Ten Reasons to Get Back in the Gym.


10. Compete in a fitness competition.  Get some motivation to get back in shape and stay in shape.  Reach towards your goals and show off your hard work!

9. Lose some weight.  When’s the last time you worked out?  Put on more than an extra few pounds?  Don’t wait for it to get out of control!

8. To get a bikini bod.  Sexy abs and toned glutes get you ready for the summer and look sexy in your bikini.  Don’t be self conscious about your body.  Be proud of it.  You may not have a perfect body like Amanda Latona, but taking care of your body will raise your confidence level and confidence = sexy!

7. Keep your metabolism high.  You may not be out of shape, but we all have to maintain.  And as we age, our metabolism slows down.  Keep it up by working out consistently.

6. For the health benefits.  Daily exercise has been proven to increase daily energy, expand life span, improve your mood, sleep, and fight conditions and disease including cancer, stroke, diabetes, depression and arthritis.  It may even positively effect your sex life. (:

5. Idle time?  Find a hobby.  A healthy one!  Replace bad habits like drinking and smoking with yoga class, weight training and surfing.  Fitness can improve all aspects of your life, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.  Make time for your body.  “You only have one home to live in.  Take care of it.”

4. Improve your physique.  Let’s face it… Everyone has something on their body they wish they can improve on.  They want abs, bigger butt, smaller butt.  It’s human nature to want what you don’t have.  Kick your goals in the face and get what you want! I endorse breast implants!  If your’e not happy with your boobs, get bigger ones!  Go see Dr. Herbich.  He did mine, and he’s the best!

3. Fit in some old clothes. I have a $500 pair of jeans that don’t fit me anymore.  I hate to see those go to waste.

2. Go shopping. An excuse to spend some money on yourself.  Pay for a personal trainer.  Buy some Lululemon or VSX Victoria Secret shorts and a new pair of Asic Gels Kayanos.  Get some supplements @ Designer Body or NuSkin.com.  Pamper yourself.  

1. You broke up with your boyfriend (girlfriend).  Nothing is more satisfying then getting in shape and feeling sexy about yourself after a breakup.  Especially when you bump into your ex, and you’re looking fabulous!



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