How To Build A Nice Ass

Even when dieting and training hard and weighing only 110 lbs I always had a little bit of cellulite that would never go away.  Although I have never been a believer of cellulite cremes, I’ve tried the Kardashian’s cellulite gel and other companies like It Works!  Kardashian cream is about $35.  I also use to take unhealthy lipo 6 pills, and when I diet, consume a healthy shabu shabu diet, and exercise 5x a week.  Now I use ageloc body shaping gel with the Nu Skin body galvanic for my cellulite, with the dermatic affects lotion and it is amazing!


Here is a good routine to make your ass look nice.

Squats: Most people have poor posture when doing squats.  What I recommend is put a yoga ball between a wall and your back.  This will keep your posture correct.  Use light weight to start, 15-20 lbs.  5 sets of 20 will burn fat and make your glutes tight.  Try to squeeze your butt instead of using your legs.  Push with the heels of your feet, not your toes.  Activate the glutes by utilizing a mind to muscle connection.  Imagine you have a walnut in your butt and have to crack it open.  I actually heard a trainer say this several times, and although it may sound funny, it is effective to visualize!

A reactive routine I like to use is a jump up on a step box.

My favorite is alternative push offs.  Stand on the ground and place one foot on the box, heel close to closest edge.  Push off of the foot on the box to gain as much height as possible by extending through the entire leg and foot; land with feet reversed (box foot lands a split second before ground foot)> Use a double arm swing for height and balance.

A 3 exercise circuit routine I like to use:

. Start with 20 standing leg lifts

. Without resting do 20 lunges.

. WIthout resting do 20 squats.  Be sure to keep your back straight, core strong, glutes hard, and with good posture and form.  Pretend you are sitting in a chair, or use a chair for guidance.

. take a 2 minute break

. repeat 3x.  If you want to really push yourself, try 5.

Single legged Deadlifts.  I leave my leg straight, not bent at the knees.  Working your hamstrings will lift the glutes.  One of my fav exercises.

Glute Lifts

. if you have this down well you are ready to add weights.  Don’t try it without weights unless you have it down good.

One Legged Leg Press

Don’t forget to stretch.


Kristie Manning

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