Philosophical Take on Dark Knight.

In The Dark Knight series, an elected official suggests that the city intends to arrest Batman. A female cop watching the television turns to a middle-aged detective and says something like, “The man says you’re closing in on the Batman.” The detective says that they’ve got some suspects, balls up a piece of paper and throws the wad up against a bulletin board which has photos of Elvis Presley, Bigfoot, and Abraham Lincoln. They are the political messages of the series in a nutshell:

  1. Elvis: Fame is powerful, useful and destructive. Mortal men can become immortal symbols, but they still remain mortal in reality.
  2. Bigfoot: Man is also a beast. He walks on two legs, but is he really different than an animal?
  3. Lincoln: Sometimes you have to lie, break the law and otherwise enter into temporary evils in order to do good. But it might not work for the long term and it might cost you your life.

Ok maybe it’s me, but I tend to philosophize on weird things like fantasy movies and rap songs.  Everything has a political parallel or is meant to send a greater message.  I saw Batman tonight and my it was a long ass movie.  It got a little intense, but we thought there was too much talk and not enough action.  But in between the action, there were greater messages which I always feel has been a part of Bat Man.  Confusing Illuminati messages that can be complex and are debatable.  But to someone who constantly studies the subject, perhaps I could be playing tricks on myself with paranoia, which is precisely what “they” want anyways.  

Bruce Wayne is implied to be a martyr.  A wealthy man (equivalent to a Bilderberg group person, the richest 2% in the world), someone who live’s in extreme wealth, but in his case generously gives back to the people.  Someone who is responsible for protecting the world from what they are too fragile to understand.   A great responsibility to burden one person.  When disaster strikes, they want to blame the person who helps them as their scape goat.  Most conspiracies lead you to believe against the wealthy groups who abuse their finances to manipulate and wield more power.  But when everybody’s done fucking each other over, who is to clean up the mess? Batman? Are we to put our trust in the one’s trying to protect ourselves, even if they hide us from the truth?

Dark Knight also demonstrates how fragile the economic system is and by screwing with technology, and finances, an economic disaster can lead to chaos, giving power to the wrong people in the diversions taking place.  Philosophy.  Sound familiar?

Batman is the protector of the people.  The faceless red white and blue.  The scape goat to create hope. Batman is the ideas that hide behind the mask. 


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