What My Diet Looks Like…

… on a good day.  (:


I’m training for Sting Rey Classics my first body building show so diet is essential.

I have 3 (sometimes 4) protein shakes (intek whey isolate with glutamine and BCAAS)

2 My Victory Nu Skin Shakes

4 tegreen

6 My Victory Complex

Pharmanex Digestive Formula and Pro Bio (because eating all that whey its good to have good quality digestive products)

LIfepak Nano (in my professional opinion, the best supplementation out there!)

Cortitrol to curb the edginess, stress (has calming properties), and manage cortisol levels.

Breakfast: plain greek yoghurt and fresh berries and mangoes (small portion) with chia and bee pollen.


Whole wheat pancakes with pecans and banana’s (with sugar free syrup or agave which is a low glycemic sweetener).  Turkey Bacon. Egg whites.  I like Cholula sauce on my eggs.  


Steel cut oats with fresh strawberries and bee pollen

Lunch: Olive oil, garlic cloves, brocoli.  Rosemary, lemon and black pepper chicken breast.


Poke bowl with brown rice


Whole wheat pasta with lean meat and veggies and lots of paprika with tomatoes (cajun)

snack: brown rice wasabi chips or wasabi peas or wasabi almonds ( a little bit of carbs and a small snack.  Almonds have healthy fats and adding wasabi power [available at Fresh & Easy ] makes a boring snack more flavorful without calories.)  Sometimes I even get a chocolate craving.  Whole Foods has very expensive unsweetened low glycemic index dark chocolate bars. Portion control is important.

Dinner: Shabu Shabu (lean meat [beef, lamb, shrimp] with vegetables [taro, bok choy, mushrooms, enoki] and tofu in light broth)

Snack: apple

Late Night: grilled chicken and vegetables (mushrooms, seaweed, cabbage, radish, potato)

I try to only have 2 servings of carbs a day.  



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