the 5 Types

1. The professional types.  These are teachers, lawyers, doctors, realtors, people with education and careers.  They spent time going to school, getting an education and now they have they have NO TIME!  You ask them if they want to go to the movies, they say, “I don’t have time!’  You ask them if they want to go to lunch, they said “I don’t have time.”  Type 1.  NO TIME.

2. Type 2 has lots of time, and no money.  They stay home all their life and never make money.  You ask them if they want to go out, they say “I don’t have money.”   Type 2. NO MONEY, LOTS OF TIME.

3. Type 3 is people who get stuck working for many many years.  They work very hard for years.  They get promotions every year. They change companies.  They are employees.  They work hard for little money.  At the end of the month they have to pay the rent, the car payment, the insurance, and they have to worry about having a job next month because who is going to pay the bills? Type 3. NO MONEY, NO TIME. 

4. Type 4 is people who are very rich and have lots of time.  But they have no health.  They are usually retired from type 1 but have cancer, diabetes, etc. because they did not take care of themselves. Type 4. LOTS OF TIME. LOTS OF MONEY. NO HEALTH.

5. Type 5 is financial freedom and time freedom.  When you wake up in the morning you decide what you want to do and you do it.  If I go to Vietnam and decide I want to stay here for 2 months, it becomes your home.  I want to go to Shanghai for a year, and you do it.  I don’t want to work for a year, and I do it.  I want to spend the entire summer with my daughter and not work.  I do it.  I want to take a vacation to backpack Europe for a month, I do it.  I WANT TO BE TYPE 5!  Nu Skin is the ONLY platform THAT I KNOW OF to do this.


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