Food Prep without the Food Prep

I’ve been an NPC bikini competitor since 2013.  Over the years I’ve done my own experimenting with diet.  My conclusion is… they all work.  But at the end of the day I have to choose the one that is most appealing that I will stick to in the long run.  And for this reason, I picked the IIFYM macro diet.

When I first began to seek out professional help, I was provided with a 6 meal a day meal plan with clean eating, lots of lean proteins such as egg whites, white fish, chicken breast and carbohydrate sources such as sweet potato, brown rice and quinoa with a variety of vegetables.  This is the standard basic body builder diet.  I purchased a $150 6 pack bag to carry all my meals, followed by an $80 Iso Bag.  On Sunday’s I’d spend hours prepping all of my food and weighing them out into zip lock baggies for the week.  During the week I would prepare all my meals into tupperwares from ziplock baggies and carry around my meals in my 6 pack cooler bag.  Later on, I got tired of cleaning tupperwares and carrying around a bag so I simply threw ziplock bags into an iced cooler which became easier.  The novelty idea of having a bag to carry around my meals became annoying and cumbersome.  When friends wanted to go out to eat, I would always decline.  I had no life.  And after months of dieting I would have breaks and go on binge eating.  Basically, I gave myself a minor eating disorder because I was so obsessed with my food.  And the sad thing is that I didn’t ever enjoy it.

I’ve seen some fitness professionals posting about the kim chee ramen they eat daily, the chocolate cakes and pop tarts.  Their physiques were phenomenal.  I was skeptical and thought, that person has good genetics, they are lucky!  The same thing I have been accused of by skeptics.  The truth is, weight management is hard for a 30 year old mother and I too, regardless of genetics, have to watch what I eat.  I went from a 105 lbs McDonalds cheeseburger, fried kim chee  rice eating skin and bones to over 154 lbs over the years.  Although some of that is muscle, I will admit that there were times I allowed my weight to plummet out of control with my wine drinking and dining.  I LOVE fois grois, Buffalo Wild Wings and Angry Orchard Apple Cider, and while in Japan it was non stop sake, rice and tonkotsu pork ramen noodles.

So, I decided to give this macro diet a chance.  Basically you are allocated x amount of carbohydrates, x amount of protein, and x amount of fat per day.  It doesn’t matter if you eat 10 g. of fat from a serving of coconut oil, or if you get 10 g. of fat from a bowl of ice cream.  It will serve your physique and body the same.  Of course, there are more nutrients when it comes to coconut oil vs. ice cream, but if you are concerned about your physique then it doesn’t matter.

I am writing this blog to show you that you don’t have to prep 10 lbs of chicken and fish and eat boring.  I have incorporated a few of my favorite food items that are convenient. THERE IS NO COOKING in this meal plan (except maybe one piece of bacon).  It’s so easy my 10 year old  daughter can make these meals on her own.  At the end of the day, I am so much happier because I get to eat things I enjoy, it is at my convenience and I see results. Don’t believe me?  Check out my photos.

So here is a break down of MY macros on a HIGH CARB DAY.  Don’t try to copy mine, because everyone’s is different depending on their weight, height, age, goals and activity level.  I have 325 g of carbohydrates. 50 g of fat. between 135-155 g of protein depending on my current weight and how much muscle I want to maintain.


FAT: 48
CARBS: 316


Protein Cheerios 1.5 C
Skim Milk 3/4 C
Greek 100 Cal Key Lime Yogurt Cup
1 T Barleans Omega Swirl Fish Oil-Key Lime



Mission Low Carb Wrap
Spinach 2 C
Herb Roasted Turkey Breast (Colombus) 2 oz.
1 T Cabo Guacamole
1 T Island Salsa



1 C White Rice ( I just buy microwavable bowls)
Kohala Kim Chee 4 oz
2 Sheet Japanese Nori
2 oz Salmon Sashimi (or smoked salmon from Costco)
1 T Kikkoman Soy Sauce
1 T Wasabi



Jack in the Box Spicy Chicken Sandwich with no mayo or cheese


Protein Shake

1 C Silk Coconut Milk
2 C Spinach
2 oz Cucumber
4 oz Pineapple
1/2 scoop Oatmeal Cookie Lean Active 7 Protein Powder


Protein Elvis Sandwhich Open Face

P28 Protein Bread 1 slice
1 T Nuts N More Toffee Protein Peanut Butter
1/2 T Creamy Clover Honey (Millers)
1/2 7″ banana sliced
1 piece of Bacon (Kirkland aka Costco)


4 oz Tart Froyo
1 oz Strawberries
1 oz Mochi


As you can see I have fit all my macros in for the day and I have room for some desert, snacks, a little bit of guilty pleasures ie. Jack in the Box, bacon and you can play around with your proteins and vegetables.  I love cucumber kim chee and Japanese ocean salad.  Sesame Oil with some seaweed and chili flake is always good.  Sashimi, smoked salmon, fat free cottage cheese, eggs and bacon and spam musubis are some of my favorites to also incorporate.  Don’t starve yourself.  Eat and enjoy.


I do meal plans for only $99 and I can incorporate your favorite food items.


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