My Favorite Weight Management Program

I’ve tried tons of regiments from the 90 day challenge to harsh master c leanses (the lemonade diet), juicing and the glycemic index.  I finally found my favorite weight management, Nu Skin’s My Victory, AC Complex system.

Millionaire Alan Nagao is on the weight management system and you can see his results on Facebook.  I was especially impressed with his IMMEDIATE visceral fat loss and muscle gain.

The entire weight management package is $360/mo.  I took out the Vitality because I have a stronger version of it, the R2 so my bill is about $300 a mo.  Plus $122 for the lifepak nano (supplementation) and $100 for 4 bottles of g3. (I share it with Kai as well because I feel selfish I am spending all this money on myself.)   Wow! What a bill!  But it’s worth it all because I’m high on life and feel amazing!  And I get free product anyways.

I woke up New Years day and committed to getting started on training for Sting Rey.  I had all my sups, my “My Victory” shake and head to the gym for 45 minutes of moderate cardio at 160 bpm.  Following my workout I had some organic whole wheat ramen.  I put some bok choy and egg in it.  I napped and in the evening I realized I didn’t eat all day but I wasn’t hungry.  I snacked on some unsweetened dried cherries.  It’s 10 pm and I am cooking up some brocoli with garlic cloves in olive oil and having one slice of wheat bread with unsweetened marmalade and peanut butter.  It’s too late to cook a big meal.  I love it that I’m not irritable, starving, fatigued, etc.  I feel amazing!  I recommend this diet to anyone!  My problem is that I need to eat MORE or I am going to lose my muscle mass.

I’ve used each of these products one by one but not all together at once.  Let me break down each item for you and let you know why each one is so special. But first of all… everything in Nu Skin is NATURAL.  NO caffeine.  NO stimulants.  No negative chemicals.   Everything is GENTLE on your body and you can expect to feel great and see results.  60 days or your money back guaranteed!
the My Victory Shakes + the AC Complex
Shakes help you manage your calorie intake when losing weight.  These two products boost burn, and reduce hunger cravings. AC Complex promotes healthy weight loss by supporting healthy metabolism and lean muscle mass, and boosts energy levels with a proprietary ginseng extract.  With satisfying levels of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, AC Shakes also support healthy metabolism and lean muscle mass.  The main ingredients are  garcinia, gymnema, and forskohlii extracts.
This high antioxidant product is great for inflammation, infection, cellular protection and  beautiful skin.  But also is a natural thermogenic.  A fat burner that increases your metabolism.  1 capsule is equivalent to 7 cups of green tea WITHOUT the caffeine and negative side effects.  Such an amazing product!
I originally got this product because of its calming effects and for stress.  It works on your cortisol levels.  Have you heard of fight or flight?  If you see a mountain lion, your body sends out stress signals (cortisol).  When you diet your body is under stress and releases cortisol. Cortisol is also responsible for the yoyo effect, and putting weight back when you are done with your diet.  This AMAZING product helps manage those levels making your diet less stressful, and also targeting visceral fat which is created by high levels of cortisol.  Can’t live without this product.
Keep checking for my transformation photos and updates. (:

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