Its 12 am…

I can’t sleep and my mind races with the thoughts of all I have seen today. Should I stay or go? Should I lie or tell the truth? Have I loved, or am I just passing through? Is anything that’s happened even real? It’s just passing by so fast I don’t even realize it’s happening and before you know it, it’s just wasted time. Sometimes you have to feel the pain just to know you’re alive but you keep on living. I watched discovery channel videos on giant sea creatures and giant squids on YouTube today. I guess something so big is rare and hard to find, and often found in arctic waters, so I guess I’ll move to the north pole. But are we so cold blooded? Or are we just shallow that the depths of the ocean are what we are afraid of? What dwells In the unknown, murky realm. Finding one would only be lucky if you make it through. Make sushi.
Kristie manning

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