I started taking a supplement by Nu Skin available only in International markets, combined with cortitrol and tegreen.  I didn’t take a day 1 picture.  It was pretty bad.  But here is Day 4.  At Day 4, it had early begun clearing up by 50%.  Yes!  It was actually 50% worse!  I had 2 facials to extract all my pores.

This is 10 days later.  Much much better!

At only 2 weeks It is CLEAR!

I’ve used a variety or products from AHBA, Glycolics, Salicylic, Enzyme Peels and even prescription retinol.  They clear up, but my acne seemed to stem from hormonal issues and my birth control.  Nu Skin products detoxed me from the inside, clearing up in my skin in just 2 weeks!

Week 5

No makeup, just blush and mascara. My skin isn’t only clear… it is GLOWING!

I am also using the polishing peel now (a non abrasive) alternative to a microdermabrasion for under $20 and the clear line.

Call me if you want to clear up your acne!

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