My Story

My story begins with me being in a spiritually draining but lucrative career.  This career afforded me the luxuries of freedom and time.  Eventually my career took away from my relationship with the love of my life which turned into a toxic relationship.  By the time I realized I had to change my life it was too late to save the relationship, and I realized that a career change would not happen over night.  I quit my job, but went back to it when I realized being broke wasn’t a way to live either.  This time I tried to save money instead of spending it and launch my fitness business.  I study fashion at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco online and I was in a very grueling semester so it was a very difficult time for me, all work and no play.  


The first month that Nerium came out I was approached by a friend who insisted I try it.  I respect the sponsor as a successful business person, and he would be a good upline for me and help guide me to success.  It was time to make a change.  I heard it was an exploding company, but it had made me break out very badly.  I can’t support a product I don’t use.  


I was approached by a friend at the gym to do a nutrition company called VIsalus.  At this point it was exploding but I found it difficult to make time.  


My other friend saw me doing network marketing so she sold me on another company called It Works which sold a natural wrap that does similar things as the galvanic body spa.  Tightens, firms, helps with fat and cellulite.  After buying a $500 kit I realized it was not as effective as they had promised.  I didn’t seen inches melt in 45 minutes.  In fact I didn’t see any results after using hundreds of dollars of products.  


My other friend saw me doing network marketing and tried to sell me on nu skin.  I tried the galvanic spa and thought it made my skin feel wonderful.  I’m a connoisseur for spa’s, facials and beauty products and I was very impressed with it.   So I committed only to the $350 galvanic spa package at this time, even though she asked me to LOI.  I wasn’t into the nutrition since I was in Visalus.  What does LOI mean?  It means making the executive purchase to try all the products and maintaining your sales to maintain a higher position in Nu Skin and obtain higher commissions at a deeper level.  I wish that I  could have LOI’d at that time because I would have quit wasting my time with the other companies.   And I would have tried the products sooner that are changing my life.  I smoked cigarettes for 13 years and had chronic bronchitis. Lifepak nano has stopped me from being sick every single month.  Since I began Life pak I have not been sick one time.  And the cortitrol and r2 I am newly trying is helping to clear up my acne because internally I have hormonal and toxicity problems.  Nu Skin doesn’t only anti-age from the outside it anti-ages internally on a genetic level.


I was sold on the vitamins, “Vi-Pak” with the Visalus company I was involved with. But to be fair I used the biophotonic scanner to test out the quality of the vitamins.  Later my score dropped and I realized that I was throwing away my money at an idea, a dream and brilliant marketing on Visalus’s part but a product that was actually bad for me. 


Memorial Day weekend I had my i Heart Fitness HI launch party at Apartm3nt’s closing night.  I had planned this party for 4 months.  I had used all 3 of these companies I was involved with to push at this event and get contacts from all the guests.  I got over 200 leads and spent thousands on preparations and items for the gift bags.  On the day of the event my upline from Visalus flaked, my upline from It Works who came all the way from Colorado just to come to my event flaked, and the only girls there were my upline from Nu Skin, Charity and Angie who were there so motivated to work hard for me and help.  I immediately quit the other companies and decided to do Nu Skin full time.  Their team work inspired me.  


A few days later I was in the hospital.  This is really hard for me to share.  I had overdosed on a bottle of medication.  I had been experimenting with medications from my psychiatrist.  He had me on lithium, took me off of ativan, ambien, wellbutrin, zoloft, staterra, adderall, the list goes on, I can’t even remember it all.  But trying all these medications turned me into a zombie and when I quit taking my lithium cold turkey, which is not advised, I lost my mind.  I don’t think that I actually needed any type of medication in the first place.  The problem was my attitude.  After getting out of the hospital for 4 days I quit all my medication and began taking Vitality.  For the first time I could sleep at night.  For the first time I could focus and not let my emotions get the best of me.  Vitality was my new valium.  I couldn’t believe what this product was doing and how good it made me feel.  Have you ever seen that movie “Limitless” about the pill that makes you use 95% of your brain and all of a sudden everything makes sense to you?  That’s what r2 (the new vitality which is not available in the US yet) is like… on steroids.  


