Supplements and diets are a SCAM

There’s always the newest hype and the biggest promoted upcoming products coming up.  Products come and go.  Remember Phen Phen?  The stimulating weightloss pill that ended up hospitalizing many with over 50,000 lawsuits.  Remember the hype of Xyience a sponsor of UFC when UFC came to rise in popularity?  I use to pay for that overpriced stuff.  Did I ever see a real difference?  No.  Maybe I had a bunch of energy because of the caffeine in them.  Most products are loaded with caffeine and do the same thing but have different packages.

Now days everyone is hyped up on Jack3d and Monster drinks.  For the serious body builders, I recommend Animal Cuts, a pack with 9 pills including diuretics, thermogenics, appetite suppressants, metabolism boosters and weightloss etc.  However, the package has very explicit instructions and I only recommend usage of this product under the direct supervision of a health care professional.  The world of body building is unhealthy and to obtain these goals, we have to have discipline of mind to acchieve the goals we desire.  For the regular stay home mother, or business woman with a busy schedule, or any other average person, I do not recommend you look into these harsh products like hydroxycut and lipo 6.  I’ve had experience with them all, and at the end of the day you damage your organs, especially your heart, and in the long run can have negative psychological effects.  Imagine being strung out on amphetamines for a week.  Constant up and down not only physically is hard on your body but also psychological.  Being able to concentrate becomes a feat itself.

What about fad diets?  I call them yo yo diets.  I’ve experimented with this as well.  The Lemonade cayenne diet we like to call the master cleanse.  I’ve done it before.  The first few days are killer, but after you get use to it, you no longer am hungry.  Anybody can lose weight by starving themselves.   In my experience, yes I could lose literally 1 lbs a day (which is not healthy).  But that weight came back.  Even someone like me who eats moderately healthy and works out constantly.   A cleanse is a good way to start if you have toxins in your body but there are so many other detoxes out there that are far more healthier for you.  It seems we are going to great lengths to try to be healthy, but really the unhealthy things we do to our body are hurting us.

There are so many meal replacement shakes, diets, supplement packages, regiments and they all work.  They’ll get you where you want to be, then what happens when you’re tired of starving and you start eating rice and noodles again and start cheating with the brownies and icecream.  It all begins to come back, and fast.

I’ve never been one to like supplements.  I know what I need to take like my Vitamin C’s and my fish oils and glutamine and protein for my muscles.  But how do I know that they are really working?  That is why I take the LifePak Nano now.  I actually FEEL the energy from them and on top of that, it’s greatly improved the appearance of my skin as well.  I was severely impressed by the biophotonic scanner Pharmanex provides to prove the effectiveness of the supplements.

So how do we lose weight effectively and safely?  Through the science of epigenetics.

Example of how epigenetics works with a genetic heap map of before and after on ageLOC Vitality.

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics is the study that our genes are a certain way when we are young.  When we age our genes change.  And with the right supplementation we can change our genes back naturally to like when we were young.

I have personally experienced the success of these epigenetic products with the Vitality and the Asian market version, a stronger product “R2.”

SO how do you lose weight SAFELY, effectively and keep it off without starving yourself?  Nu Skin has discovered the genes responsible for fat.  You take a supplement that is going to reset your genes to like when you were young. Think about when you were at your ideal weight.  How old were you?  How much did you weigh?  What did you eat?  This pill is going to revitalize your genes, making it easily attainable to maintain a youthful figure without starving yourself.   Breakthrough technology.

More info on Project Gamma.


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