I Have Functional ADHD

So it’s always been a question if I actually have ADHD.  I certainly have difficulty concentrating, listening, reading, interrupting people in conversations, keeping focused on day to day living.  Doing Nu Skin requires me to listen and I’m learning to polish these imperfections.  Even when trying my hardest and concentrating to deal with some of my attention issues, it becomes a problem.  However, when I was prescribed adderall (the generic pressed pill form and amphetamine) I didn’t have a positive reaction, suggesting the complete opposite, that I don’t have an actual chemical imbalance.  But since then someone gave me a regular adderall, a salt in a capsule and I took a small dose (10 mg) and it worked sufficiently.  Since I’ve been like this since I was a child, it is highly suggested that I am ADHD.  But I’ve been taking the ageLOC R2 (vitality part 2) and it’s somewhat kept me pretty focused and healthy mentally without body harming medications like lithium and adderall.  I’ve decided to get a MRI to conclusively get the results of whether or not my ADHD is a chemical imbalance, or if I’m just a tard.

My friend is a psychologist and we started sessions recently.  My HMSA was recently cancelled, so I told him I’d be his therapist for an hour after he has my session and we actually have a lot to relate to because we have so much in common, such as ADHD and Type A extrovert personalities.   Could it be that I am not even ADHD but just have an extreme end of the spectrum personality?  Well, I’ll know after I take my MRI if I really have a chemical imbalance or not.

But then I thought, I don’t want to cure my ADHD.  I just have to focus really hard to manage it and wield the positive side of ADHD, such as “hyper focus.”   People with ADHD can also be extremely focused and should utilize those strengths.  Tons of famous people were ADHD like Einsten, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Sir Richard Branson, MIchael Phelps, Emily Dickinson, William Butler Yeats, Picasso, Van Gogh, Mozart, Alexander Graham Bell, JFK, and Abraham Lincoln.  Make sense?  haha!

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