Put It On Ice!

Chilling your hands sends cool blood back to your heart, which helps decrease fatigue while boosting endurance and the odds you’ll stick to your routine.  To get the effect, carry and ice-cold water bottle or try the Cool Point hand cooler. ($20, tptherapy.com)

Self Myofascial release is normally done with foam rollers to smooth out those knots, sore zones and tight muscles.  Now you can do it with a cold roller.  If you’re like me and have tight quads and find it difficult squatting deep  because your hamstrings are underworked, try rolling on your quadriceps to loosen up those over worked tight muscles. Let your muscles recover in the most effective way, through myofascial release and cold compression in the least amount of time with the “Cold Roller.” Let’s see how I like it.


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