A few days after getting out of the hospital I broke up with my boyfriend and he broke my foot.  It’s not that he is a bad person and I’m not making excuses for him.  It’s not that I’m a bad person or negative.  In fact, I’m a very happy, social person with lots of stories to tell and I am generous and love to share with the people I love.  But I welcome negativity into my life.  I went to the hospital again to x-ray my foot.


A week later, I was in the hospital again.  A 9″ centipede bit me while I was sleeping at 2 in the morning.  God can I get a break?  Just so much negative things kept happening. According to Hawaiian superstition, a centipede means that someone is jealous of you. 


So I had the entire month of June to lay in bed because I couldn’t train anyone because of my foot.  I had time to reflect and I realized I was ALLOWING the negativity to come into my life.  And I couldn’t blame anyone for the bad things happening to me.  I had to change my attitude and stop attracting negativity. The summer I spent time working on myself and working on building my Nu Skin business.  I dropped many friends and decided I had to start over.  After all these bad things happen to me I felt like the victim and I continued to have a negative attitude.  I may appear happy on the outside, but inside I was very upset about the negative break up with my boyfriend.  I was upset with myself for the poor choices I made to get me to the place I was.  I was frustrated that financially I was not where I needed to be, especially since my foot injury stopped me from working.  It’s hard to change these attitudes without realization first and a desire that comes from within to change.


I went to Ho Chi Minh with my upline to open up the Nu Skin Market in Vietnam.  The first few days I spent some time on my own.  I was annoyed with them, but it wasn’t because they aren’t good people, because they are wonderful!  It came from me.  I needed some time to myself.  After attending the meetings the other Nu SKin members were at, I started meeting blue diamonds and team elites and million dollar earners, I started listening to all of their stories, each one unique and inspiring taking away something new.  I started to hang out with my side lines from other teams and branched off to smaller meetings learning more and more.  A light bulb went on in Vietnam.  Work hard once, and be on your way to financial freedom FOREVER.  The energy of all these hard working people is so positive and it’s making me want to completely drop any negativity I am surrounded by.  I only want to be around hard working, positive people.  One positive person is better than 10,000 bad people.  


Tuesday night was suppose to be my last night.  We stayed up all night learning and talking.  My Team Elite Alan Nagao spoke with me and hit a soft part.  My girl.  I’m doing this because at the end of the day I want to spend time with my daughter.  Her entire life was me working, her crying because she wants her mommy to stay and I can’t do it because I am a single mother.  Her father isn’t very helpful.  In fact, he steals and does drugs and I get no support from him.  If one day I have financial freedom and time, then the sacrifices I am making now to work hard will be all worth it, as long as I know I can be a better mother.  


I decided to change my flight.  Conveniently it didn’t cost me anything.  So I am in Ho Chi Minh an extra week.  Going with the flow I am meeting more and more people who are inspiring and changing my life.  Nu Skin isn’t only the only platform for financial freedom, it is a self improvement plan disguised in excellent products.  If you want to be successful, it stems from confidence and self improvement.  When I first got to Ho Chi Minh, I felt uncomfortable being around such successful people because they made me feel like a failure.  Now I am learning to embrace it because one day I will be their equal.  





2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Jess says:


    Wow! Thank you for sharing so openly. I have embarked in network marketing and am so in love with the profession. Ironically, I stumbled upon your page as the largest centipede I have ever seen in Hawaii creeped up right outside my front door tonight and I wanted to confirm where my superstition of the jealousy factor fit into my mixed ethnic background lol. I too just got out of a toxic relationship where I wasn’t supported nor respected for my ambition and visionary mindset, and the negativity flowed so strongly from him because of the personal development and growth I continue to experience with myself, team and open-minded individuals I surround myself with.

    Your story was a breath of fresh air for me and I admire what you have been able to accomplish. I would love to chat sometime and gain more of your knowledge in all you have seen and done. I feel we relate on many levels and I know I “randomly” came across your blog for a reason..Hope to hear from you soon!


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