Fabric Wish List

As some of you know, I’m in fashion school.  It’s hard to fashion worthy fabric in Hawaii.  Here is my dream wish list.  When I travel, I am going to start visiting the fashion districts for fabric to collect a collection of international textiles.

Swiss Silk Jacquard Polka Dot

Reversible Wool $74.95/yd

Silk Plisse Print $98/yd

Natural Silk Yellow Poppies $98/yd

Silk Ombre $39/yd

Gold Chantilly Lace $125/yd

Taj Mahal Princess Lace $670/yd

Paisley Lace $179/yd

French Beaded Lace $879//yd

Vintage MOD tropical floral print $28.50

Light, Enliyened and Effervescent in French Knit $39/yd

Abalone Fairy $1,126.50/yd

Yellow Dotted Swiss

Marc Jacobs Eyelet

Gray Floral Marc Jacobs Eyeleted Wool $100/yd

Red Pique

Stretch Terry Nantucket

Teal Interlock Knit

Italian Silk Rega Seta $47.49/yd

Cowboy Rose Collection Embroidered Silk Dupioni $69.99/yd

Giverny Embroidered Silk Dupioni $39.99/yd

Vintage Summer Paisley

Zen Charmer Floral

Artisan Batik: Emma Batik Lapis/Chartreuse

Pick Me Floral Yellow

Michael Miller Poppy Silhouette Olive

Lanikai Stained Blue Glass

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