Yes Please! Bearded Men… #beardgang

I love me a manly beard.  I always date guys with beards… Or I make them grow one!   hahahahaha.  Did you make my top ten list of sexy bearded men?  Here are side by sides of them with beards, and without.  You tell me if you like them better with or without?

1. Gerard Butler

Gerard_Butler_younger_pic  868939-pictures-of-gerard-butler

2. British Model David Gandy… Umm yes please.

images article-2539995-1AB000CF00000578-875_306x423

3.Devran Taskesen


4. Javier Bardem makes the list. IDK something about him is alluring to me.  Maybe it’s that he in-pregnanted Penelope Cruz.   He def looks better w a beard!Javier Bardem

Spanish actor Javier Bardem poses with his Best Supporting Actor award.
Spanish actor Javier Bardem poses with his Best Supporting Actor award.

5. Facial hair for Kit Harrington is the difference between boy and man.  The curly long hair works for him too.  I LOVE long hair if you can pull it off.

fenbsy GQ122013

6. British model Jack Greystone… had a crush on him forever. ❤

jack-greystone 11262569_362208753984621_1365825027_n

7. George Clooney. No caption necessary.

pa-4685981 George-Clooney

8. Jason Momoa… If he wasn’t a taken man…

Jason-Momoa-no-beard Unknown

9.Chris Hemsworth… That’s a no brainer

images-1 images

10. Gustoso… Marlon Texeira. Brazilian model. My FAVORITE.  Brown sugar. (; Beard… no beard… idc I’ll run my hands through that curly hair. ❤

7df3fb462516c0f108c54b9be6a72e33  f50e547dab364be72f0bcdcc86d3fe2a


Insert… Adult toy advertisement… LOL

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