Want toned glutes?


Here is another Monday routine

60 minute intense weight training

25 lbs plate squats 12×3 (glutes)
25 lbs over cross hand squats 10×3 (quads) (med/wide stance)

Seated leg press 25 lbs plates
Front x3
One legged sides x3

Dead Lifts 70 lbs 15×3

30×3 Explosive wide stance deep squats with leverage

One legged lunges + one legged deadlifts (circuit) 10×2

Inner/outer thigh abduction/adduction (circuit) 37 lbs 3×15 (slow pace)

Glute lifts 25 lbs plate 15×3 (slow pace)

20 min. HIIT cardio (peak 175 bpm/low 125 bpm)



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