10 Christmas Presents Under $30

On a budget this holiday?  Need inexpensive gifts for “secret santa?” Stocking stuffers?  Or just something inexpensive to share with your clients this holiday as a PR formality.  Here is a list of 10 inexpensive ideas for Christmas presents under $30!

1. Cortitrol $29.90

One of my favorite supplements of all time!  Cortitrol promotes healthy cortisol hormone balance and supports your ability to respond to stressful situations more calmly.  Also targets visceral fat keeping you slim.

2. Liquid Body Lufra $9.70

Gently eases away dead skin cells and excess oil to give your skin a polished feel.

3. Polishing Bar $8.00

Cleanses and helps remove dead skin cells for a smooth, clean feeling.

4. Epoch Baobab Body Butter $22.30

A rich cream for supple skin that stays touchably soft all day.

5. Epoch Glacial Marine Mud $17.75

Extracts impurities, removes dead skin cells, and rejuvenates damaged skin.

6. Polishing Peel $19.40

My favorite product! Provides results equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion session (without the abrasive scrub).

7. 180 Face Wash $26.20

Targets age spots, discoloration, and helps diminish wrinkles with 10% active vitamin C.

8. naPCA Moisture Mist $7.80

Increases skin’s moisture level with this refreshing mist.  naPCA is a natural humectant in your skin.  It costs $250 a kilo.  And is also used to transport organs.

I want to show you this picture.  It’s kind of gross… but it shows you how a $7 bottle can preserve your skin.  My favorite product!  One cup has an apricot with water, the other with naPCA.  You can tell which one is preserved and which one is rotten.

9. Sole Solution Foot Treatment $15.50

Therapeutic foot cream for those suffering from rough, dry, or cracked feet.

10. IceDancer Invigorating Leg Gel $10

A cooling gel that stimulates and instantly revives fatigued legs

To order go to iheartnuskin.com
for 30% off call 808.377.0002


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