Favorite Bikini Girls from Paradise Cup 2013

Photos courtesy of Honolulu Pulse.

Paradise Cup was amazing this year!  80 girls in bikini alone!  Prejudging finishes up usually around 1 pm to allow the judges time to tally up the scores for the evening show at 5.  Bikini finished prejudging at one and physique at 5 pm.  I went home to take a shower and take a nap, and came back around 9 pm, where they opened the doors very late.  Did I mention… the show was sold out, and a 20 person fight broke up that they were unable to break up.  Surprisingly enough… it was 40 year old + local guys acting like teenagers. Bikini was so amazingly competitive this year!  Everyone looked amazing, and I congratulate everyone for walking on that stage because you are all winners!

I’ve been training super hard for Paradise Cup and I’m so happy with the change in my physique, tightness in my glutes, growth in my delts and slimming and toning of my waist.  I have never been in better shape and I was proud to walk on that stage!  I had pneumonia at 12 weeks out, had a 2 week break, relapsed at 4 weeks out, a kidneystone at 2 weeks out, and pneumonia again at 9 days out.  I stayed in bed the final week and a half and didn’t get my double cardio prep week where I shed down the most fat.  😦 It was painstaking to lay in bed all week and play video games (ok the video game part I was enjoying) drinking water (thanks to my sponsor at Menehune, Joe Hartzman) and eating spinach, oatmeal, lean proteins and asparagus all week.  Constantly checking my weight, making sure that without working out, I am not losing progress,  using Prep H (to get the water out of my abs) and wrapping my waist with neoprene wraps, I was devastated to not be in the gym.  Regardless… I already paid my entry fees and wanted to compete!  I feel great, just a little soft, not as cut down as I would have liked to be.

When I get there I scope out the competition.  Of course… the real competition is within myself,  but I couldn’t help but see Darla Davis (3rd place at Sting Rey Classic) and Katie Jones (1st place at Sting Rey Classic) where I had placed second.  They both have made amazing improvements in their body. Darla’s legs and glutes definitely more filled out and tight, and Katie in a little leaner this competition. I came on looking soft next to them, but larger in muscular development.   The goal was to do nationals at Ft. Lauderdale in 3 weeks, so a more muscular physique was necessary to compete nationally.  Last competition there was only tall and short division.  Due to the high number of bikini contestants at Paradise Cup this year, they had medium division, and the top 3 from Sting Rey were in it.  It was a wild card who would come out on top.

That morning my bones started to ache.  I guess  the dandelion root ( a natural diuretic ) brought out the toxins from my body and I was in pain throughout pre judging.  I’m pretty naturally comfortable on stage and don’t get too nervous, but when it came down to pose down, I kept cramping and got tired immediately.  I didn’t realize it, but posing takes a lot of strength and energy.  My posing was HORRIBLE and I feel I could have got at least top 5 if I came in a stronger poser.  LESSONS LEARNED. And go pee before prejudging.  You could be in line for HOURS.

Stephanie Denman (1st Place tall division)


Top 3 (Overall)


1st Place (short division)


Top 5 (tall division)

1st Place Stephanie Denman

2nd Place Faren Campbell

3rd Place (Sarah Henderson TEAM BOMBSHELL!)



Faren Campbell



Sarah Henderson (3rd place tall division)



Darla Davis (top 5 med division)


Katie Jones (2nd place med division)



Breianna Denman


Top 5 (med division)


Top 5 (short division)


Anela Gonzalez (TEAM BOMBSHELL!)


I’m in love with this girls ASS!



Nyki Cade






Sarah Storrs









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