10 Exercises to a Perfect Booty

The key to having a nice booty is building it. By working on your glutes and hamstrings you build muscle to be seen. A skinny unshapely ass isn’t the goal. Proper diet and nutrition in addition to weight training is key to building muscle.

Second, you have to cut enough fat to see “glute ham tie-in.” This gives you that nice tight appearance.

Here is a good example of a shapely ass and good glute ham tie-in. This is a line up of IFBB bikini pros. See how they all have shapely, tight glutes. This is at the Olympia and is the best in the world.


Here is an example of amateur NPC bikini competitors, they do not come in as tight.


The key to a shapely ass

1. Build muscle through proper weight training and diet.

2. Low/no weight and High repetitions to tighten.

3. Cardio to burn the excess fat. Competitors fat % can go lower than 13% and as low as 2% in Figure and Physique. Bikini girls tend to stay between 9 and 13%. To maintain a year round athletic physique, I recommend between 13 and 18%. On my off seasons I get soft and am around 17% but still look great in a bikini. I just have a little extra curves around my thighs. Abs don’t start showing until you get below 15%.

1. Hyper Extensions: Squeeze your glutes and keep your core tight to activate your glutes instead of putting pressure in the lower back.


2. Yoga Ball Butt Lifts


3. Glute Kick Backs: You can do this on a hamstring curl machine, or a squat rack smith machine facing downward on the ground, then it becomes a donkey kick back. On a cable machine. On a kick back machine. Or on the ground while you watch tv with no weight.

Donkey Kick Back


Cable Kick Back


No Weight Kick Back


Glute Kick Back Machine: NOTE there are many types of machines out there that work at different planes of motion.


4. Dead Lifts: This is an advanced exercise and if you do it too heavy you are at high risk for injury. Pick up a 20 lbs barbell and try it with good form. Elevate your toes with an olympic plate underneath them for a deeper workout.


5. Good Mornings: Similar to deadlifts, whereas deadlifts focus in the hamstrings, goodmornings focus activation in the glutes.


6. Lunges: Try 50 across the gym with very light or 100 with no weight. High reps will help you tighten up. Be sure to push through your heel and feel the hamstring and glute activate. OR do explosive switch lunges by jumping in the air in between each rep without any weight.

Barbell Lunges


Switch Jump Lunges


7. Hamstring Curls


8. Pop Squats: Throw in 20 in between ever set.


9. Pliet Squats: Try lifting up on your toes for a deeper workout.

10. Weighted Glute Push Downs: Using the assisted pull up machine, step down with your feet. Keep your spine straight and glutes activated. DO NOT use your own body weight to push down. Push with your heels to activate the glutes. This exercise is ineffective without proper glute/ham activation.

This is a great video and she does a great job at explaining the form.


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