded by an eclectic mix of  fun and beautiful people.  And I love the positivity that she radiates.


(don’t mind the silly hair, there was suppose to be a pin up contest lol)

It just so happened that at this time, I was going through a horrible break up, and Nikki was having some similar issues as well.  WING GIRL!  We are both Gemini’s so the two of us together are ADD overload and we know how to have fun till the sun comes up!  Friday nights turns into “try this on” and she finds the sluttiest dress she can in her closet, which turn into Saturday nights and Sundays turn into Nikki making my daughter Kai and I breakfast and brunches at Bogarts (our fav hang over spot) after sleeping on the day bed all weekend and getting to wake up to the ocean front breeze at her old condo at the Diamond Head Ambassador.  My daughter was always excited to come over to Auntie Nikki’s house so that she could hang out and play video games with Destin who was always patient and kind to her, [ because we all know what a butt head Kai can be sometimes (; ]  I remember one time we were at Safeway picking up pizza and ice cream for the kids, and Destin wanted to pay for it.  I think this was the first time he played “man of the house” and we thought the gesture was so sweet that he wanted to take care of his mommy.  He must have been about 13 at the time.  I think Nikki showed me what it meant to be a better mom.  I don’t think it was easy for me to balance a social life, making time for Kai and work.  And I thank her for not only being a positive person in my life, but also one of Kai’s favorite aunties.   Kai is loved by so many people although her father is in jail and unable to show her.  She is lucky to have people like Nikki who welcome her with open arms. Nikki too understands the struggle of raising a child single and understands the strength it requires to balance our lives.

Nikki always had a way of knowing when I needed a friend.  If I had a fight with a boyfriend, she’d always find something to do.  Like that one time we went sailing.  Being around her was always fun, we always were surrounded by great people, and you always seemed to forget all your problems.  But Nikki is also a great listener and always wants to help.  She always has great perspective to offer and although for the Gemini this ALWAYS backfires… believe me… I know… her heart is always in the right place! We’v only fought ONCE… I almost walked out while she was in the shower and she asked me to stay.  I was impressed by her humble ingenuity and ability to admit she was wrong.  I couldn’t stay mad at Nikki for longer than ten minutes.  We Gemini’s are ultra forgiving. (;


Nikki came and supported me when I won my division in bodybuilding at the Sting Rey Classic in 2014.  Two weeks later my boyfriend and I got in a fight and I was unable to attend a big show in Pittsburgh I had trained extremely hard for.  She didn’t hesitate to loan me $2000 that month so that I can go to the event I had worked hard for, for months.  It was hard for me to accept but I knew that she wanted me to have it.  This kind gesture meant so much to me from someone I have only known for a short time.


You can’t go to a good party without running into Nikki.  I broke up with my boyfriend AT this party because he told me he wasn’t feeling good and had to go to the office.  SO I decided to go to a pool party w Nikki and there he was drinking a cup of Patron.  So I went on with the party while Nikki kept me in a good mood.  She later convinced my boyfriend to come say hi to me.  But although her intentions were good: she couldn’t fix his tendency to fail at being smooth with his words lol.  Nikki is like a mom to me, a sister and a friend.  I first seek her approval of all the men I date before ever introducing them to my family lol.  I care for her opinion more than my own family.

The first time I met Johnny, Nikki and I were eating sushi at Doraku.  He joined us shortly after and we went to sing Karaoke at G’s Studio down the road.  I have some videos laying around in my icloud somewhere of that night (: and Johnny sang a wonderful old school Fitzgerald type song.  Totally impressed!  But Johnny’s shy, quiet swagger had me believing he wouldn’t last a month. (sorry JW)  Before I left to Vegas we hung out one more time with a friend of mine.  We met up at Lobby bar and went to Modern and ended up at the M.  Johnny had great manners and although we had our own bottles of champagne, he got a bottle of Goose as to not intrude.  Although we ended up giving it away, I liked the gesture of him buying his own bottle. (;


Johnny didn’t mind that I came over to watch the super bowl with them and ruined his game by arguing politics with him the entire game. LOL even though me and Nikki were ganging up on him.  (We always do lol). Even when I jokingly suggested Nikki and I put on our bikinis and hold Trump signs on the corner of Hawaii Kai Dr… Johnny always laughed at my twisted humor.  When I came back from Vegas, they are now living together and an official couple.  It’s New Years and I just had returned from a year of traveling.  Johnny wants to go home at 1 am.  Why you gotta be so boring grandpa?

