There’s something super disgusting about the way Vegas runs.  It attracts everyone from transient homeless crack heads, to ghetto white girls pretending to be black, who walk around with balls because they think their pimp is going to have their back, to independent high end hookers and gold diggers, who think they are that much better than the last, and bring in $10,000 a night, jet setters, who shop at the most expensive couturiers world wide and men looking to pay their extravagant fees and throw down $100,000 on a single bottle, just for show.  Somehow, Vegas has lost it’s charm.

Sure… I love it that I can get into Surrender for free on Wednesday night to see Calvin Harris.  Or XS on a Saturday night to see Avicii and a friend will always have a bottle somewhere.  Sure I love the free cabanas, free hotels, dinner comps and more freebies that come with being a female in this city and being a part of their atmosphere.  There’s so many places to wine and dine, from small traditional Japanese izakaya spots on Spring Mt. like Raku, to extravagant restaurants like Bar Masa @ the Aria where you can get $500 shabu shabu, or something a little bit more intimate and trendy, and everything $10 and under, at Firefly’s Spanish Tapa Bar off Paradise.  

Been torn between coming back and staying in Hawaii.  True, there are things that lure me back.  The dining.  The networking.  The money.  The affordable housing.  Gambling.  I hit the “Fire Bet” @ the craps table @ Caesars the other night in 10 rolls.  I had no idea what that meant until I did it.  #onfire! 

But of course… nothing comes first to living in Hawaii.  Hawaii is the best place to live and I’m content flying back and forth to Vegas.  Just sometimes I get island fever and gotta get out and see the world.  Headed to Colombia, Brazil, Asia (Bangkok, Vietnam, Bali) for a month for my birthday in June, Big Island and Maui  and possibly Germany too.

Just sharing a piece of my mind with you.




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