I called Nikki one evening and Caleb answered the phone.  A group of them all went  to Maui and apparently Johnny had proposed. The social butterfly that can’t be caught?  NO WAY!  I think others felt the same way, but I was the most vocal about it.  In a joking way I always said Johnny stole my wing girl. 😦  But I sincerely could not find one reason why he wasn’t the one.  I had seen the kindness he has shown her, and the growth since they have been together.  I see the balance Libra creates in Gemini’s free spirit.  And their dynamics shows me that you can have balance and freedom and still be close at the same time.  I only hope to find the same happiness one day as these two love birds.

“You hold me without touch.  You keep me without chains.”  

There was a time I was in the hospital with a complicated pregnancy and my family wasn’t really there for me.  Nikki’s friends all reached out to me.  People whom I barely knew, who I have all come to be really great people.  Her and Johnny brought me (my favorite) buffalo wild wings.  One thing is BWW is my ISH!  And Johnny has great taste when it comes to food!  On the day I lost my baby, (election day) Nikki brought me some food and Johnny brought me some flowers.  We watched the election as Trump crushed it.. and Johnny still wasn’t convinced… he was commentating like it was a basketball game like… “naw… Hillary’s gonna come back in the fourth quarter.”  I still wasn’t convinced that Johnny was the one.  Besides… he stole my wing girl and moved her out to Hawaii Kai.  Do you know how much further that is from my freaking house?

Holiday after holiday, Nikki and Johnny gathers groups for Thanksgiving potluck dinners, Christmas, and New Years eve (and red wine and bub of course).  Don’t get me started on Johnny’s massive mac and cheese!  I can only have a bite but believe me…. I would eat that for days!  The lobster dinner he shared with Charmaine and I on New Years day was also wonderful.  (; I had no idea he could cook!  “No wonder you’re keeping this one” I joked to Nikki.  There is something to say about a man that cooks.  Johnny kept impressing me with these small things and gestures.  I slowly began to see the kindness he showed Nikki and the little things that made her a better person.

I am also thankful for the blessed friends that have come into my life because of this beautiful soul and lessons she has also taught me about protecting your space and energy and most of all letting go of negativity and forgiveness. But also for her having an open heart and allowing me to inspire her in the tiniest ways in the same way she has done for me.

Johnny just flew in from Florida on NYE and was sleeping because of jet lag… And I was like “shhhhhh… don’t wake up grandpa… we want to go party!”  Lol!  JK… I’m sure Johnny doesn’t always mind being around all the beautiful ladies.  And this night was great even tho we got separated from the rest of the group, Johnny ended up designated driving us to Kaiser Bowls to watch a great view of the entire island even though he was super tired, he just wanted to spend new years with Nikki even if that meant dragging him out around town to dead spots to meet friends that mattered.  #designateddrivergrandpa That morning (I won’t go into details) but a situation arose and I was like oh s*** that is fighting material.  And the way he calmly handled it impressed me.  Johnny carries himself with dignity, class and has strong morals.  And though he may not always agree with everyone, he respects people for their differences in opinions and their imperfections and doesn’t judge Nikki’s “eclectic” group of friends.  This truly impressed me. Johnny is always up in his head tho so who knows what funny stuff is going on in there, because he likes to laugh at my craziness often with a funny “I’m just gonna sip on this beer…” dismissive look on his face. (; Even when I’m busy being a s*** head taking Nikki’s back in a debate, he is always calm and never angry.

So as it got closer to the wedding and we started doing preparations THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING.  I’ll admit it!  I was the last person to really believe she wasn’t going to “run-away-bride” on Johnny.  I met someone (also a Libra) recently who reminds me immensely of Johnny.  He is kind and well mannered and is showing me all the things in a man I cynically didn’t believe existed anymore in this world of social media and surface level relationships.   Yet we all know this: Libra’s know how to let their freak flags fly, but still have the swag to put on the little romantic touch here and there that makes us want to vomit in our mouths a little bit (but we secretly love it… so don’t stop it coming).  (By the way… we all know Johnny’s a closet freak even though he didn’t like my Suzie’s bachelorette party gift… he’s with you Nikki… he has to be lol.)  A couple days before their wedding, I sent Nikki a text message…

“for the first time, I fully understand why you are marrying Johnny.”

It gives me hope… I feel sorry for the poor bastard who ends up with me. ❤


A toast to the Bride and Groom: to the lucky devil who caught the uncatchable unicorn.  Mr and Mrs Johnny White.



3 thoughts on “Toast to Newlywed Nikki and Johnny White

  1. My Kristie… you took a piece of my heart from the beginning. I have tons of friends but few I allow to be my family. I love you like a sister and I will always be here for the ups and downs. I also know you are always true which I value more than anything. I truly believe that’s how my heart chooses my friends.
    Thank you for the beautiful toast and bring it over it definitely made me laugh and cry.
    All i can say to sum this up is
    I love you girl!!!!!

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